Frank Williams, an actor best known for his role as Timothy Farthing, in Dad’s Army has passed away at 90.

In a Facebook post, Williams said that his friend and colleague Frank Williams had died.

“He was nearly 91 years old, and his many years of laughter, joy and happiness were a blessing to us all. Frank, thank you! x’

Frank passed away just six days before his 91st Birthday on July 2, 2018. 

As members of the clergy on You Rang, M’Lord?, Farthing played similar roles as Reverend Timothy Farthing. Hi-de–Hi!, The Worker, and What’s Up Nurse were his roles.

Actor Frank Williams, who was best known for playing Timothy Farthing in Dad's Army, has died at the age of 90. The star's death was announced in a statement on his dedicated Facebook page today

Frank Williams, the actor most well-known for his portrayal of Timothy Farthing in Dad’s Army at age 90, has now died. Today, the star was declared dead in a Facebook statement.

He was born in Hampstead Heath in north London, in 1931. He is the only child of William and Alice Williams. He attended Ardingly College in West Sussex, as well as Hendon School, before he began his acting career at Watford Palace Theatre.

It was the first step to becoming a part of Dad’s Army in Britain, the legendary sitcom. This repertory theatre was managed by Jimmy Perry who created the show.

His time with Dad’s Army was once his most happy period in his professional career. 

He first appeared in the third season of the TV series. After that, he appeared in over half the episodes and was also in the two feature films of Dad’s Army.

He was the second-last cast member to survive the series – Ian ‘Private Pike,’ 76 is the only other one. 

Frank’s character, Timothy Farthing, is often referred as “The Vicar” or “His Reverence”. He was the well-meaning vicar in St Aldhelm’s Church (in Walmington–on-Sea), a fictional seaside town in south England.

He appeared in similar roles to Reverend Timothy Farthing in the BBC television sitcom Dad's Army (pictured), as members of the clergy in You Rang, M'Lord? Hi-de-Hi!, What's Up Nurse, The Worker and Vanity Fair

In the BBC sitcom Dad’s Army, Farthing played similar parts to Reverend Timothy Farthing (pictured), and as members of clergy in You Range, M’Lord? Hi-de-Hi! and What’s Up Nurse were his roles, as well as The Worker, Vanity Fair, and The Worker.

Dad’s Army, being set in World War Two, Farthing looked to care for the ‘spiritual needs of his parishioners’ despite setbacks like sharing his church hall with main character George Mainwaring.

Mainwaring was the bank manager and chose to lead the Home Guard, which is a local military unit made up of men from the area. They were there for the purpose of bringing together the community and joining the British Army. 

He was not part of either the Home Guard nor the ARP Wardens. Instead, he patrolled streets in blackout periods to make sure no light reached homes. This made him appear as an ‘inspirational’ and ‘learned man who cared for the locals.

Although he was not a military person, he frequently found himself in the Walmington-on-Sea regiment. He also enjoyed his hobby of archery and was often able to rescue his fellow soldiers from danger in just one episode.

Dad's Army, being set in World War Two, Farthing (right) looked to care for the 'spiritual needs of his parishioners' despite setbacks like sharing his church hall with main character George Mainwaring

Dad’s Army. Farthing (right), despite the setbacks such as sharing his church with George Mainwaring, looked out for the spiritual needs of his parishioners.

The veteran actor in Dad's Army, which first aired in 1968 and ended in 1977 after its ninth season, said 'there was a feeling that season nine would be our last' after arriving in the rehearsal room

Dad’s Army was first aired on 1968. It ended its ninth season in 1977. After arriving at the rehearsals room, the veteran actor said that he felt like season nine would end.

Dad’s Army’s veteran actor, who first starred in 1968, ended in 1977 following its ninth and final season. He said, “There was a sense that season nine would have been our last” after he arrived in the rehearsal area.

Frank spoke out ahead of his 90th Birthday, saying that although he thought it was just for one episode at first, the character soon became a regular.

“I appeared in 39 episodes of 80 television episodes, including the original movie, stage shows, and radio programs. This milestone is hard to believe.

In an interview ahead of his 90th birthday, which he celebrated at an event in Leicester Square Theatre last July, Frank said: 'Initially, I thought it was for just one episode but the character became a regular' (pictured in 2016)

Frank stated that he initially thought the episode was only for one episode, but it became a regular character in his life. (photo taken in 2016).

Frank said he has macular disease, which can affect your vision. Frank described the condition as irritating but manageable. Frank was only partially blind and used a stick to help him see.

“Sadly, I don’t have the time to read anymore so I use audiobooks. When it comes to watching TV, I have to sit close to the set but I still ll enjoy seeing the episodes ­whenever they’re shown.

“All characters are humorous and can be enjoyed by all ages. One time, I was told by a friend that my three-year old granddaughter preferred Dad’s Army to Postman Pat. 

Fans, loved ones, and friends paid tribute to Frank the Dad’s Army actor on Frank’s Facebook page.

One writer wrote, “God bless Frank” who along with this great cast of writers and performers brought many people joy over the many years at Dads Army.

Franks Family and Friends are our deepest sympathies.

Another commented, “Sad sad news indeed.” This is a true gentleman. Take your leave, Vicar.

One said, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Frank will be missed. RIP Vicar. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Vicar. You can also join our Dads army up in the skies. 

Frank also appeared in an advertisement for Guinness. He is able to walk across walls because he has drunk the Irish drink.