After declining his offer to talk on the telephone about admissions at law school, a New York City lawyer shared an ‘unhinged email’ she had received from an entitled undergrad university.

Cece Xie, a privacy lawyer and Yale University lecturer, frequently shares advice and other content about being a lawyer on her popular TikTok page — but one young man seeking some personal, one-on-one advice was incredibly unhappy when Cece told him she didn’t have time to mentor him directly.

Cece (30) shared his rude and inappropriate email. He insisted she had the time. Cece also mocked her social media followers.

NYC-based privacy lawyer Cece graduated from Harvard Law and lectures at Yale. She has earned millions of likes for her TikTok videos about being a lawyer

Cece, a privacy lawyer based in NYC, graduated from Harvard Law. She also lectures at Yale. Her TikTok videos on being a lawyer have been viewed millions of times.

Recently, a college student emailed her to request a ten-minute phone call to discuss law school admissions

Recenty, a student from college emailed her asking for a phone call of ten minutes to discuss law school applications

Cece, who attended Harvard Law, works as both an associate at a New York City law firm and also a lecturer at Yale — in addition to producing popular viral content on social media.

The viral video featured her giving the college student a blast using a TikTok clip that was viewed over 1.5 million times.

He was thankfully not identified by her, so she used Benjamin’s middle name to refer to him. 

She replied, “I just received the most inept email,” “It’s a great example of what to not do when trying to network with your profession or to find a mentor.

Benjamin’s initial email to me is professional, but a little too verbose.

“I’m currently enrolled at [redacted]Undergrad: I’m a busy person and have lots to offer (ask more), but I wanted to know if I could spend 10 minutes talking to you telephonically about admissions to law school (attempting to matriculate to Duke Law) as well as post-graduate opportunities. He wrote. 

She replied that she doesn't have time for one-on-one sessions but referred him to advice she has given online and wished him luck

He replied she didn’t have the time but she referred him online to her advice and wished him good luck.

I am a huge fan of YouTube and I know it will be a great resource. [obscured]Your time,” he concluded.

Cece replied with her “general policy”, which was that she does not do one-on-1s.

“Thanks for reaching me!” He wrote her. “I regret that I don’t have the time to meet one-on-one with every person who approaches me. But please do check out [website]Check out my TikTok playlists to find answers to common questions about law school or a career in the legal profession.

“If you have any questions, but I don’t know the answer to them, send them to me through my Ask Cece section on my website. I hope this helps and best of luck. She concluded.

Although Benjamin wrote in his first email asking Cece for a favour, it became obvious in his second email that it wasn’t. 

He responded with an extremely rude email insisting she had time, mocking her social media following, and accusing her of being aggressive

In an insolent email, he claimed she didn’t have time and mocked her social media followers, accusing her aggressiveness.

He began his email without a greeting. There is plenty of time to make a call for 10 minutes.

“It doesn’t cost you anything, it makes you everything. This makes sense because you are young and have to fight for what position(s) it is currently. As you gain financial success and become older, you will be more generous and altruistic.

Remember, you always have time. Tell Jeff Bezos, or your senior partner, that you lack time. 

“Lastly, nine out of ten dolts that are hitting you up with their skepticism and sarcasm are tire-kicking time-suckers who have zero potential. Your microaggressive civility is greatly appreciated.

Cece was clearly put off by the email — but also noted that Benjamin’s behavior will only hurt him professionally.

“My first instinct was to email Duke Law Admissions, my college and email Duke Law, as well as emailing your employer. This was also in the email signature,” she stated. 

'Law is a small world... And if I've had a bad experience with someone, I'm gonna tell the truth,' she said

She stated, “Law can be a very small world, and I don’t want to share a bad experience I had with somebody,”

“But, I understand that professionalism requires that emails and other communication not be sent in the heat. Like Benjamin did.

“Law can be a very small field. I have had friends ask me about hiring former acquaintances or colleagues. If I have had bad experiences with anyone, I will tell you the truth.

She concluded, “So Benjamin. For your sake, we hope that our paths never intersect again.” 

Benjamin’s emailing and behavior have been mocked in comments.

“Bro was trying to sound smart,” wrote one. Another described him simply as “someone who clicks on Microsoft synonyms to try and find a longer phrase.” 

Comments have also mocked Benjamin for his behavior, as well as his emailing habits

Benjamin’s emailing and behavior have been mocked in comments.

One woman said, “My man made that thesaurus overtime in that first mail,”

Another woman said that the level of entitelment was “just insane.”

Some called him an ‘insufferable’, ’embarassing’, ‘wild’, ‘unbelievable’, and someone who displays ‘insane neurosism.

A commenter said that people feel entitled to reach out for others now.

Another said, “The fact that he truly believes he has the right to one-on-one access when your entire thing is free educational material for everyone,” 

“My jaw is on floor.” The courage …’ added another.