I have no idea how I will get to IKEA. After getting snowed into Denmark, many customers find themselves forced to stay the night at furniture showrooms.

  • Six customers in Aalborg, Denmark were stranded by 12 inches of snow. Two Ikea employees also suffered from the same fate.
  • Both employees and customers could try the beds on their own.
  • The group watched television and had dinner during the “fun” evening. 
  • Ikea employees invited to join the Ikea staff for the evening the staff from the nearby toy store. 

Following being stuck in snowstorms, six Ikea customers were joined by around 20 employees of Denmark to host an informal slumber party.

Customers and employees were trapped in Aalborg’s store by snowfall up to 12 inches. They couldn’t get to their beds.

However, rather than sleeping in snowflakes, both customers and staff were allowed to take their pick from all the beds available in the store. They also had the unique opportunity to experience the Ikea Furniture Exhibitions, which are beloved by every Ikea customer.

Peter Elmrose, the store manager, said that he slept on Denmark’s Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

Customers could choose the bed that they wanted to buy and then try it. He stated that everyone enjoyed the evening eating, watching TV and talking about how it was great. 

Denmark’s public broadcaster DR reported also that Ikea-themed people joined the Ikea-themed sleepover after being stranded themselves due to the weather.

Slumber party: customers ate food and watched television after being snowed into an Ikea in Denmark

Customers slumber party after they were snowed in to an Ikea Denmark

Ikea customers had the opportunity to try out the cosy furniture displays known and loved by Ikea shoppers around the world

Ikea customers got the chance to see the warm and cozy Ikea furniture display that is so beloved by Ikea shoppers all over the world.

Michelle Barrett, the manager at Ikea said she is grateful for the kindness of the staff and that it was better than being in one’s own car. We are grateful that they allowed us to enter.

We laughed because we won’t experience that again. 

Customers, staff and employees from the toy shop next door were stranded by a snowstorm and had to stay the night in Ikea

The snowstorm left customers, employees and staff from the nearby toy shop stranded. They had to spend the night at Ikea.