Jeffrey Epstein spent his final days in Manhattan prison complaining about being forced to wear orange jumpsuits and being treated like a bad man. This after he had lied about suicide to the chief psychologist at the jail. 

More than 2,000 pages of Federal Bureau of Prisons records obtained by The New York Times just days before Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell is set to start trial, revealed Epstein was a con artist up until his last day.

The clinical intervention report that Epstein filed was among the non-classified pages. This was filed on July 11th, 2019. It stated that Epstein’s ‘continues’ to deny any suicidal thoughts, intentions, or plans.  

A month later, the financier, who was still awaiting his trial for sex-trafficking allegations, was declared dead at the Metropolitan Correctional Center City. If convicted, the financier would face 45 years prison.

Jeffrey Epstein's cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center was pictured after his suicide. Days earlier he told the prison's psychologists that he was not suicidal and had a lot to live for

After Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, his Metropolitan Correctional Center cell was captured. He had told prison psychologists days earlier that he wasn’t suicidal, and had plenty to live for.

Jeffrey Epstein (pictured) died by suicide in his New York City jail cell on August 10, 2019

Epstein's alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured in jail in 2019) is set to start a six-week trial for her role in the sex ring on November 29

The New York Times obtained over 2,000 pages of Federal Bureau of Prisons Records. It revealed that Jeffrey Epstein (left), a former financier, was an artist right up until the end. His suicide attempt in August 2019 was his final act of violence. Just days before Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxill (right in prison in 2019), was set to begin trial for her involvement in the sex rings, the documents were not classified.

Epstein used his last days alive complaining about having to wear an orange jumpsuit and 'being treated like a bad guy' although he claimed he did not do anything wrong in prison, according to a clinical intervention report (pictured) filed by the prison's chief psychologist

Epstein complained about his dying days wearing an orange jumpsuit while he felt he was being treated ‘like a bad guy’. According to the chief psychologist of prisons, Epstein claimed that he didn’t do any wrong in prison.

The disgraced financier told prison psychologists: 'I have no interest in killing myself' two weeks before doing just that while left alone in his cell after lying to officers and saying he wanted to call his long-deceased mother

Two weeks later, the disgraced banker told prison psychologists that he had no desire to kill himself. He did this while alone in his cell.

Epstein was placed in the federal prison in Lower Manhattan on 7/7/2019 after being taken from his private aircraft at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey. 

The federal prison that had been under attack for two years was closed after Epstein committed suicide. Bureau of Prisons pointed out the facilities crumbling security and poor infrastructure, which were once among the nation’s most secure detention centers. 

The 233 inmates at the prison when it closed were transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where Maxwell has also been staying.

According to an indictment, Epstein recruited many teenage girls over the course of the 1990s and 2000s for sexual acts at his Manhattan estate and Palm Beach estate as well as his private island in St Thomas.

According to indictment, he agreed to pay hundreds of dollars in cash in exchange for the women.  

According to The Times, the 66 year-old lost his freedom and spent much of the time in conference rooms with lawyers. He also avoided his cell, spent days before his death talking with psychologists about his mental health.

Epstein, a former star of the Hollywood social scene, reminisces about how it was and what it meant to him. He complained about having worn an orange jumpsuit while he wasn’t doing anything wrong inside prison.

The Times reported that Epstein gave assurances to those who interacted during Epstein’s 36 day detention, that they had plenty to look forward to. He did not appear in any distress, according to the court document.

According to Bureau of Prisons records, the financier said that he had no desire to kill himself. 

Epstein asked for the reason he needed to wear the brightly colored jumpsuit in the intervention report. He was housed at SHU, also called Special Housing Units (or ‘the hole), where the Federal Bureau of Prison segregates prisoner by discipline action.

His stay at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan (pictured) began 36 days before his suicide. He was arrested and brought to the prison on July 6, 2019 following his arrest at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey following his return from Paris via private jet

He was in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, Lower Manhattan 36 days before he committed suicide. After his private flight from Paris, he was returned to New Jersey via Teterboro Airport and was then arrested. He was brought to prison July 6th 2019.

He “requested that” he be dressed in brown during legal visits and was told that his concerns would be discussed at the SHU meeting.

He complained that he felt cold inside his cell and that he didn’t have enough water at the attorney conference.

Epstein committed suicide in jail a month later. The Times reports that William Barr, then the US Attorney General, attributed his death to a “perfect storm of errors” according to The Times. 

Barr said there were ‘serious irregularities’ at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, and although he failed to elaborate, a 15-page psychological report of the billionaire’s death compiled by bureau officials five weeks after Epstein died said that his identity ‘appeared to be based on his wealth, power and association with other high-profile individuals,’ according to The Times.

An intake screening also falsely described Epstein as a black male and noted that he had no prior sex offense convictions – yet he was a registered sex offender in Florida with two convictions  in 2008 for solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors to engage in prostitution, according to The Times.

After his 2008 guilty plea, he was sentenced to 13 months. 

Epstein is reported to have lied to prison officials the night of his suicide. This was against protocol considering Epstein was to be assigned to a cellmate. 

His mother had passed away in 2004 and he said that he wanted him to be able to call her. Instead, he phoned Karyna Shuliak from Belarus, his 30-year-old girlfriend.

