A father accused of murdering three daughters by his mother has fled New Zealand for South Africa.

Lauren Anne Dickason was 40-years old and married to Graham Dickason. She allegedly murdered their three daughters on September 16, at their Timaru South Island house.

She is facing three charges of murder after the deaths of 6-year-old Liané, and 2-year-old twins Maya and Karla.

Ms. Dickason is still being held in a secure mental hospital unit. 

Lauren Anne Dickason (pictured left, with her husband Graham) has been charged with the murder of their three children in New Zealand. Mr Dickason has returned to South Africa, where the family is from

Lauren Anne Dickason and Graham Dickason were pictured with their children. They have been charged in New Zealand with the murder of their children. The family has moved back to South Africa and Mr Dickason is now in custody.

Liané Dickason (pictured centre) and her twin sisters Maya and Karla, were found dead on September 16. Their mother, Lauren Dickason, has been charged with their murder

Liané Dickason (pictured centre) and her twin sisters Maya and Karla, were found dead on September 16. Lauren Dickason has been accused of their murder. 

Ms. Dickason will appear next week in Christchurch High Court.

After the death of his children, Dickason confessed that he forgiven his wife but felt that she too was a victim.

In September, Timaru’s dozens of families attended a candlelight vigil in which he urged them to forgive and pray for her. 

‘Pray for strength and for healing, please also pray for my lovely Lauren, as I honestly believe that she is a victim of this tragedy as well,’ Mr Dickason wrote in a letter read out by the Reverend Alan Cummins.

“People who are intimately acquainted with her will be able to confirm that,” I am certain.

His 15-year-old wife, he said that he had already forgiven her. He encouraged him to continue the process at his own pace. 

Graham Dickason (pictured left) with his arm around his wife Lauren Dickason, and their children Liané (pictured right) and her twin sisters Maya and Karla

Graham Dickason (pictured left) with his arm around his wife Lauren Dickason, and their children Liané (pictured right) and her twin sisters Maya and Karla

After Mr Dickason took up a position at Timaru Hospital as an orthopaedic doctor, the couple moved to New Zealand together with their three children. Dr. Ms. Dickason is also a doctor.

Just one week prior to the massacre, the Dickason Family moved into housing designed for medical professionals close to Timaru Hospital.

They were previously required to spend two weeks as newly arrived South Africans in quarantine hotels run by military personnel.  

Just before midnight, Dickason was back at home with his family and found their bodies.

The emergency service stated that Lauren Dickason had been found when they arrived. Lauren was then taken to hospital where she is now in stable condition. Police later arrested her.

When neighbors heard someone crying, they called the police.

The details of the crime have been suppressed by a judge.

Local children (pictured) took part in a candlelight vigil for the three Dickason children who were found dead in Timaru, New Zealand in September

The photo shows local children participating in a candlelight Vigil in memory of the Dickason children, who were discovered dead in Timaru in New Zealand on September 11.

On the night of the Vigil Mr Dickason wrote that his life was upended. 

He said, ‘Dear Timaru people, my words seem to be few right now. Lauren and I were both devastated when Lauren’s three beloved angels died on the 16th September 2021.

“It’s a loss I’ll carry with me the rest of my days.”

Numerous neighbors attended the vigil. Some even had their young children, who lit candles and placed flowers outside. 

Dickason thanked the people of Timaru (New Zealanders and South Africans), for all their support.

Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. “In these difficult times of tragedy and adversity I can only ask you for prayers for me, my family, and my friends,” he said in the letter.

For those who were touched or affected by the tragedy, please look after yourself. Take care of your partner, wives and children.

Graham Dickason (pictured) has returned to South Africa and is spending some time outdoors

Graham Dickason, (pictured), is back in South Africa. He’s enjoying the outdoors.

Hold on tight to your faith in Jesus Christ for those who believe. Remember your young children and their parents.

“Remember to let your children have fun, to allow them to make silly faces and to never be too old to learn about Jesus. Thank you so much for all your support and love. 

Dickason, who returned to South Africa last week, has uploaded photos to Facebook that show him enjoying time outdoors camping, and cooking barbecues, also known as braii back home.

For his wife’s court appearance in New Zealand on December 17, he won’t be expected to come back to New Zealand.