A 64-year-old man kills his wife, then shoots him in the head over custody of their 12-year-old son. Racquetball club was hit with murder-suicide

  • Dimitre Dimitrov is alleged to have shot MaryAnn Dimitrov outside North Carolina’s Holly Tree Racquet Club on Tuesday afternoon
  • The police say that he later turned the gun on him, killing both of them.
  • It was also the same day that Dimitre’s extension for their custody battle over their 12-year-old son, was approved by the court
  • In September, the Dimitrovs separated and are reportedly going through bitter divorce
  • According to court records, there was a history domestic violence dispute in which one spouse alleged verbal and physical abuse against the other. 

Police are investigating after Dimitre Dimitrov allegedly shot dead his estranged wife MaryAnn Dimitrov (pictured) Tuesday before he then killed himself

Police investigate Dimitre Dimitrov’s shooting murder of MaryAnn Dimitrov, his estranged spouse (pictured), Tuesday before he killed himself.

Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide of married couple that took place a North Carolina racquetball cub in an area where children were present.

Dimitre Dimitrov, 64, shot his estranged wife MaryAnn Dimitrov outside the Holly Tree Racquet Club on Tuesday, WECT reported.

Dimitre also filed an extension in their custody dispute over their 12-year old son. 

According to reports, the Dimitrovs split in September. They were currently going through a bitter divorce. Court records also indicated a history of domestic violence disputes in which they alleged physical and verbal abuse against one another.

Officers from Wilmington responded to the scene to discover MaryAnn with a gunshot wound. Officials tried to perform CPR on MaryAnn, but it was too late.

Dimitre, who suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound, was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries.

Wilmington police officers responded to the club on Tuesday afternoon to find MaryAnn suffering from a gunshot wound. Officials administered CPR but despite their efforts, she died on the scene

On Tuesday, MaryAnn was shot in the head by a firearm. Wilmington officers arrived at her aid. Officials attempted to give her CPR, but she succumbed on the spot.

Holly Tree Racquet Club (pictured) issued a statement confirming the incident, while also reiterating the Dimitrovs were not members of the club

Holly Tree Racquet Club (pictured), issued a statement that confirmed the incident and reiterated that the Dimitrovs weren’t members of the club.

The incident left no physical injuries to children, despite police being on the spot.

Uncertain if their son was present. 

A statement from the racquetball club confirmed the incident to the media outlet, but also stated that it wasn’t related to the club, which the Dimitrovs weren’t members. 

According to the club, the tragic incident that took place at Holly Tree Racquet Club last night was caused by a domestic violence conflict between a husband or wife. 

“The husband killed his wife, then turned the gun against himself. They were not tennis players. We send our condolences to the family.

According to police, the incident was an isolated one and that they are still investigating. 

The Dimitrovs had separated in September and were reportedly undergoing a bitter divorce. Court records also indicated a history of domestic violence disputes in which they alleged physical and verbal abuse against one another (Pictured: MaryAnn on her wedding day)

According to reports, the Dimitrovs split in September. They were currently going through a bitter divorce. The court records indicated that they had been involved in domestic violence cases, wherein they claimed physical and verbal abuse. MaryAnn was photographed on MaryAnn’s wedding day.

According to Wilmington, there was an 8 percent rise in domestic violence between 2020 and 2021. More incidents are expected as holidays approach, according to police.

Karmen Smith (executive director at Hope Harbor Home, a shelter for domestic violence victims in the area) stated that many murder-suicides happen after years of domestic violence.

When WWAY-TV asked her about Dimitrovs, she said that he didn’t wake up and say, “Well today is the day.”

Additionally, murder-suicides are often caused by abusers losing control over their partners and feeling suicidal. 

She explained that she was in the mindset of an abusive person and might choose to have this individual. If they don’t, then I will kill myself and bring them down with me.  

The victim was also encouraged to seek assistance and their family members to be alert for signs of danger. 

She said, “Listen to what they are saying, that they wanted to kill you.” “They claimed they were suicidal.” 

The National Coalition of Domestic Violence reports that more than 70% of murder-suicides are committed by an intimate partner.  

You or your loved ones have suffered domestic violence. Call 1-800-799-7233, or send LOVEIS to 22522.