Kappa Sigma, a fraternity located at University of Richmond in Virginia has been suspended following members singing racist lyrics such as ‘I want a slave owner’ or ‘The South will rise again.

  • After video of Kappa Gamma members singing racist songs was leaked, University of Richmond has suspended their Kappa Gamma chapter 
  • According to reports, video was recorded in the last year following a Civil War game. This is similar to Beer Pong.
  • A group of unclothed young men shout out ‘the South is rising again’ and “I want to become a slave owner” while laughing and clapping. 
  • University of Richmond president issued a condemnation statement regarding the video, and those who were there. His comments were scathing and deplorable. 
  • University has launched an investigation into the incident  

Virginia’s University of Richmond suspended Kappa Sigma after video was released showing members of the fraternity singing racist songs.

The Collegian is a University of Richmond student newspaper that first captured the video. The clip shows white shirtless men laughing and dancing while shouting “The South Will Rise Again” at high volume.

Also, Kappa Sigma’s members can be heard crying out “I want to own slaves” and singing along to lyrics of 19th Century song, “Dixie’s Land,” which commemorates the Confederacy.

According to reports, the video was recorded in January. 

The University of Richmond has suspended its chapter of the Kappa Gamma fraternity after a  video of its members singing a racist song was leaked last week

A screenshot from the video is pictured

The University of Richmond has suspended its chapter of the Kappa Gamma fraternity after a  video of its members singing a racist song was leaked last week (screenshots from the video are pictured above) 

Kappa Gamma's national organization also has suspended the University of Richmond's chapter over the offensive video

Kappa Gamma’s National Organization also suspended University of Richmond Chapter due to the offensive video  

An image of the big-screen TV hanging from the wall shows what looks like a background program on the American Civil War.  

The student newspaper reported that the video was created after Kappa Gamma men played an alcohol game called “Civil War”, which is somewhat like Beer Pong during the 2019-20 school year. 

The video of Friday’s leak was also leaked by Kappa Gamma, which is a national fraternity. It suspended University of Richmond’s Chapter pending an ethics review. 

Kevin Hallock from the University of Richmond issued a statement condemning the video, and those students, on Tuesday. NBC12 reported.

The video’s behavior is unacceptable and shameful. Hallock expressed shock at what she had witnessed and heard. 

“This isn’t who we are or what we want to become.”

The video was recorded last year

In it, a gaggle of shirtless students are seen singing 'the South will rise again' and 'I want to be a slave owner'

This video was shot last year. A group of unclothed students can be seen singing the words “The South will rise again” and “I want to become a slave owner.” 

According to reporting, the video was made after a drinking game called Civil War, which is similar to Beer Pong

The video appears to have been made following a game of drinking called Civil War. This is an equivalent to Beer Pong. 

Junior Shira Greer of University of Richmond’s Black Student Coalition stated that Hallock’s words are not true to reality.

She stated that if you say this isn’t who you are, it is a deception. 

Greer stated that it was disturbing to see Kappa Gamma members openly making racist comments.  

‘It’s not surprising because I think we know these sentiments exist among many members of our campus community,’ she added. 

Greer called upon the president for action. He should begin by removing names from the 19th Century slave owners, the Rev. Robert Ryland and Douglas Southall Freeman. They were both advocates for segregation and wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography about Robert E Lee. 

According to university officials, they are investigating the incident to find out who was involved in making the video offensive.