TikTok has made a dad viral for changing the Disney books of his daughter to remove all ‘gender stereotypes. He hopes to encourage his child to resist society’s sexist standards.

The Minnesota-based father, who is known only as @dcaspers online, put his graphic editing skills to use by transforming a series of Disney story books to alter the plotlines, documenting the entire process in a host of now-viral videos. 

The dad explained that he wanted to “teach his daughter to not settle for the stereotypes” found in the books. He took it upon himself, writing solo scripts for many of the characters and changing the endings of princess-focused stories. This allows them to leave their princes to pursue their dreams.  

The dad, a loving father, recorded the entire process and posted it to TikTok. He quickly received millions of views and thousands comments.  

A dad is going viral on TikTok for changing his daughter's Disney books

TikTok user @dcaspers decided to edit them in an attempt to remove what he felt were gender stereotypes from the stories

TikTok user @dcaspers goes viral for changing his daughter’s Disney books. He edited the stories to remove what he felt was gender stereotypes.

Teamwork: The Minnesota-based dad explained that he wants the books to teach his daughters that they don't have to 'settle for stereotypes'

Teamwork: The Minnesota-based dad said that he wants his books to teach his daughters that they don’t have to settle for stereotypes.  

Something new: The dad documented the entire process in a series of TikTok videos which have quickly gone viral

Something new: A series of TikTok videos were created by the dad, which quickly became viral. 

Tianna, for example, baked a cake for her prince from a Princess and the Frog Book. But the father felt she shouldn’t have to cook for him, and decided to change things up. 

The original page said, “What is Tianna’s favorite thing to do? Bake!” Sharing her treats and Prince Naveen’s! 

Tianna made nachos for her man in his new version. 

Prince Naveen, excuse me. These nachos are only for me,’ he changed his writing to. 

Some people were there to see his edits, with tons of comments such as, “I love this” and “Best dad ever,” rolling in, but others weren’t. 

In a story about Cinderella, he made it so that the Princess stuck up for herself against her evil step sisters and took control of her future

And when one commenter suggested that Cinderella find a wife instead of a husband, he changed the story so that she and Belle could be seen dancing together at the end of the story

One commenter suggested Cinderella find a woman instead of a husband. He modified the story so that Belle was seen dancing with Cinderella at the end.

In a 'Princess and the Frog' book, for example, Tianna originally baked her prince a cake. But the father felt she shouldn't have to cook for him, and decided to change things up

In his new version, Tianna made nachos instead, and didn't share them with her man

The father changed the Princess & the Frog story so Tianna made her own nachos instead of cooking for Prince.

Sneaky: He edited in a large plate of nachos to cover the pie that Tiana had originally made for her partner

Sneaky: He added nachos to Tiana’s original pie for her partner. 

“So instead of learning from the past, we should just erase it all and make it our own.” One commenter jokingly said so in the comments section.

Another replied, “Should he tell me about the studies that came up, showing that girls who were shown to be Disney princess stereotypes grew stronger/more independent? Or do you guys?” [want to]?’ 

In a second clip, the man alters a book based on “Beauty and the Beast”.

He made it so that Belle bought cookies from the store instead of making them for the Beast when he was sad.

Below the video, one commenter wrote: “There is nothing wrong in Belle making brownies. But you’re going to too far.”

“If my bae is feeling sad, I’ll cook something for him. The food makes him feel better. Even if I’m busy I’ll find the time. It’s called caring,’ someone else said. 

In another edit, the dad changed a Brave book so that Merida didn't let her little brothers have any of her cookies until they helped her clean the kitchen

Although some people were here for his edits - with tons of comments like, 'I love this,' and, 'Best dad ever,' rolling in - others were not

Another edit was made by the dad to a Brave book so Merida wouldn’t let her little brother have her cookies until they helped her clean up the kitchen.

He then switched a book about Rapunzel so that she went to Harvard, instead of taking part in a pie-baking competition

He then switched a book about Rapunzel so that she went to Harvard, instead of taking part in a pie-baking competition

He changed the title of Rapunzel’s book so that Rapunzel went to Harvard and not to a pie-baking competition.

He then switched a book about 'Rapunzel' so that she went to Harvard and became the top of her class

In the father's new version of the book, Rapunzel's partner Flynn bakes her a pie to congratulate her for graduating at the top of her class

Rapunzel’s father’s revised version of the book has Flynn, Rapunzel’s partner bakes her a pie in celebration of her graduation at the top of her class 

Another edit was made by the father to a “Brave” book so Merida would not let her little brothers eat her cookies until she helped them clean the kitchen.

He then changed a book about Rapunzel so that she could go to Harvard and become the top of her class.

Rapunzel dreams big and is the top-ranked student in her class… [Flynn Rider]He captioned it: “Bake her one pie.” This one received a lot positive feedback.

“I love these, they’re cute and inspiring. Bravo dad! Your daughters have a great role model,’ someone exclaimed.

Another user commented, “I love this, and I’d prefer to buy this book than it’s original,” 

The father pointed out in the book about “The Little Mermaid”, that Ariel changed her body, leaving her friends and family for a man.

He suggested that instead of cooking for Prince Eric, she order in a slice of pizza and then watch TikTok videos. 

Someone pointed out that Ariel’s decision to move to land was because she wanted to, and that a man who was hot was a bonus.

“How is encouraging your daughters order junk food better than encouraging them in a skill and being independent? Another TikTok user asked the same question. 

In the book about 'The Little Mermaid,' the dad pointed out that Ariel changed her body and left her friends and family all for a man

So instead of cooking for Prince Eric, he felt that she should order in a pie of pizza and watch TikTok videos instead

The dad suggested that Ariel order a pizza and watch TikTok videos rather than cooking for Prince Eric in the book about The Little Mermaid.

He scanned the pages in and photoshopped the pictures and writing on them. He then printed out the new versions and glued them over the old pages

He then scanned the pages and photoshopped the writing and pictures. He printed the new versions and glued the pages to the old ones.

He even altered a book called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”, to show Doc cleaning the whole house in search of Snow White.

Plus, he told a story about Cinderella that the Prince made it so that the Princess stood up against her evil step-sisters and took control over her future.

A commenter suggested that Cinderella might find a wife, rather than a husband at the conclusion of the story. This was what he did and it changed the book even more.

He edited it again, this time with the help his daughter, so that Belle and he could be seen dancing at the end.

He wrote, “Cinderella goes on the ball and finds her true love,”