The Covid cases in England were broken for the second consecutive day today. Official statistics indicate that ministers have continued to delay imposing new restrictions.

UK Health Security Agency data shows there were 162,572 new infections over the last 24 hours, an increase of 33 per cent on the number recorded on Christmas Day when there were 121,880. 

It is the second highest daily total for England ever, with 164,736 cases recorded on December 29.

Some 154 deaths within 28 days of a positive test were recorded across the nation, up 83 per cent from the 84 recorded in the UK last week.

Figures were not available for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland because of differences in reporting schedules over the New Year weekend and hospitalisation data was also not updated.

The figures come after millions of Britons partied into 2022 at late night venues across restriction-free England on New Year’s Eve. 

Revellers joined boozy celebrations from Newcastle to Portsmouth and Manchester to Brighton on the final day of 2021 as they ignored the threat from Omicron and marked the end of a tumultuous 12 months.

Partygoers packed into pubs, bars and clubs until the early hours of the morning despite heightened fears about the spread of the Covid after the UK recorded 189,846 new cases yesterday and 203 deaths.  

The Office for National Statistics reported an estimated 2.3million people in the UK had the virus in the week ending December 23, setting another pandemic record.  

But in a fresh boost for the nation’s businesses, Health Secretary Sajid Javid hinted tighter restrictions on our everyday lives remain unlikely as he implored the nation to ‘try to live’ alongside the virus. 

UK Health Security Agency data shows there were 162,572 new infections over the last 24 hours, an increase of 33 per cent on the number recorded on Christmas Day when there were 121,880. Health Secretary Sajid Javid, pictured, hinted that no fresh restrictions would come into force in England as he said Britons will have to get used to living with Covid

Data from the UK Health Security Agency shows that there have been 162,572 infections in the past 24 hours. This is 33% more than the Christmas Day number of 121,880. Sajid Javid (Health Secretary), pictured. He suggested that there would be no new restrictions in England and said Britons should get used to covid.

Coronavirus chaos continues another day 

  • The New Year Honours, which include knighthoods to Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty, today recognize Britain’s heroes in coronavirus.
  • In order to guard staff and patients against rising Covid infections, over a dozen hospitals around the country have temporarily banned visitors.
  • In the UK, there has been a decrease in Covid patients using mechanical ventilation beds. It went from 931 people on November 30, to just 868 December 29.
  • After Greece was the most recent country to move, pressure grew to have England’s isolation cut to seven to five days.
  • South Africa has lifted its nighttime curfew after 21 months of the Omicron wave, which was not accompanied by overwhelming hospitals.
  • Britain became one of the first countries in the world to approve a second pill that can treat Covid at home – this time a Pfizer antiviral.

The Daily Mail’s Mr Javid wrote that new curbs to freedoms must only be used as a last resort. He also stated that the country’s position at the end of the year is ‘far stronger’ than it was twelve months ago. 

Javid explained that while the intensive care unit numbers remained stable, he said that 2022 would see some of the most liberal measures in Europe. 

While Scotland and Wales were subject to strict Covid regulations, residents of other countries flocked over the border in search of a way to celebrate the New Year with style and their finest outfits.

London saw thousands gather along the River Thames banks to see the fireworks and drone displays. Piccadilly Circus was full despite concerns about social distancing. 

Leeds saw thousands of revellers all ages gather in bars, pubs, and nightclubs to welcome the New Year with great smiles.

In Manchester, 10,000 partying went on until 4 am. There were also some disputes in Newcastle. One man was even taken to the police.

LEEDS: One woman can barely contain her excitement and starts drinking from a bottle of rose while in the queue for Przym nightclub in Leeds as the clock ticked down to midnight

LEEDS: A woman is so excited that she drinks out of a glass of rose as soon as she sees the Przym nightclub at Leeds, the clock was ticking down to midnight.

