They were Selling Sunset before they were! Pre-fame Throwback Snaps: Glamourous Realtors Look VERY Different – Heather sporting ringlets and Christine in horror movies, pre-surgery Christine.

  • Selling Sunset has a reputation for being glamorous and dazzling, with their beautiful looks. 
  • Prior to becoming famous, their candid sides were revealed on social media. 
  • Christine Quinn (LA vamp) made her Hollywood debut in Shark Night horror movie

Netflix’s Selling Sunset returns for its fourth series. It features a cast of glamorous realtors who are more popular than ever, and they have bold, polished looks. 

Before they were in the limelight thanks to Netflix’s smash show, LA’s top real estate agents had struggled to establish themselves. Many tried their hand acting. 

Christine Quinn made her big screen debut in 2011 in the horror flick Shark Night and she’s since then gone from blonde girl next door to, in her own words, ‘dominatrix, gothic Barbie’. 

This mother-to-be will openly admit to looking different now. She previously told Vogue, “I get my boobs done. I also have my lips done. Tons of Botox and tons of makeup. 

Chrishell Stause started her career as a soap-star in sitcoms like Days of Our Lives or All Our Children. But, she has really stepped up the glamour since joining Selling Sunset. She dresses in casual, sexy clothes. 

Heather Rae Young is also an actor. Heather Rae Young appeared on the sitcom Til Death, looking almost unrecognizable in blonde hair and ringlets. 

Before she was attempting to sell $75m houses on the show, Davina Potratz shared fresh-faced selfies of her day-to-day life, and glamorous designer-turned-realtor Amanza Smith shared snaps of her life juggling partying with A-listers and looking after her children.

She’s well-known for her bold style, which includes statement earrings, plunging necklines and tall heels. However, her mom’s laid back style is still her best friend. 

Femail shares some of her most spectacular transformations. The show is back with even more drama.  

Before she was a realtor, Christine Quinn made a foray into acting as a fresh-faced beauty in the 2011 horror flick Shark Night

Christine went from Hollywood newbie to real estate Queen Bee. Pictured at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards

Christine Quinn, a former realtor, made her first acting foray in 2011 as Shark Night’s new-fangled beauty. Right, pictured at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards, right 

Chrishell Stause rose to fame thanks to her role as Amanda Dillon in Days of Our Lives, pictured

The Selling Sunset fan favourite has enjoyed a glamourous glow-up throughout the years

Chrishell Stause was famous because of her role as Amanda Dillon on Days of Our Lives. Her glamorous look has been a constant throughout the years. Photo taken at the September 2021 Emmys, Los Angeles. 

Blonde bombshell Heather Rae Young made an appearance as a Hollywood ingénue in the sitcom 'Til Death in 2009, pictured

Heather is now married to her husband Tarek El Moussa

Blonde bombshell Heather Rae Young made an appearance as a Hollywood ingénue in the sitcom ‘Til Death in 2009, pictured left. Tarek El Mossa is her husband. 

Designer-turned realtor Amanza Smith liked to share fresh-faced selfies with her fans on Instagram, pictured

Pictured putting on a sultry show for the Giveback Day at The Artists Project on September 2020

Amanza Smith, designer turned realtor, liked sharing fresh selfies on Instagram with her followers. Right, putting on a sultry show for the Giveback Day at The Artists Project on September 2020

Mary Fitzgerald shared snaps of her night outs in New York city as a rising star of real estate, pictured

Now happily married, Mary pictured, is focusing on building her real estate portfolio

Mary Fitzgerald shares photos from her nights out in New York as a rising star real estate agent, shown left. Now she is focusing her efforts on growing her portfolio. 

Before she struggled to sell $75 million dollar compounds on Selling Sunset, Davina Potratz shared candid snaps of her day

Davina has a tumultuous story on the show and butts heads with Jason and Brett Oppenheim

Davina Potratz posted candid photos of her day before she sold $75 million worth compounds through Selling Sunset.

Jason Oppenheim, who manages the agency with his brother Brett, shared a throwback pictures of the pair as teenagers, pictured

Jason at the the Critics' Choice Real TV Awards in 2019

Jason Oppenheim and his brother Brett manage the agency. Below are throwback photos of them as teens. Right: Jason at the the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards in 2019

Brett looked like a laid back teenager in the 1990s, pictured

The dashing twin now heads the prolific Oppenheim group with his brother

Brett Oppenheim went from laid back teenagers, left, to successful real estate company owner, pictured at the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards in 2019, right