DAILY MAIL: More restrictions on liberty are not justified by data

This paper continues to be supported by evidence that Omicron, while a reason for concern for some, is not an indication of panic.

Yesterday saw positive statistics flood in. Health Security Agency in the UK has released the first significant study. It shows that UK sufferers are 50% more likely to be admitted than those who have Delta.

People who have been affected experience milder symptoms, and are more likely to recover quickly. The Covid vaccine provides strong protection from life-threatening illnesses with two doses. The booster completes the protection.

Imperial College conducted a separate study and found no Omicron cases in triple-jabbed patients.

The first major UK study, by the Health Security Agency, shows sufferers of Omicron are 50 per cent less likely to need hospital treatment than with Delta. Pictured, a woman receives her booster jab

Omicron patients are half as likely to be admitted for treatment in the UK than Delta. This is according to the Health Security Agency. A woman is shown receiving her booster shot.

Research by Edinburgh University found that Omicron has a lower risk of hospitalisation than the average person.

The latest information from South Africa suggests that the strain may have reached its peak without having any significant impact on death or hospitalisation rates. These are real data and not modeling guesswork. All of it points in the same direction.

It is not the same for those who believe they are ignorant or deluded.

Omicron can be mild but it has a fast pace and is able to move quickly. Vaccine refuseniks also have very little defense. The NHS is suffering from a significant and unacceptable drain of resources because up to 90% of UK Covid patients are not being jabbed in intensive care. They are a threat to all of us because they have such a bone-headed attitude.

It is not possible to frame public policy around this small group. This policy must serve the common good. This means it must be open to all and allow people to live, work and socialise.

Boris Johnson rightly delayed any moves towards further oppressive locking down measures until after Christmas. New data indicates that they will not be required.

But the Left’s shrill calls for greater state intervention. Devolved administrations cannot wait to return their citizens in straitjackets.

Mark Drakeford, Funereal Welsh First Minister wants people to be fined for not going into work. It may be one of the most ridiculous suggestions in all this pandemic.

Johnson needs to ignore all such absurdities and make sure he focuses on real data. Omicron modeling has proven to be wildly incorrect. Although cases reached 106,000 yesterday, that’s far lower than expected (deaths actually fell).

Funereal Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford even wants to fine people for ‘going into work unnecessarily’. That may be the single most ludicrous suggestion of this whole pandemic

Mark Drakeford is even proposing to fine anyone who goes into work unnecessarily as a funereal Welsh First minister. This may be the most absurd suggestion in this entire pandemic.

The predictions that cases would double every two days are not true. There are indications that rates in London, which is the epicenter of variants, are stabilizing.

Paul Hunter, an expert in World Health Organisation, writes: “Reported cases were expected to reach 200,000 Monday but they stood at 91.743. Where are all these cases?

There is uncertainty, but it’s possible to only use the evidence that we have. There is no evidence that could justify the return of draconian restrictions.

Toxic leases are being evicted

MoneyMail won a significant victory when Taylor Wimpey was the third developer to remove toxic leases. Ground rents have soared exponentially making it virtually impossible for homeowners to sell and causing untold heartbreak.

It is a sad tale of greed, exploitation and corruption that we have passionately opposed for years. This will only continue until all builders follow the example of Countryside, Aviva, Taylor Wimpey and Aviva.

  • Three Iranians were convicted of ferrying migrants from Iran across the Channel in rubber boats. The Appeal Court overturned their convictions on Tuesday. Yesterday was the announcement that 28,000 migrants had illegally crossed this route to Britain last year. As long as our judges continue to grant license to people traffickers, these numbers will only increase.