NEWCASTLE: A group of glamorous girls pose for the camera as they saw the new year in together in Newcastle

NEWCASTLE – A group of very glamorous women pose together for the camera while they see the new year with one another in Newcastle

BIRMINGHAM: Revellers hit the dance floor at Players Bar in Birmingham as they ensured 2022 was brought in in style

BIRMINGHAM – Revellers rocked the Players Bar in Birmingham to bring 2022 in style

BLACKPOOL: A trio of young partygoers stagger home from their New Year's Eve celebrations amid concern fresh Covid restrictions could come into force

BLACKPOOL – Three partygoers aged between 18 and 24 struggle to get home from New Year’s Eve parties amid fears that Covid restrictions may be in force

NHS boss says next few days are critical in fighting Omicron surge 

Health bosses have warned that the next few days will be crucial in fighting the Omicron variant’s impact. He also stated that the government’must not hesitate to put new restrictions in place if necessary’.

Chris Hopson is the chief executive officer of NHS Providers. He said that staff are working “flat out” and that there was a lot more pressure on the NHS than last year.

The Health Secretary Sajid javid warned freedom restrictions’must not be an absolute last resort.

According to figures, hospital admissions have increased in England to their highest levels since January 2021. However, the absence of NHS staff due to the virus almost doubled within a month.

Another 189.846 Covid-19 cases confirmed in labs were found in the UK Friday. It was another daily record as the British Medical Association appealed for more public health measures to ‘urgently prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed completely’.

Mr Hopson wrote on Twitter: ‘NHS preparing for worst & hoping for best. Staff flat out, esp. Given the staff absenteeism.

“We’ll need to request them to do flexible heroics again, if the hospital covid number continues to increase.

“We cannot continue doing this.” We must address the long term capacity issues of NHS.

He claimed that booster vaccinations were’significantly resource-intensive’ and that staff absences made the NHS ‘beyond stretched’.

NHS England data revealed that 24,632 NHS staff were sick with coronavirus, or had to self-isolate Boxing Day. This was 31% more than the 18,829 reported a week before and almost double the 12,508 recorded at the beginning of the month.

Hopson said: “Govt should be open to introducing new restrictions at a pace that suits their needs.”

“Positive news” is that the number of elderly people who are severely ill has not increased as much in recent years. Vaccine effect very pronounced.’ 

The Daily Telegraph reports that the work-from-home guidance that is currently part of England’s Plan B, which also includes widespread mask wearing and compulsory Covid passes at large events, could go on for an additional three weeks.

These restrictions expire 6 weeks after they were implemented. There will be a review every 3 weeks. This review is anticipated to take place on Tuesday 4 January.

However, the newspaper reported that the review could be scheduled to take place on Wednesday when MPs return from Westminster. The latter half of this month will likely see work-from-home guidance continue to exist.


Many bars and clubs across Liverpool were seen crowded with partygoers after they had to shut down last year due to lockdown restrictions. 

The wild celebrations came as Sajid Javid vowed today to do everything in his power to avoid a lockdown this year.   

Downing Street sources suggested that the Government’s guidance for working at home will be expanded when it is up for review next week, as infections and hospitalisations continue to rise in the country.

Coronavirus infections are on the rise, but official statistics showed that only 4% of Omicron-resistant coronavirus patients were in Britain to be treated for another condition. One in three is the national figure. 

Javid continued, “Curbs to our freedom must not be an option. The British people expect us to prevent them.” 

This comes at a time when NHS chiefs are warning that the “next few days” in fighting coronavirus will be crucial as Britain battles with an unprecedented number of cases.

Chris Hopson is the chief executive officer of NHS Providers. He said that staff are working “flat out” and that there was a lot more pressure on the NHS than last year. 

Hopson said that the current situation is unsustainable given staff absences in multiple NHS trusts. Hopson also stated: “Long term NHS capacity problems must be addressed.”

Boris Johnson, who is different from the First Ministers in Scotland and Wales decided not to impose any additional restrictions in England despite the record-breaking Covid infection caused by Omicron. 

This led to many people crossing from Scotland and Wales to celebrate 2022 in England. It was welcomed by English hospitality leaders.  

There were rumors that Boris Johnson might impose restrictions on the spread of the virus to stop it spreading as soon as next week. However, Whitehall sources have said they are not expecting any new measures when Plan B will be reviewed next week.