According to the post-mortem, Epstein died from a combination of ‘unstable interpersonal relationships, complete loss in his social status and his potential imprisonment’.   

Epstein's long-time partner Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, is set to begin trial on November 29 over six counts, including sex trafficking of a minor, sex-trafficking conspiracy and also separate allegations of perjury that date back decades. She was pictured in a court sketch on November 17, 2021

Epstein’s long-time companion Ghislaine, 59 is scheduled to start trial on November 29 for six counts including sextrafficking of a child and conspiracy. The court sketch of her was taken on November 17, 2021.

Maxwell was seen hugging her attorney after she arrived for jury selection. Maxwell faces more than 80 years in jail if convicted on all charges

Maxwell was seen hugging and embracing her lawyer after arriving for jury selection. Maxwell could spend more than 80 years behind bars if she is convicted of all the charges.

Although Epstein did not make it to court, the trial of his ex-partner, Ghislaine Maxill, 59 on charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy, and perjury, will begin on November 29. 

Maxwell could spend more than 80 years prison time if he is convicted of all the charges.

She was taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn in July 2020. 

Prosecutors say Maxwell befriended the girls and took them shopping, to movies, before she brought Epstein with her to abuse them.

However, the social lite denied the accusations – and most recently stated that on November 1, she said bluntly: “I haven’t committed any crimes.”

Prosecutors claimed Maxwell groomed 4 minor victims from 1994 to 2004.

Maxwell’s attorneys are likely to claim that Maxwell is being penalized by proxy for Epstein’s horrible crimes, as’someone must pay for what they did’. Sources have commented. 

Maxwell is expected to be testified against at least four people, three of whom will remain anonymous. 

Virginia Giuffre (pictured), 38, was one of Epstein's most vocal accusers but will not be testifying at Maxwell's trial

Virginia Giuffre, 38 (photo), was Epstein’s loudest accuser. However, she will not testify at Maxwell’s trial. 

Virginia Giuffre is not expected to testify at Epstein’s trial, despite her vocal accusations.

She isn’t being called to testify at this time.

Maxwell is now aged 38 and has been described as “pure evil” by Maxwell. He said that Epstein was a sickly pedophile, but Maxwell was his mastermind.

An additional victim claimed that she believed she was the one who did it. [Maxwell]Mary Poppins was because she behaved like a friend, and she had a lovely English accent.

“But she was a beast in designer clothes. She attracted us. She was very aware of what she was doing. “I hope she goes to hell.”

Giuffre claims that Epstein, along with Maxwell, trafficked Giuffre into relationships with powerful men.

These include Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and former Democratic Senate Majority leader George Mitchell. Marvin Minsky was a late MIT computer scientist. Jean-Luc Brunel is the cofounder of MC2 modeling agency.

The allegations have been strongly refuted by all the men.

Ghislaine Maxwell claims that she won’t get a fair trial due to ‘negative media coverage’. But she will be permitted to call false memory experts who were present in Harvey Weinstein case. Judge rules one week prior. 

Ghislaine’s brother says he fears that his sister won’t be given a fair hearing over sex-trafficking accusations due to commence next week.

Jeffrey Epstein is accused of trafing young girls to her ex-partner, the socialite.

Maxwell was taken into custody in July 2020. Since then she has been held in New York while pleading guilty to the remaining charges.

Ian Maxwell, a BBC Radio 4 interviewer, stated that his sister is probably feeling relieved now that the process has begun. She’s spent over 500 days in jail and in isolation. So this must end.

Ghislaine Maxwell at jury selection in her trial on charges of sex trafficking, in a courtroom sketch in New York on Thursday

Ghislaine Maxiwell in New York, at the jury selection for her case on charges of sexual trafficking.

Maxwell explained to BBC that the trial had begun. Maxwell indicated that she believed there was relief on Maxwell’s and her families’ part. 

“I believe that there are many reasons why that is the case. The overwhelming negative media coverage Ghislaine has received over the past 18 months, it only has been one way and the negative reporting that she receives against the other side of her.

“It has the potential to poison jury pool at any level if they hear only one side.

“I’m not here to speak against the accusers, or talk about innocence or guilt. The reason this is difficult is that the authorities chose to pursue my sister against her will and lock her in an isolated place.

It is an abuse both of human rights as well as of the process of due diligence that took place.

“One thing that you can affirm is that everyone has talked a lot over the years. The voice of Ghislaine was never heard.”

The family won’t leave it. Because America is discriminating against my sister, we are taking the necessary steps to file a complaint to the United Nations Working Group for Arbitrary Detention. Ghislaine received an appalling treatment.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were in a relationship throughout the 90s and 00s during which they are alleged to have groomed and coerced young girls for sex

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine maxwell had a long-term relationship during the 90s to 00s. They are accused of having coerced teenage girls for sex.

Maxwell was a partner with Epstein during the 90s. He allegedly introduced Maxwell to powerful people.

Epstein, who was being tried for sex-trafficking charges in New York on August 10, 2019, was discovered dead at a New York jail.

Maxwell will now be charged with sextrafficking of a minor and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. Separate allegations are made of perjury.

The trial will begin on November 29th and last six weeks.