Caught RED handed by Anti-Meat activists: Unsuspecting customers squirt fake blood on their hands after they hijack sanitiser stations near Halal and McDonald’s in London.

  • Jane Barker and Gaby grant were the creative activists behind this powerful stunt 
  • Recently, the government removed paper recommending that people “shift dietary habits”
  • Campaigners claim that one passer-by tossed his KFC meal after being victimized. 

Fast-food customers were left with bloody hands after activists took over sanitiser stations south London as part an environmental stunt.

Visitors to KFC and McDonald’s restaurants in Brixton, Clapham, and butchers in Clapham were shocked to discover a red liquid in their hands when they went to clean.

Jane Barker, Gaby Grant and others organized the stunt as a response to a recent government move to delete a paper that suggested people shift their diet away from meat to plant-based foods. 

Fast-food customers were left with 'blood' on their hands, after activists hijacked sanitiser stations in south London as part of an environmental stunt

Fast-food customers left with bloody hands after activists stole sanitiser station in south London as part a stunt to protect the environment

Visitors to McDonald's and KFC chains, as well as butchers, in Brixton and Clapham were shocked to find a red liquid in their palms, rather than sanitising gel, when they went to clean their hands

Visitors to KFC and McDonald’s chains in Brixton and Clapham were shocked when they found a red liquid in the palms of their hands, instead of sanitizing gel, when they tried to clean their hands.

The sanitiser stations are similar to those seen on high streets throughout the country. However, the message encourages users to reduce their meat intake by requiring them to use the station only once per week.

The campaigners said one passer-by was seen throwing away their KFC meal after falling victim to the self-proclaimed ‘Hand Sinitiser’.

Jane and Gaby, creative advertising students from The School of Communication Arts, said: ‘We thought that if the government aren’t going to take the climate crisis seriously and the role that the consumption of meat plays in this, then we would have to get the general public to take notice.

“We thought hand-sanitizing stations were perfect because it taps into a daily behaviour and doubles up to show that everyone has the responsibility of eating less meat.

While some were said to have been impressed with the stunt, insisting it had encouraged them to think about cutting down on meat, not everyone was so impressed, with one man telling the pair he was ‘p****d off’ and threatening to report them.  

Jane and Gaby recently won a D&AD New Blood award for students, graduates, and aspiring creatives.

A customer is surprised when he goes to clean his hands and ends up with fake blood

A customer is surprised when he goes to clean his hands and ends up with fake blood

Surprised customer cleans his hands and gets fake blood (right).

Their website features alternative, often satirical campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Nike, Febreze, and Smartwater.

Last week, the Government removed a blueprint that urged people to be greener to ’embarrass” frequent flyers and to learn a new plant-based dish.

The document recommended that the public’shifts diet habits’ away form meat and suggested that domestic tourism be promoted, while business travel should be viewed as an ‘immoral indulgence’.

Written by the Behavioural Insights Unit – also known as the Nudge Unit – it was withdrawn within hours of being published by the Government alongside its Net Zero Strategy last Tuesday.