After removing them during the rally against Covid vaccine mandates, peaceful protestors from New Zealand calmly put up new barricades

  • Wellington’s anti-vaxxer demonstrators politely re-uploaded the barriers
  • A steel ring was installed by authorities around Tuesday’s building of the parliament.
  • As he gesticulated angrily at the police, one protester was captured tearing down a barricade.
  • However, three protesters challenged the construction and quickly set it up again.
  • As thousands protested the Covid vaccine mandates in cities, they came 

This hilarious footage shows how peaceful anti-vaxxer protestors politely put up metal barriers, after being knocked to the ground by another person.

As thousands rallied against Covid vaccinations, Wellington authorities set up an iron ring around its parliament. 

As he raged at the security guards who blocked access to Parliament Building, one protestor was captured tearing down a barricade.

The man followed his act of civil defiance by shouting ‘f**k you’ at officers, but saw his work quickly undone by three other protesters who put the metal barrier back up again. 

The Freedom and Rights Coalition protest was in Wellington, New Zealand. Police responded with force

As protesters marched through Wellington’s CBD, police had taken out all entrances to the parliament building.

Demonstrators displayed messages such as “Kiwis not laboratory rats” or “coercion does not consent”, as they called to end compulsory vaccinations orders and continue social distancing restrictions.

Also displayed were placards supporting former US President Donald Trump, and calling the media ‘fake and lying’.

One protestor outside Parliament said, “I won’t be coerced” and that she wouldn’t be forced to take anything I do not want in her body.

“I ask (the government), to give us back 2018, It’s that simple. I want my freedoms returned.

New Zealand’s struggle to combat a deadly Delta virus outbreak this year has forced Prime Minister Jacinda Adern from her strategy of eliminating the disease through lockdowns and to live with it with more vaccinations.

One protester metal barrier knocked down a metal barrier at the protest, but it was quickly put up again by a group of polite demonstrators

Protester one erecting a metal barrier, however it was removed quickly by polite protestors

Ardern said last month that teachers and people working in health or disability would need to be fully immunized against Covid. He was criticised by those who want more liberty and an end to mandatory vaccinations. 

‘Treat us like people!’ Another protestor exclaimed, when being asked about government policy on the vaccination.

“I am here to support freedom. They are anti-freedom.

Ardern stated to reporters in parliament that what she saw today wasn’t representative of the majority of New Zealanders.

A group of anti-vaxxers were seen performing a traditional haka during the Freedom and Rights Coalition protest in Wellington

A group of anti-vaxxers were seen performing a traditional haka during the Freedom and Rights Coalition protest in Wellington

This protestor felt forced vaccines were a form of modern day fascism in New Zealand

This protestor thought forced vaccines were an example of fascism today in New Zealand.

Protesters marched peacefully through Wellington’s central business district and congregated outside of Parliament.

However, the Prime Minister has come under increasing political pressure to reduce pandemics ahead of Christmas.

On Wednesday, she will travel to Auckland to see if the three-month old lockdown that was in place for the city has been lifted. She can expect to encounter more protests while she is there.

New Zealand has one of the lowest Covid-19 rates in the world, with only 8,000 reported cases so far. There have also been 32 deaths.

It had reported 125 cases of new infections on Tuesday. Nearly 80 per cent were covered by double dose vaccinations.