Phil Collins’ ex-wife Orianne Collins, 47,  announced that she was filling for  divorce from her husband of one year, Thomas Bates, 32, on Thursday, 

A note was posted by the jewel designer to Instagram, addressing the divorce. It included the following line: I believe my marital stress from the COVID quarantine led me to take actions that were not in character. 

This is more than one year since the couple exchanged vows at Graceland Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas on August 2, 2020.

Orianne was famous for her relationship with Phil, 70 (hitmaker), whom she married between 1999 and 2006. They reconnected in 2016 and 2019. 

The latest: Phil Collins' ex-wife Orianne Collins, 47, on Thursday announced that she was filling divorce from her husband Thomas Bates, 31. The former couple was seen in Miami last month

Recent: Phil Collins ex-wife Orianne Collins announced Thursday that she had filed for divorce from Thomas Bates (31), her husband. Last month, the couple were seen together in Miami.

Orianne noted the painful effects of the pandemic and stated that they were a factor in her split. She wrote in a concise statement, “I believe the emotional strain of the COVID quine caused me in ways I didn’t like.”

She promised that she would be resilient and show gratitude to all those who supported her.

Then she continued: “Fortunately I have been through difficult situations before. Like I always have. So I will summon up all the strength, team, courage and support I can to make the right decision… I am grateful to all those who supported me over the years – this means so much for my family as well.

She indicated that she would prefer to manage the divorce in privacy, beyond what was stated in her first statement.

Orianne continued: “To be precise: My intention is to allow our attorneys to deal with this resolution behind closed door and not in public media. This is why I posted the statement on personal account.” 

Orianne continues to be involved in litigation against Phil Collins, despite her separation from Bates. The dispute centers on the Florida mansion worth $40 million that they used to share.

Collins, a jewelry designer based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, took to Instagram with a note addressing the marital split

Collins, a Fort Lauderdale jewelry designer posted to Instagram with an address about the marital breakup 

Orianne was granted permission by a judge to sue Collins (70) over financial issues relating to the property in October.

Page Six was told by an insider that the original agreement stipulated that the woman would receive half of the property’s value. They made that agreement. She’s suing for half, and he tried to get [the case] dismissed. The judge has ruled in her favor and allowed the case to proceed.

After learning of Bates’ vows, the Sussudio musician filed paperwork last year to expel Orianne.

According to an insider, Orianne was moved out by Bates under a partial settlement. This settlement was meant to ‘get her out of the home and move, so that he could sell it’.

According to an insider, Orianne was not evicted from her home and feels good about things going forward.

Collins’ rep said to the outlet, “the…” [new] motion argued that Orianne’s case was filed in the wrong court, and [she] had to refile in the correct court, so the only significance in this ruling is the court that she’s going to lose in.’

Details: Collins pointed to the headaches brought about by the pandemic as a key factor in the split (Orianne, pictured last month)

Details: Collins pointed to the headaches brought about by the pandemic as a key factor in the split (Orianne, pictured last month)

Orianne and Collins initially wed in Switzerland in July of 1999, and split in 2008. They were reunited in 2015. 

The news comes a week after Orianne discussed her bitter split from Phil in a candid interview – in which she claimed the rocker ‘made her out to be a b***h.’

Speaking to The Sun, Orianne said: ‘We were living together in Miami Beach with our children for more than six years. His house was just as important as mine.

“And then he discovered I was married and he became mad. That was all… To be truthful, it is quite sad. He paints me as an awful person, which is extremely sad.

She declared that she had ‘never done anything’ and spoke about her love for Tom at the time, saying, ‘We discovered each other’s hearts, and we still love each other. It was what actually happened. Some people wonder: “Why did she do that?” What a b***h’.’ 

Last year, the couple was embroiled in bitter legal disputes with Genesis’ star over their Miami property. In October 2020, Thomas discovered that his spouse had secretly remarried and she moved in with him. He attempted to expel her.

However, the mother-of-3 resisted and refused to go. She claimed she had half of its value due to a “verbal cohabitation agreement”.  

Orianne and her lawyers upset a Miami Judge by including humiliating comments regarding the drummer’s hygiene, sexual performance and appearance in her filings. 

They agreed that she would stay up to January 31, allowing her enough time to search for a new home for Matthew (16) and Nicholas (20). 

The exes tied the knot in 1999 before splitting up just seven years later, with the artist paying $47million (£33.2million) to Orianne in their settlement.

Former love: Phil is seen in November 2019 at an event in Miami

Phil and his former lover: Phil was seen November 2019, at an event near Miami 

 The businesswoman, who also shares daughter Andrea with ex-husband Charles Mejjati, was packing her bags and getting ready to leave the rocker’s abode ‘in weeks’ after snapping up a plush, new waterfront home. exclusively revealed that Orianne and Thomas purchased the sprawling $5.5m (£3.9million) six-bed property in Fort Lauderdale before Christmas.

It boasts a swimming pool, spa and home theater. There is also a dock large enough to accommodate a yacht up to 90 feet.

Orianne revealed that she managed Tom’s pop-star career. Tom said he understands Phil is now forever connected’.

The connection would be a “footnote” in his career, and he said that he had ‘nothing except respect’ for the musician’s family.

Also, he said that In the Air Tonight’s star has had a long-lasting influence on his writing and performance, even before Orianne met him. However, he is concerned about the criticism from Phil fans which could impede his career.             

Orianne and Phil Collins were pictured at an event in Miami in March of 2016

Phil Collins was pictured with Orianne at a Miami event in March 2016