Tinsel you won’t believe your eyes: This creative DIY expert uses an amazing trick to change the appearance of her Christmas trees.

  • One woman shared her Christmas tree decorating trick that used only tinsel, scissors and glue 
  • To reveal the firework effect, she wraps the tinsel around individual branch tips.
  • This TikTok viral video of her has had thousands of views and likes. 
  • According to the woman, it took only 30 minutes for her to wrap the tinsel.

One Australian woman shared her clever Christmas decor tip using only scissors and tinsel. 

Teana from Melbourne, has had more than one million TikTok views since she posted her unusual tinsel trick. 

She is accompanied by a pair only of scissors and wraps the tinsel around one branch tip, slicing off excess material to create a “firework effect”.

Using only a pair of scissors Teana, from Melbourne wraps the tinsel around a single tree branch tip and snips the excess off to reveal the desired "firework effect"

Teana (from Melbourne) wraps the tinsel around the tip of a tree branch and then snips it off. This creates the “firework effect”.

Then she continues to cut the tinsel strands to make a complete tree tip.

The matte silver tinsel used in the viral video works cohesively with Teana’s complementary silver, soft teal and lilac tree decorations. 

The tinsel wrapping took her only 30 minutes, she said. 

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Teana has received over one million views on TikTok since posting her unconventional tinsel trick that wowed viewers

The Melbourne woman has revealed that the tinsel wrapping process only took a total of 30 minutes to complete

Teana advises that you use Christmas tinsel which has a wire inside. The wire allows for better wrapping around individual tree branches.

Teana advises that you use tinsel with wire in it, because this helps to secure the branches. 

A woman stated, “I was initially skeptical but the final result looks incredible.”

One replied: “So cute, I am obsessed.”