Today’s Daily Covid cases are continuing to climb with 42,484 new infections. But deaths continue to fall by one quarter to just 165. Hospital admissions have also fallen for six consecutive days.

  • There were 42,484 new infections in 24 hours. This is 14.1% more than the 37,243 positive results last Tuesday.
  • Since the return of half-term break, cases have trended upwards in the last fortnight.
  • Hospitalisations declined by 12.9% in the week, and 826 people with HIV sought NHS care Thursday.
  • The daily Covid mortality rate fell to 22.9%. 165 people died within the first 28 days after testing positive.


UK daily Covid infections rose 14 percent over a week. Deaths have fallen by 25%, and hospitalisations have dropped for the sixth consecutive day. 

Some 42,484 infections were recorded in the last 24 hours, up 14.1 per cent on the 37,243 positive tests registered last Tuesday.

The trend in cases has been upwards over the last fortnight since schools returned from half-term break at beginning of month.  

Hospitalisations dropped by 12.9% week-on-week. 826 Infected Britons sought NHS treatment on Thursday. The latest figures for the date are now available.

Daily Covid deaths fell by 22.9 percent compared to last week. 165 people died within the first 28 days after being tested positive.

The trend is two to three week behind in both cases because of a delay between the time a person gets Covid and becomes severely unwell.