Boris Johnson could see his biggest rebellion today as a third Tory backbenchers prepare to vote against controversial vaccine passports.

Whitehall officials, amid growing concern about the so-called “Omicron” strain of the virus, have proposed to restrict the numbers allowed to enter pubs and restaurants in the UK.

This could lead to a tsunami of New Years Eve party cancellations. It may also decimate the sector further. Privately, MPs have warned that they will destroy any efforts to reintroduce draconian restrictions (such as the Rule of Six’ or a ban against households mixing.

As many as 79 Conservative MPs – equivalent to the Government’s working majority which it won at the 2019 General Election – are ready to rebel against ‘illiberal’ restrictions that would make the NHS Covid pass necessary for entry to larger venues. Under the new regulations, published barely 24 hours before today’s vote, people could be fined £10,000 if they try to falsify a Covid pass. 

Downing Street claimed that hotels could close without vaccination passports. However, critic MPs insist that the measures are not effective and several ministerial assistants are under’resignation monitor’.  

Many within the Conservative Party particularly oppose the requirement for Covid passes – showing full vaccination or a recent negative test for the virus – as a serious infringement of people’s civil liberties. The economic effects of returning to the work from home guidance for city centres and towns at crucial times of the year is being questioned. If people return to their offices, it could have a negative impact on the economy. 

The Government’s new Covid crackdown – which includes orders to work from home and compulsory facemasks in more settings – is expected to sail through the Commons because Sir Keir Starmer has said the Labour Party will support the measures.

The Commons Mutiny may wipe out Johnson’s majority, and could eclipse Johnson’s biggest rebellion yet. Last December saw 54 Tories vote against the Tier System of Curbs.

Yesterday’s MPs charged the Health Secretary with’shifting goals’. Sir Iain Duncan Smith was once the Tory leader and admitted that he was concerned by the “mixed and heavy messages” coming from the government. Mark Harper is the Chair of the Covid Recovery Group. Harper stated it was unacceptable to continue governing the country through decree.

According to one backbencher, these restrictions will lead to even more severe restrictions. By Christmas, I believe we will be following Plan X or Y.  

Another claimed that’scare stories about additional curbs than Plan B’ had actually had the opposite effect and supported the rebels.

On Monday, Tory whips launched an desperate operation to stop the rebellion. They told junior Government officials that they’d have to quit if the Government voted for Covid vaccine passports. The Telegraph reports that ministers and whips shared an internal poll by Cabinet Office. It showed that public favors restrictions on ‘Plan B’ and caution when it comes to so-called “Omicron” variants.

Johnson reiterated his refusal to allow further restrictions before Christmas, but emphasized the importance of boosters being obtained. He said that there wasn’t room to be complacent when it came to Omicron.

As the coronavirus crise enters its most critical phase

  • Sajid Javid stated that three vaccinations are required to obtain a valid Covid vaccine passport after all eligible adults have been given the booster. 
  • Sir Keir Starmer stated that he supports the Government’s Covid crackdown and urged the public to “stick to the rules” to prevent Omicron from ‘overwhelming’ the NHS. 
  • Following the Omicron virus outbreak in Britain, which grew by half a percent per day, England’s entire NHS was immediately placed at the top of the alert.
  • On a visit in Paddington to a clinic that offers Omicron vaccinations, Prime Minister David Cameron revealed the shocking news. Experts however, disagree. Many are asking for information about Omicron deaths in the UK. This includes details on the individuals’ vaccination status, whether or not they were in an Ovid-vulnerable group, as well as if this was their leading cause of death. 
  • The jabbing goals were discovered by GPs at the same moment as everyone else. NHS managers warned that it could take time to scale up the programme.
  • David Davis (former Cabinet minister) and Labour MPs lambasted the Government for not accelerating the booster drive by September. They also warned the Government that the “vaccine wall” was deteriorating.
  • Sajid Javid stated that elective surgery, such as hip replacements, could be delayed for patients who are waiting. The NHS is attempting to deliver a million jabs per day. But he assured that the critical care of cancer patients would not be delayed.
  • While both Wales and Scotland were open to the idea of imposing more restrictive restrictions, Boris Johnson refused to exclude England from such measures.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid outside 10 Downing Street

Left, Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons. Right, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid outside 10 Downing Street

Members of the public queue to receive a dose of a Covid-19 jab at a vaccination centre outside Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in central London on December 13, 2021

On December 13th, 2021, members of the public waited in line to get a Covid-19 dose at Guy’s and Saint Thomas’ hospitals in central London.



NHS England was put on the highest level of alert for the first time since March. Level four means health bosses believe there is a real threat that an expected influx of Covid patients could start to force the closure of other vital services

For the first time since March, NHS England has been placed on high alert. Health bosses at level four believe that there’s a risk of Covid patients causing the shutdown of vital services.

To be considered ‘fully vaccinated by JANUARY, we will need to get three shots. Javid says booster shots will be needed for passes once Brits have had a ‘reasonable chance’ to get them – as new laws reveal £10,000 fine for faking proof to get into events 

The Health Secretary said that people may require three jabs in order to obtain controversial Covid passports which allow entry into large venues.

Sajid Javid explained to the Commons that only people who have received their booster will be considered “fully vaccinated”. Three doses of vaccine passports will then be necessary once everyone in England has had a’reasonable chance’ of getting the next shot.

