When workers attempt to make it more round, wild stone marten is having a great time at the booze section of German supermarkets

  • In southwest Germany, stone marten was available at a supermarket overnight 
  • Filmed on December 17, footage shows workers chasing the item out of a store.
  • As it climbs onto a wall sign, a witness captures the destruction below.

Here’s the moment when a marten robbed a supermarket of rows upon rows of bottles. 

The footage was filmed in south Germany, on December 17, and shows the stone marten climbing up a sign while workers chase it.

The witness records below the damage it causes, knocking glass drinks bottles over on the floor.

You can see the stone marten running along the wall tilting its heads.

The animal was found by employees as they were opening up their store. It had been there for several hours. 

The stone marten’s sticky, spilty drink is captured by the witness. 

In the footage, the stone marten scurries across the wall, tilting its head

The footage shows the stone marten crawling along the wall tilting its head.

A worker is shown holding a brush in an attempt to bring the animal down.  

Witness stated that the witness stopped recording and remained there for a while, but that the marten ran away.

The employees claimed that the front door was opened by their workers to allow the marten out. It eventually left.   

A lot of social media users sympathized with the stone marten.

Some others disagreed and said that the job of cleaning up broken glasses or spilled beverages would be too difficult. 

Stone martens are also known as beech martens and can be found in many parts of Europe and Central Asia.

It looks like a weasel covered in fur. However, it differs superficially from the pine marten due to its smaller stature and preference for habitat. 

According to some reports, stone martens are often found in urban areas of Germany. They can cause serious damage to vehicles, torment garages, and even break into chicken coops.   

A recent study found that stone cats get along well with domestic cats and foxes. This was both before and after COVID lockdowns at Berlin. 

Pictured: A stone marten in the wild (file image)

Pictured: Stone marten found in nature (file image).