The Prime Minister will most likely ‘maintain the status quo’ of wearing masks indoors, working from home if possible and using vaccine passports where necessary, Whitehall sources told the Sun.

After Johnson had warned that New Year celebrations must be “cautious” and “sensible”, Johnson made the announcement. 

MANCHESTER: Revellers queue to enter Depot Mayfield, a 10,000 capacity club in Manchester, north-west England on New Year's Eve

MANCHESTER – Revellers wait in line to enter Depot Mayfield. It is a club with a 10,000 member capacity, located in Manchester, North West England, on New Year’s Eve.

NEWCASTLE: A trio of young women pose for the camera after enjoying a night on the town in restriction-free England

NEWCASTLE – A group of young women poses for the camera after a night out in London, which is free from restrictions

LONDON: Huge crowds turned out in Piccadilly Circus to see fireworks go off around the city as the country welcomed in the New Year

LONDON: Large crowds gathered in Piccadilly Circus for fireworks display as Britain welcomes in the new year.

GLOUCSTERSHIRE: The driver of this overturned vehicle was arrested after Cotswolds Police discovered they had been drink-driving in the tourist hotspot of Bourton-on-the-Water

GLOUCSTERSHIRE – The driver of the vehicle that was overturned was taken into custody by Cotswolds police after they discovered that they were drink-driving at Bourton-on-the-Water, a tourist spot.

LEEDS: A young woman takes a short break from partying by sitting on the pavement as she stares at her friend's phone in Leeds' city centre on New Year's Eve

LEEDS: On New Year’s Eve in Leeds, a young lady takes a break from the partying and sits on the street staring at her friend’s mobile phone.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid, pictured left, said he has not ruled out a further lockdown but said any move would be a 'last resort'

Sajid Javid (Health Secretary), pictured right, stated that he had not considered a lockdown, but added that any such move would only be an option. 

Mr Javid said the government had introduced among the least stringent Covid-19 restrictions in Europe, pictured shoppers on Regent Street in London on Christmas Eve

Javid stated that Europe’s government has the most restrictive Covid-19 rules. This photo shows shoppers in London’s Regent Street, Christmas Eve. 

Javid said that he hasn’t ruled out another lockdown, and sources in government confirmed they still needed critical information on the effect of Christmas on Covid spread. However, The Sun reports that PM Boris Johnson won’t alter existing Plan B rules after they are reviewed next week. 

How recent are Covid statistics for the UK? 

Another 189,846 Covid-19 cases that have been confirmed in labs were reported yesterday by the UK.

Another record was set for daily reported cases. 

Another 203 people died in the UK.

Data from Office for National Statistics showed that approximately 2.3 Million people had Covid-19 during the week ending December 23.

It was also a British record.

The Health Secretary said that due to the delay in hospitalisations and infections it was likely that the NHS will continue to see an increase in patients who require care. It will most likely put the NHS’s limits even further than in a winter.

NHS England data show however that patients admitted to hospital with Covid have increased almost twofold compared to those in the same hospitals who were there “because” of the disease.

There were 8,321 patients with coronavirus in NHS hospitals in England on December 28 – but only 5,578 of them were being treated primarily for the disease. One in three Covid victims were admitted to hospital with another condition (e.g., a broken leg).

It is now one in four, up from the December 12th figure of one-in-four. 40% of patients admitted to hospital Covid in the Midlands are currently suffering from the virus.

Patients being treated for Covid in England hospitals rose 26% from 4,432 in December 21 to 5,578 in a week.

However, the proportion of Covid-positive patients who are primarily treated for another condition jumped 51% in that same time period from 1,813 a 2,743.

Two separate charts show that the percentage of patients in adult acute and general hospitals occupied with any condition has fallen from 93% to 87% over the last week. This is helping relieve pressure on NHS.

Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, said: ‘I am worried these figures for people in hospital with Covid – rather than because of it – could bounce us into a lockdown or further restrictions in January.

“The public and government are anxious about the high number of people who have drawn incorrect conclusions.

“Reliable statistics about true Covid hospitalized cases are required to confirm that the data on ICU admissions has remained stable.