He refused to say when the changes would take effect. As confusion grows over whether Sunday’s television address by Prime Minister Tony Blair meant that everyone will receive their boosters by December 31, or if they will only be given a third dose, he did not clarify.

Boris Johnson announced that all under-18s would be eligible for a third vaccination by New Year’s Day. This was an ambitious decision.

However, concerns over whether or not the government could achieve the target were immediately raised after the 8pm television announcement by Johnson. The NHS never administered more than 850,000 vaccines per day even during its March vaccination drive.

On Monday, the queue of five hours for booster shots at St Thomas’ Hospital in Westminster was so long that officials only had four people to roll out the vaccines. Everyone in the line will get vaccines, according to St Thomas’ hospital.

Reports indicated that there were long lines at the vaccination centers in many parts of Britain, such as Kidlington and Belfast. As they attempted to receive booster jabs for their children, young people were turned down. The Etihad Stadium in Manchester allowed people in their 20s to enter, while other applicants were denied.

Johnson set a deadline for all under-18s to receive a third vaccination by New Year’s Day.

Concerns about the ability of the Government to reach the target were voiced almost immediately following Mr Johnson’s 8pm television announcement. Even during the peak of the NHS’s March vaccine drive, 850,000 jabs were never administered daily by the NHS.

Anyone over 18 can get a booster in England, as long as they have not received the first dose within three months. Online bookings for boosters are available to those over 30. This will also be possible starting Wednesday.

Ten people with Omicron have been admitted to hospital in the UK, marking their first Omicron-related death. These 10 individuals have all received 2 vaccines. Their ages range from 18 to 85. However, there’s no indication of underlying medical conditions.

According to Mr Javid, there have been 4,713 Omicron cases in Britain. He also stated that the UK Health Security Agency has estimated that around 200,000 Omicron infections per day are currently occurring.

He said that Omicron is a significant component of over 20% of all cases in England. However, it has already risen to more than 44% in London. We expect Omicron to be the most dominant Covid 19 variant within the capital’s next 48 hours.

According to the Government, overall, 54,661 additional lab-confirmed Covid-19 patients were in the UK on Monday morning.

In order to combat Omicron (which is responsible for around 200,000 new infections each day), the NHS must administer more than 840,000 booster shots per day according to the Health Secretary.

Mister Javid stated to MPs that all adults in England can expect to receive a “chance to get boost by the end this month”, though he cautioned not everyone will get it.

He stated that it was asking too much of the NHS colleagues. Our joint opinion is that adults can be given a chance at being boosted before the month ends. However, not everyone will be able to get the boost. They must also accept this invitation and all that is going on in this vast expansion program.

This is because there’s confusion as to whether the Government promised everyone a vaccine by the deadline of December 31, or whether it will offer a future one. 

Javid stated to the Commons, “Until now, the UK’s highest single-day jab delivery was 840,000.” Not only will we need to match it, but every day we’ll need to surpass that. However, we have the ability to do so and we have a plan.

“We are opening additional vaccination sites, including mobile and pop-up sites. They will be open seven days per week.

“We’re training thousands more volunteers to vaccinate, and asking doctors and pharmacists for more. In addition, 42 military planning groups are being drafted in all regions of the country.

Javid stated that he recognizes the ‘difficult trade-offs involved in our national mission’. This means some of Mr Javid’s non-urgent surgeries and appointments may have to be cancelled.

He said, “These are steps no Health Secretary would want to take except they were absolutely essential. But I’m convinced that if the booster is not prioritised now, the health implications will be much more severe in the months ahead.”  

Javid advised people to use boosters for their children’s safety.

Robert Halfon was the Conservative Chairman of Education Select Committee. He asked Mr. Javid to ensure that schools are open during January.

Javid explained that one of the main reasons for taking the actions we have, especially in relation to expanding the booster programme is to ensure we are able to prioritize our children.

Anti-vaxx protesters demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Monday

Protesters against anti-vaxx demonstrations outside Houses of Parliament, London, Monday

Downing Street indicated that schools will remain open except for an ‘absolute emergency of public health’, and advised local authorities to not close their doors early in December as a precautionary step.

The official spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that there were no plans to restrict school attendance. He also stated that they knew how important education is and how harmful the pandemic was to children and young adults who have often been the victims.

On Monday, Johnson had announced that Omicron was the first UK-related death. He made this announcement while visiting a Paddington vaccination clinic.

“Sadly, Omicron does produce hospitalisations, and it has been reported that at least one of these patients have already died while being treated with Omicron,” said the Prime Minister.

“So, the notion that the virus is milder than the others I believe that we should put aside and recognize the rapid pace it moves through our population. The best thing that we can all do is get boosters.

After the government website stated that there were no home test available Monday, people trying to purchase lateral flow kit stubs on Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron responded by saying that there is a ready supply.

According to the UK Health Security Agency, previous orders for lateral flow testing on had been temporarily halted due to high demand.

“Everyone can obtain a lateralflow test kit at any local pharmacy or other community site, and also in schools and colleges.”

Wes Streeting (Labour shadow health minister) described Covid test as a shambles’.

He stated to MPs, “Pharmacys all across the nation are out of stock” and that even in Parliament there is no home-testing kit available at Portcullis House.

He claimed that an increase of demand must have been anticipated, and added: ‘This problem is serious.