Covid faces the risk of RAVAGING a packed Premier League festive program, with Manchester United & Aston Villa being the latest to report outbreaks. Spurs are back training, and QPR and Sheffield United will be playing in the Championship.

  • Coronavirus threatens the Premier League’s holiday schedule
  • Manchester United reported that Aston Villa had suffered an outbreak of fever on Sunday.
  • The match between the two clubs takes place on Tuesday.
  • Covid also affected their squads in Leicester and Norwich last week 
  • Sheffield United’s Championship game against QPR Monday is off.
  • Tottenham was affected by a Covid-19 epidemic last week, but has since returned to training 

Coronavirus is threatening the festive season of Premier League after several clubs have reported this virus in their teams. 

After reports by The Athletic that both Manchester United and Aston Villa had been affected by Covid-19, they were forced to cancel their training sessions Sunday in preparation for next week’s games.

England’s premier-flight football league is currently having to revise its schedule following a severe outbreak of the disease in Tottenham. They now have only 11 players available this week, which means their visit to Brighton was postponed. 

Queen’s Park Rangers’ Championship fixture against Sheffield United has been postponed on Monday because of a coronavirus infection at the West London club.

United and Villa have both away fixtures against Brentford and Norwich on Tuesday, so the odds of them going ahead are reduced.

The Premier League's festive schedule is under threat from coronavirus after several clubs - including Manchester United (above) - reported coronavirus outbreak this weekend

Coronavirus threatens the Premier League’s Christmas schedule. This is after several clubs including Manchester United, which reported an outbreak of coronavirus this weekend.

Aston Villa are another club who have suffered from coronavirus outbreaks over the weekend

 Aston Villa are another club who have suffered from coronavirus outbreaks over the weekend

Both situations are being considered by the Premier League. However, matches have not been canceled as of Sunday evening at 6 p.m. – just 48 hours prior to those games. 

United played Norwich Saturday night. The entire United team had negative results. A small group of staff and players were positive one day later. 

Norwich boss Dean Smith revealed that his club had some COVID-19 related issues in the build-up to Saturday’s game, while Leicester have also been missing players this week due to the virus. 

Mid-match, Victor Lindelof from United was complaining about his breathing difficulties.

Victor Lindelof went off with breathing problems during Man United's 1-0 win over Norwich

Man United’s win over Norwich 1-0 saw Victor Lindelof suffer from breathing difficulties.

Lindelof appeared in discomfort, and was eventually taken to the dressing rooms for tests. 

Steven Gerrard of Villa stated to media that Christian Purslow (club chief executive) was to meet with the players on Monday to discuss concerns regarding the spread COVID-19.  

Crystal Palace’s match against Everton was on Sunday evening. However, they have canceled their Christmas Party due to concerns about an outbreak of Omicron virus in their team. 

QPR had to call off Monday's Championship clash with Sheffield United due to an outbreak

 QPR had to call off Monday’s Championship clash with Sheffield United due to an outbreak

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister announced this week that England will enter “Plan B”, which will result in restrictions returning to England for only the second time since June. But football stadia remain full.

Tottenham was recently infected by the virus. SportsmailOver the weekend, it was announced that Spurs have returned to their first-team training this Sunday in response to their crisis.  

Tottenham were due to play Rennes in the European Conference League on Thursday before Sunday’s trip to Brighton – but both matches were called off due to a host of players and staff testing positive for the illness. 

Following talks with the government officials, Conte’s first-team training area was shut down. Conte’s players were therefore unable train.

Tottenham had a coronavirus outbreak this week but returned to training on Sunday

Tottenham was infected with coronavirus this week, but he returned to training Sunday 

Players were still at Enfield Sunday, with Conte running grueling double sessions for his players.

According to reports, the buildings of the training center remained shut. Players arrived and trained before going home. Premier League approved the double session on Sunday. The Health Security Agency also approved it.

Although the players have returned, the club will operate as normal until the official opening later this week. If all goes according to plan, the first team buildings will re-open on Tuesday.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte (right) put the players through a gruelling double session

Antonio Conte, Tottenham Manager (right), ran a double session with the players.

Although there was doubt about whether Spurs’ match against Leicester would be played on Thursday, the return of training suggests that the game will go ahead.

Brendan Rodgers expects Leicester’s clash with Tottenham on Thursday to go-ahead despite Covid-19 outbreaks at both clubs. 

‘I’ve not heard anything that the Spurs game is not on, and obviously with the European decision as well, with Tottenham not being able to play (UEFA have said their meeting with Rennes will not be rescheduled), I suspect the game would go ahead. We haven’t been told anything otherwise.’ 

Premier League football’s Christmas schedule is one of the most busy times in the calendar. There are matches every day between now and New Year.