NHS England stated that Covid-positive patients who are admitted primarily to treat another condition, such as a colitis or other serious illness, must be kept separate from non-Covid ones. The infection is responsible for the majority of Covid-19-positive inpatients. 

Millions of partygoers headed to an early New Year’s Eve celebration, with numbers boosted due to the fleeing Scots or Welsh Covid-19 restrictions. 

It was the hottest New Years Eve in records – it reached over 60 degrees.

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor had cancelled London’s tradition firework display in protest of Covid-19. Trafalgar Square was also cancelled.  

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, encouraged people to test before they meet up for New Year Eve festivities. Many have decided to keep their Omicron-related exposure at bay and stay home. 

He stated, “Everybody should enjoy the New Year but in an empathetic and cautious way. Take a test. Ventilate. Think about other people. But, most important, do not forget to get a boost.

Do not wear masks if you are taking a taxi or using public transportation. However, they may be required to use bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  

Everyone in England that goes to nightclubs has been warned they must show their NHS Covid ID. 

Contrary to the First Ministers in Scotland and Wales the PM decided not to impose additional restrictions on England despite the record breaking Covid-19 infections caused by Omicron.  

John Swinney (Scotland’s Deputy First Secretary) criticized Hogmanay celebrations by criticizing those who were planning on traveling to England. Swinney claimed that it was against the “spirit” of the regulations and was the wrong course of action.    

Events in Scotland have a one-metre social distance. They are restricted to 100 people indoors, 200 indoors, and 500 outdoors. There is also one-metre physical separation in indoor leisure and hospitality settings. This includes Hogmanay parties.

When alcohol is served, it is necessary to provide table service. 

According to the Scottish Government, people should “stay at home as much possible” and meet ups must be limited to three households.

People have been asked to cut down on their social contact since December 14th by meeting only three households at a time.

Fireworks light up the sky over the Old Royal Naval College after the normal New Year's Firework display was cancelled due to the pandemic

The Old Royal Naval College’s New Year’s Firework Display was cancelled by the pandemic. Fireworks lit up the skies above the Old Royal Naval College. 

Fireworks lit up the sky in front of the London Eye at midnight with a smaller display than normal, although thousands still turned out to watch

At midnight, fireworks illuminated the skies in front the London Eye. Although the display was smaller than usual, thousands were still able to see it.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan had urged Londoners to watch the display on television and claimed there would be few vantage points to view the display from

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, had asked Londoners to see the display via television. He claimed that there wouldn’t be many vantage points from which to view it.

Eren Saygilier (left) and Kerri Patterson, from Berwick-upon-Tweed, went north to Edinburgh on New Year's Eve, despite official festivities having been cancelled by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Kerri Patterson and Eren Saygilier, both from Berwick-upon-Tweed went north to Edinburgh for New Year’s Eve despite the fact that official celebrations had been cancelled. 

Northern Ireland has banned nightclubs from closing at midnight and bans dancing in hotels. 

When dining in restaurants, the table size should not exceed six persons.

The world will be welcoming 2022 

Last night, Billions of people around the globe rang in 2022. 

While the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was closed, a light display and fireworks were displayed over Athens’ Acropolis. 

North Korea was host to one of the biggest New Year’s Eve events in the history of mankind. There were thousands who gathered at Pyongyang’s central square to watch a spectacular fireworks display.  

New Zealand was the first country to celebrate the New Year after it relaxed its regulations on public gatherings. Australia, however, had an impressive firework display which lit up Sydney Harbour. 

In Wales,  current rules say groups of no more than six are allowed to meet in pubs, cinemas and restaurants, while licensed premises can offer table service only.

Facial masks must be worn at all times in licensed pubs.

In Wales, nightclubs are now closed as of Boxing Day. Indoor events can only be attended by 30 persons, while outdoor events can accommodate up to 50.

Following another year filled with uncertainty and restrictions, the streets of Liverpool’s Castle Street, Mathew Street and Concert Square were alive again. 

In Bristol, Jake Cotter, Tyler Calder and Morgan Drewson all caught an early evening train from Swansea to Temple Meads station.

