Commissioner of Met Police, Dame Cressida Dick says there have been no complaints about the Downing Street Christmas Party last year. However, she will investigate any.

The Prime Minister of Canada and his No10 team are being accused by Covid for hosting three parties in 2020.

Johnson, who is believed to have delivered a speech in a packed meeting for senior aides on November 27, was reported as having done so.

The second lockdown was in effect at the time, and Britain had banned all indoor social events unless one household bubble was involved.

On December 18, Downing Street employees held their own Christmas party with a quiz and Secret Santa. London was now subject to Tier 3 rules, meaning that indoor gatherings were outlawed, and there was a rule of six for outside events.

According to Daily Mirror, there was 40-50 people at each party.

Another source claimed that there was another smaller group on the 13th of November – the same night Dominic Cummings left.

The Met chief said that she is not investigating this incident despite widespread protests. 

The Prime Minister and his staff at No10 are accused of breaking Covid rules by hosting three festive gatherings in 2020

Three festive events were hosted by the Prime Minister and No10 staff in 2020, breaking Covid rules

Met Police commissioner Dame Cressida Dick says the force have received no complaints over last year's Downing Street Christmas party - but will look into it if one is made

Met Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick says they have not received any complaints regarding the Downing Street Christmas party last year – but that she will review it if there is.

What was the date of the “parties” and what were the Covid rules?

November 27According to reports, Mr Johnson gives a speech to a packed leave-taking do in support of a senior aide. “40 to 50” people were there. 

RULES: Indoor gatherings are strictly forbidden unless there is a household bubble involved.

December 18, – Downing Street staffers allegedly hold their own festive party, with the PM not in attendance. Also, the group size was given at 40-50. 

RULES: Indoor social gatherings are prohibited by Tier 3. The rules specifically stated ‘you must not have a work Christmas lunch or party, where that is a primarily social activity’.  

November 13– Rumours of a smaller third gathering. It would also have coincided with the second lockdown. 

Dame Cressida responded to a caller and said that they were not currently investigating. To my knowledge, no complaints have been filed so, I don’t know what happened.

When asked what she would do if she got a mail, she replied, “If I receive a message, I will read it.”

She replied, “This is the Met.” Our team is professional. Our impartiality is our hallmark. Our actions are free from fear and favor. Follow evidence. This is what we do.

It comes after Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup was laughed at and heckled as she scrambled to defend Number 10’s Christmas party on Question Time last night.

The Tory MP was repeatedly pressed by the BBC’s Fiona Bruce on whether there was a festive gathering while London was in Tier Three last year.

The claims were referred to as “rumour and hearsay” by her, who added: “It is quite obvious that all guidelines were followed regardless of whether they were business meetings or other.

A member of the audience recalled feeling’stuck’ in Weston Super-Mare and was unable to travel to London last Christmas. 

A member of the audience said, “This time last year my parents moved to south London. We couldn’t visit them.” They had Covid. Both were able to follow the direction and do what was told. 

“I am stuck in Weston Super-Mare. Mum and Dad are in South Norwood.” You hear, “They’re throwing Christmas parties and we are still suffering?”

“It makes my stomach ache. I’m really upset by it.

“Well, I’m sorry that they have had to put up with so much over the past 20 months,” replied the minister of public health. No one could have foreseen what would happen.

Bruce asked Bruce about Christmas parties and she replied, “Well the Prime minister said very clearly on Wednesday at PMQs that every guidance was followed.

Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup was repeatedly pressed by the BBC's Fiona Bruce on whether there was a festive gathering in No 10 while London was in Tier Three last year

Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup was repeatedly pressed by the BBC’s Fiona Bruce on whether there was a festive gathering in No 10 while London was in Tier Three last year

At one point Bruce, above, asked the audience who wanted to know whether there was a Christmas party, to which nearly everyone raised their hand

Bruce (above) asked his audience if there had been a Christmas party. Nearly everyone answered.

The audience and panel members could then be heard erupting into laughter, before Bruce said: ‘That wasn’t the question that was asked, which I think is why everyone is laughing Maggie. 

“You may as well clarify it because we have you covered now. Was there Christmas?

Ms. Thoroup said, “I wasn’t there.” Bruce replied: “I’m sure that you were briefed prior to you arrived on Maggie.”

Although the official spokesperson for the Prime Minister did not deny that the gathering took place, he stated: “At all stages of the process the rules were followed.”

Press secretary for the PM added that they did not recognize the account as Covid rules were followed throughout.

She didn’t answer questions about which aspects were denied in the report.

Separately, the spokesman for Mr. Johnson claimed as “total nonsense” that Mrs. Johnson held parties in their private apartment.