Daily Covid infections fall for the NINTH consecutive day with today’s 39.329 infected cases falling 5% per week. Deaths and admissions begin to show a downward trend

  • Today’s infection rate was 39,329, which is 4.8% lower than the 43,299 recorded on Wednesday.
  • Hospitalisations dropped 7.3% week on week. Saturday saw 823 Britons admit.
  • And there were also 214 deaths across all four UK nations. This is 1.4% less than the previous seven days.


The number of Daily Covid cases in Britain has fallen by 5 percent today. This marks the 9th consecutive day that these infections have declined. 

Department of Health bosses posted another 39,329 today, a drop of 4.8 per cent on the 41,299 infections recorded last Wednesday.

Deaths and hospitalisations declined week-on-week with another 214 deaths recorded, and an additional 823 Covid Brittons seeking NHS healthcare.

The trend in cases is two to three week behind both the measurements. This can be due to delays between when a person gets Covid and becomes severely unwell.

In the meantime, 79% of UK over-12s are being double-jabbed and 10.9 million have received a booster injection.

This comes amid growing controversy over the government’s “no jab, not job” policy. Care home workers could be fired tomorrow if they don’t have the right vaccines. The same policy was also adopted for NHS workers. They have until spring to receive both doses.

Sajid Javid Health Secretary defended the position as “perfectly reasonable” and claimed it will lower infection rates and protect most vulnerable. 

Official projections show that the rule will only encourage 20,000 NHS workers to become vaccinated. This would force 70,000 people out of the doors when the rule is implemented in April.  

And bosses called for the deadline for care workers to be pushed to April as well, over concerns the move could kill vulnerable residents because homes would be left with ‘unsafe’ staffing levels. 

Department of Health data revealed that 31,541 were reported in England, and 3,852 in Scotland. Meanwhile 2,171 were positive for HIV in Wales while 1,765 in Northern Ireland.  

Even though the number of cases has fallen for nine days in a row, it is trending down on all but one day since October 24, even though they are only falling. Some 52,009 cases were recorded on the most recent peak, one day earlier.

Since the outbreak, 9.4 million positive test results have been reported in the UK.

The real number of infections is much higher due to limited testing capabilities at the beginning of crisis. Not everyone who gets the virus will be able to undergo a test.