Jake said, “We’re all going to Bristol because Wales is locked down.”

We all wanted to be out to celebrate New Year’s Eve. So we set off to Bristol, the closest place.

Tyler stated that despite all of the restrictions in Wales, such as the need to sit down at the tables and the service provided by the wait staff, you cannot really enjoy a night out.

“The regulations are ridiculous. Although I love watching football, it would be great if I could go to Bristol Saturday to see the game. I am unable to attend a nightclub in my home.

“If I remain at home, I’m effectively limited to my house.”

We are now all 20 and we have reached that age of being party animals. Two years ago, lockdown has been a constant. If we get the chance to attend a party or anywhere else in England we’ll do it.

“We have missed so much.” “We want to do regular things, meet people.

SAJID JAVID : ‘I am acutely conscious of the costs of curbs. It is our responsibility to try and live with Covid.

Although we achieved major breakthroughs, 2021 was also an year of new threats. The Omicron variant continues its rapid spread across the globe.

We saw the New Year with a stronger standing than at the beginning of 2020, despite this new enemy.

Yet, it is still alarming: According to latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), one-in-25 people tested positive for Covid-19 last week. And hospitalisations keep rising.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid, pictured, said today that the number of patients in intensive care units are stable and not currently following the trajectory of this time last year with the Alpha wave

Sajid Javid the Health Secretary, was pictured. He stated today that intensive care unit patients are now stable, and is not on the path of last year’s Alpha wave.

Recent data from the UK Health and Security Agency shows that unvaccinated people are between three and eight times more likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19

The UK Health and Security Agency recently revealed that Covid-19 is three to eight times more common in people who are not vaccinated.

But, the numbers of intensive care units have stabilized and are not following the same trajectory as last year’s Alpha wave. 

We decided to not put any further restrictions in place before the New Year, and have therefore welcomed 2022 with some European measures that are least restrictive.

We must not allow restrictions on freedom. The British people expect us to avoid them. 

Six months ago I was appointed to this position. I have been aware of the immense economic, health and social costs that lockdowns can cause. Therefore, I have determined to give myself the best possible chance of living with the virus and avoid strict future measures.

Three lines of defense have been built to assist us in achieving this goal. They are, taken together, some of the most robust and deepest in the world.

We have now achieved our ambitious goal of offering every adult eligible in England a vaccine booster before the year 2021.

We’ve now met our highly ambitious target that we would offer every eligible adult in England the opportunity to get a booster by the end of 2021

Now, we have achieved our ambitious goal of offering every adult eligible in England a boost by 2021.

The UK Health and Security Agency has revealed that people without a vaccination are anywhere from three to eight times more likely than those who do not have it. It all depends on how old they are. So every shot counts and could help save someone’s life.

We have also built a large testing infrastructure. We saw the benefits of regular testing over Christmas. Regular tests give us confidence in our ability to live with loved ones. We have almost tripled the distribution of lateral flow test in December to 300million. In February and January, our supply has also increased by three times as much than we had before Omicron.

We have Europe’s most comprehensive antivirals program, making it our third line defense. Paxlovid was approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency yesterday. It is a revolutionary antiviral treatment. Our team has secured nearly three million course, so Paxlovid is now part of a range of Covid-19 therapies that we offer.

These defenses can keep large numbers of people from going to the hospital. Despite some promising research on Omicron’s severity, it is still possible for significant hospitalisations due to its transmissibility.

The time delay between infection and hospitalisation means that there will be an inevitable increase in NHS patients over the coming month. This will likely test the NHS’s limits even more than in a normal winter.

To ensure that the NHS is prepared and resilient for whatever lies ahead, I have been closely working with them. Since September 2020, we have recruited nearly 20,000 additional clinical staff and are increasing bed capacity through the addition of Nightingale surge centers within hospitals.

As we begin 2022, we also enter our third year in a global pandemic – a pandemic that is still far from over. We are in a better position to face the pandemic because of the amazing work done over the past year. However, everyone has a role to play to ensure we start off in the right way. This includes keeping ourselves safe and testing regularly. If we’re eligible for the jab.