According to Security Minister, Covid lockdown has increased terrorist threat and raised the risk that young people will become radicalized.

  • According to the Security Minister, lockdown could increase terror risk
  • Damian Hinds was concerned about Right-wing extremism’s rise.
  • Additionally, he said that there has been an increase in Prevent referrals for young people.

The Security Minister warned that lockdowns have increased terror threats and contributed to a surge in the “dark journey” towards bedroom radicalisation among young people.

Damian Hinds stated that there was a shift in the attacks from international terror groups to self-directed plots in recent years, and expressed concern over Right-wing extremism.

According to him, there has been an increase in young people being referred to Prevent schemes due to far-Right ideologies.

Damian Hinds, pictured, warned that lockdown has increased the terror threat and helped a rise in the 'dark journey' to bedroom radicalisation of young people

Damian Hinds (pictured) warned that the terrorist threat has grown and lockdown has contributed to a rise in the “dark journey” towards bedroom radicalisation among young people

Since starting his post in August, the UK has had two alleged terror attacks – the killing of Tory MP Sir David Amess and a bomb outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Remembrance Day.

Two years worth of Covid restrictions could have led to young radicalization.

“Clearly and logically you will see a rise in the number of people spending time at home on their computers. This is good news for those who have been through a difficult journey.

According to Mr Hinds, “And you know that on the Internet, if your downward spirals start, you can accelerate quickly with the material you find and other people you can contact,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

Mr Hinds said: 'Clearly, logically, when you have more people who are spending more time in their bedrooms at their are going to get a growth in that tiny proportion of people for whom that is a dark journey' (file photo used)

According to Mr Hinds, “Clearly, logically,” you will see a rise in the number of people spending time at their computers in bedrooms. This is going to lead to a decrease in those who find it a difficult journey. (file photo).

He said that these threats must be considered’self initiated’ and not ‘lone-wolf’ attacks because the phrase conjures a ‘particular picture of a specific type of person’, which he believes is ‘which may not necessarily be accurate’.

The minister warned the change to self-styled attacks was nuanced – with Islamist terror groups such as Al Qaeda still a danger, while lone individuals may also talk to like-minded people, particularly online.

“More youth coming on the Prevent program are of extreme Right-wing outlook,” East Hampshire MP John East said. He also added that Islamist extremism terror remained a threat.