Cristiano Ronaldo comforts a young fan who is crying after he gave him his shirt and hugged her.

  • Portugal was in Dublin, where they were able to draw 0-0 with Republic of Ireland
  • Cristiano Ronaldo had a disappointing night at the goal line for visitors
  • After the match, a young fan entered the pitch in desperate need of Ronaldo.
  • Ronaldo was able to agree to meet her despite her initial resistance from her stewards
  • Before he left, Manchester United’s star offered a hug and his match shirt to the fan. 

Cristiano Ronaldo had a disappointing night at Portugal’s draw with Ireland 0-0. He was held by his defenders, preventing him adding on to his international record of 115 goals.

It wasn’t only Irish players who were eager to meet the Manchester United superstar, but also fans desperate for a chance to see the soccer icon in Dublin.

A young fan escaped security as she made her move onto the pitch in order to meet the 36 year-old.

One fan invaded the pitch in a desperate attempt to meet Cristiano Ronaldo after the game

A fan invaded the pitch to try and meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite initial attempts by stewards to stop her, Ronaldo soon greeted her with a hug

Ronaldo quickly greeted her with an embrace, despite her initial attempts to be stopped by security personnel

Ronaldo also gave the supporter his match shirt, which she stands proudly with afterwards

Ronaldo also gifted the supporter with his match shirt. Afterward, she proudly displays it.

However, security quickly caught up to her. Ronaldo, who was assisted by local Ireland players, appeared to be relaxed enough to allow her through.

Ronaldo then took the shirt off of his matchshirt to show her, and before that he gave her a hug.

Ronaldo had to defend himself against an older fan who charged him during the Aviva Stadium’s dour draw.

The security team caught up to the supporter again, and despite being kept back, he still managed to shake hands with the forward. 

Rep of Ireland players sensing a lack of threat also guided security to let the fan meet Ronaldo

Rep of Ireland Players spotting a lack of threats also directed security to let Ronaldo meet the fan

The fan was close to tears when Ronaldo gave her his match shirt following the 0-0 draw

Ronaldo gifted the match shirt to her after the 0-0 draw. She was so close to tears.

As Ronaldo then went to depart the field, the supporter was escorted off the field of play

Ronaldo left the field and the supporter was taken off the playfield.

Ronaldo suffered a frustrating night on the pitch.

In the final minutes of the match, he was able to find space between defenders and fans to contact an Andre Gomes cross. He only managed to narrowly miss his goal.

With the last attack of the match, United’s star had an opportunity to win. He aimed to score at an acute angle rather than passing it back to Joao Felix.

Portugal won in Dublin but the draw in Lisbon was sufficient to move back to top of Group A by goal difference. Serbia is next to them in Lisbon and Portugal needs only to draw in order to qualify for next winter’s World Cup finals in Qatar. 

Earlier in the match, Ronaldo had to dodge another supporter who had invaded the pitch

Ronaldo had earlier to make a run for it when another supporter invaded the pitch.

The forward endured a frustrating night in front of goal missing the best chance with a header

The forward had a disappointing night before goal and missed the best opportunity with a header.

Despite a poor display, Portugal still got the point they needed to go to the top of the group

Portugal was able to achieve the necessary points to climb to the top despite their poor performance