Customer ‘HYPNOTIZES shoe shop worker, 30, and rapes her’ at Italian store: Victim ‘only realised after watching store’s CCTV the next day’

  • Adil Muhammad, 45, allegedly pretended to be a scarf salesman in Padua, Italy
  • The scarf’s thread was pulled and he released fumes that stunned the clerk at the shoe shop.
  • Before kissing and raping the woman, he allegedly used sounds to hypnotize her.
  • When a customer entered, he was about to leave an hour later than he had left on November 30, when a client arrived.
  • The shop assistant reported it to police following a review of CCTV footage 

A customer allegedly hypnotised a shoe shop worker and then raped her at the store in Italy. 

Adil Muhammad, 45 (pretending to be a scarf seller), entered the women’s shoe shop and drugged the clerk before raping her south of Padua, November 30. 

Because she didn’t know what happened, she took many days to file her complaint. 

Adil Muhammad, 45, allegedly hypnotised a shoe shop worker and then raped her at the store south of Padua, Italy. File picture shows police in Rome

Adil Muhammad (45), allegedly hypnotized a worker at a shoe store and then raped the woman in the shop south of Padua. Photo of Rome police

L’Unione Sarda said that Muhammed displayed one of the scarfs to his victim before pulling out a thread, setting it alight and giving off fumes that stunned her. 

After that, he placed his hands at his temples to make sounds to hypnotise her before kissing and then raping. 

After an hour, the 45-year old left when a customer came in to shop. 

Police said that he was captured after the victim reported him on December 2. 

Muhammad was charged with sexual assault. 

Local media reports that he had attempted a similar attack against two residents, but failed to succeed, and did not provide details.