Welsh rugby star Shane Williams blasts ‘k***head’ thief who broke into his home while wife and children were inside to steal £10,000 custom road bike

  • Shane Williams (44) was absent as an ex-ace for the British Lions & Wales.
  • The bike is unique and should not be duplicated.
  • Williams stated that his blood pressure was high after the thieves entered his home.

Rugby legend Shane Williams blasted a “k***head” thief for raiding his home while his wife and children were inside.

Former British Lions and Wales ace Williams, 44, lost a £10,000 custom-built road bike during the break-in.

Williams, a father-of-2 who retired from rugby has now taken on endurance challenges such as charity rides and Ironman races.

Wales’ record try scorer even launched his own range of cycling clothing earlier this year after partnering with bike company Agilis.

Former British Lions and Wales ace Shane Williams, 44, was away at the time of the thedt

Shane Williams (44), a former British Lions and Wales ace, was absent at the time the thedt.

He said he would accept the items back and would take no further action if they were returned

He indicated that he would return the items and will not pursue any other action.

Writing on Wednesday night, he said: “To the absolute k***head who decided to steal my bike and wheels from my home today you are on CCTV and we have your details.

“I want these items returned immediately or further action will be taken.”

He later added: “Could all my friends please keep an eye out for someone trying to sell my Agilis road bike. The bike and some Zipps wheels were stolen today from my house.

“There is only one of these bikes in circulation so let’s make it difficult for this t**t to offload it!

Williams said the bike was one of a kind so should be easy to spot if it was put up for sale

Williams claimed that this bike was unique so it should not be difficult to identify if the bike were put up for sale

“Possessions don’t really matter too much to me it’s just that someone has decided to go into my property whilst I’m away and my family are home has really made my blood boil!”

Williams, a respected family man, has previously talked about the importance of it to him.

He talked in 2016 about how he liked nothing more than being outdoors with his children Georgie and Carter.

Williams said, “Returning to your family is the best thing.”

“Every excuse to go out.”