Perhaps even the most ardent Left-wingers will toast Boris Johnson when Big Ben’s New Year’s Eve chimes sound at midnight.

Millions of people were looking forward to celebrating the occasion with their loved ones. The Prime Minister rejected tougher Covid restrictions, defying the pressure of the lockdown lobby.

It was also a relief for the hospitality sector. Restaurants and bars have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Boris Johnson with his wife Carrie, daughter Romy and dog Dilyn hold video calls. The Prime Minister rejected tougher Covid restrictions

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie, their daughter Romy, and Dilyn make video calls. He rejected stricter Covid restrictions.

To think of another season that would be ruined because customers were not allowed to enter or doors being locked was unimaginable. It’s a great boon that revellers from Wales and Scotland, who are locked down by socialist leaders, have the ability to cross the border to enjoy their celebrations!

Unelected scientists made wild claims about Omicron’s dangers, and tried to put the thumbscrews in the PM.

However, the data doesn’t support further restrictions on our freedoms. No sharp increase has occurred in the number of hospitalizations and deaths, even though there have been many infections.

This victory is for the booster program. This is a victory for British citizens, who used good-old-fashioned commonsense to reduce their exposure to the virus.

It is also a win for Johnson, with Europe entering lockdowns again.

Perilous cost of living

A sensible prime minister cannot underestimate public disdain for scandal and political sleaze.

Boris Johnson is not wise to overlook the reasoned disillusionment about No 10’s rule-breaking “cheese, wine” parties and the Owen Paterson fiasco.

While these flare ups are likely to fade in the minds of voters, it is possible that the impending cost-of-living crisis will become poisonous.

Already, families are feeling the effects. It isn’t just luxuries surging in price, but life’s staples – groceries and petrol.

On the back of record global gas prices, household energy bills are predicted to double in spring to £2,000.

Owen Paterson, pictured in October, was found to have committed a breach of standards rules

Owen Paterson was pictured as an October victim. He was discovered to have violated standards.

Families will be facing a lot of pressure as inflation continues to rise, there are likely mortgage rate increases and tax hikes that could lead to a severe increase in taxes.

Unfortunately, the global commodity prices can’t be controlled. However, massive fuel taxes are not controlled. Neither is self-defeating green power subsidies. They could be reduced by ministers.

It is crucial that customers are protected, particularly those who live in fear of freezing. However, energy companies that are stealing money from the Treasury must be stopped.

Although Labour’s claim that it will be prudent in stewarding the public purse seems absurd, the Tories face a serious threat from this crisis.

The ballot box could be in danger if they lose their hard-earned and treasured reputation for economic confidence.

Cash crunched

They survived because of their stupid greed, which caused the financial crash.

Instead of showing appreciation, high street lenders seem to have lost any desire to help the common good.

Since 2015, they have axed or earmarked for closure nearly half of branches – robbing communities of essential financial services.

Executives claim this is due to the fact that most transactions are done online. It has also cut off millions of people who depend on cash and fear that internet banking could expose them to cyberfraud.

While slashing branches to boost profits, do bank bosses never consider their social responsibilities – or wonder why so many customers now hold them in contempt?