DAILY MAIL MEMMENT: Liberation day promises after all of our sacrifices

It’s a wonderful prospect. All legal restrictions could be removed within days after two years of Covid lockdowns and restrictions.

England has the potential to be the leader in our quest for freedom.

All things flow from this point. The potential for businesses to boom is there. Our eye-watering debts from the pandemic can be tackled. The disruption to children’s educations and the GP surgeries of our patients will not continue.

Boris Johnson’s Covid strategy has been overwhelmingly vindicated by this. While not all things have gone smoothly, it is true. However, these failures were dwarfed in the face of great achievements.

This hugely vindicates Boris Johnson’s (pictured) Covid strategy. True, not everything has gone swimmingly. But the mistakes have been dwarfed by towering successes

This massively supports Boris Johnson’s (pictured), Covid strategy. While not everything went swimmingly, it is true that there have been some hiccups. However, the failures have been eclipsed by great successes

Our jabs program is world-class. Also, the booster rollout. Johnson refused to listen to the apocalyptic warnings and he reopened in July. Omicron’s surge was the masterstroke that led to Johnson rejecting lockdown.

Doom-mongering Sage quacks scream of doom and destruction if curbs don’t get removed. Their credibility is seriously questioned. It was incredibly wrong to expect up to 6,000 Covid deaths each day, unless December is locked down.

With the terror threat dropping and UK scientists making a major breakthrough in fusion technology – moving a step closer to the holy grail of energy generation – the good news has truly come in threes.

Investigations into absurdities

Sadiq Khan of London, the Metropolitan Police’s head, threatened to fire Dame Cressida after a series of scandals.

Following the murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer and subsequent revelations that Scotland Yard was rife in racism, misogyny, and bullying, Mr Khan, whose main concern is to avoid being blamed when things go wrong, has notified the commissioner.

This should be her top priority. It is absurd that the Met seems more concerned with Minor Transgressions at Number 10.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan (pictured), who has responsibility for the Metropolitan Police, has threatened to axe Dame Cressida Dick following a string of scandals

Sadiq Khan of London, who is in charge for the Metropolitan Police (pictured), has threatened to exterminate Dame Cressida. This threat comes after a series of scandals.

Review of the Downing Street decision to not investigate Christmas quiz is underway Is this the so-called new evidence? The picture shows Johnson nearing a package of crisps, and cheap fizz.

Officers will question 50 persons about lockdown parties held in Whitehall. Detectives will also investigate whether the Wallpapergate scandal involved bribery. Dixon of Dock Green is not going to waste his time. Labour has urged detectives to follow their lead and threaten No10’s safety.

Rule-flouting is not something that anyone condones. Is it too much to ask?

Bien pensant BBC

If the BBC refuses to give cold water about the ending of Covid restrictions, we will be knocked down by a feather.

Note the Top 3 headlines of Radio 4’s Today program yesterday for a glimpse into Corporation’s Agenda.

Brexit is failing, says a usually ignored Commons committee … a little-known Labour donor (who once funded the Tories) whines the PM is useless… the EU (which appeases Russia to guarantee gas supplies) is handling the Ukraine crisis marvellously.

Why is it that the state broadcaster makes such poor excuses for its stories?

Because it’s the iconic Metropolitan bien penant. It loathes Boris and Brexit. With relish, every opportunity is taken to denigrate the Government.

There would be nothing to complain about the BBC if it were a private company. It’s not. The license fee protects Auntie. It has long since abandoned impartiality.

Corporation boasts proudly that they are ‘for everybody’. The Corporation boasts that it is ‘for everyone’, excepting Conservatives and Leave voters, and anybody who does not want to destroy the country’s history and culture.

This is an odd way of persuading ministers, and an increasingly skeptical public, that the licensing fee should be renewed.