DAILY MAIL COMENT: It’s now that Prime Minister is ready to make you proud.

Every minister can be replaced. The most skilled ministers can be replaced. Their departures are over, and the ship of State sails on.

Boris Johnson still feels a crushing blow from Lord Frost, Brexit mastermind.

Already the Prime Minister was suffering from a terrible week. He had to endure a massive backbench revolt against Covid restrictions, and then a devastating by-election loss.

Boris Johnson hailed Lord Frost as 'the greatest Frost since the Great Frost of 1709' (The PriFrost pictured together last year.

Pictured last year was Boris Johnson with David Frost Johnson called the now-resigned Brexit minister ‘the greatest Frost after the Great Frost in 1709’

However, the death of Johnson’s friend and ally (Mr Johnson called him ‘the most Frost since the Great Frost in 1709’), is quite different. Because it hits at the core of his failing premiership.

Frost is an exemplary man. He’s a strong, principled patriotic diplomat. He brought intellectual and political weight to a light Cabinet.

Is his exit so devastating? While much of the current turmoil revolves around Mr Johnson’s character judgment, Lord Frost quit because he became disillusioned by the Tory party’s troubling directions of travel.

The PM is warned by him with the usual sense of acuity.

Depressingly, the Government has shown very little interest in creating the flexible low-tax and low-regulation economy necessary to reap the full benefits from regaining sovereign control.

But low taxes remain an integral part of Conservative faith. This must be demonstrated by Johnson.

It might help to reduce the backbench revolt by simplifying business and personal taxes.

Also, Lord Frost hits the nail right on the head with his savage green policies.

The Mail is passionate about protecting the environment for future generations. However, the hasty rush to get ‘net-zero carbon emissions’ will result in a huge financial burden on struggling families and make it impossible for us to rely on other countries to provide our lights.

Most importantly, Lord Frost thinks it vital that the country remains open via Omicron.

Lord Frost, who has now resigned from his role as Brexit minister, pictured in November

Lord Frost has resigned as Brexit minister. Pictured in November

Gloomy scientists are urging the PM to batten down the hatches once more to save the NHS from – and for – a minority who stubbornly refuse to be vaccinated.

But cancelling Christmas again would not only cause another volcanic eruption within the party, it would be unbearable and – given No10’s rule-breaking parties last year – beyond outrageous.

A year’s worth of jabs and lockdown would prove to be a terrible failure in government policy.

I wonder how many would become paranoid? Education would suffer. And how many vulnerable children will be abused – or worse?

Omicron must be resisted by the PM unless there’s any evidence that it is more than mild disease. We cannot afford to cut off our lives to keep ourselves safe.

Johnson will most likely be able to overcome his present woes. However, his attitude to government has got to change. Lord Frost’s resignation is an important wake-up call.

Simply because he is the Sun King, it hasn’t been working. He must return to the system of collective cabinet decision-making accountability.

He must also pay attention to his party. They are Conservatives. He has to show by his actions and not only words, that he’s one.

The Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (pictured in September earlier this year) will assume Lord Frost's Brexit duties

Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, will be taking over Lord Frost’s Brexit duties (photo taken in September).

Trust Truss about the EU

We are sorry Lord Frost is leaving, but this newspaper believes Liz Truss will be able to take over his Brexit duties.

The battle for the Northern Ireland Protocol will be fought with determination and dynamism by the Foreign Secretary.

She will stand up against the EU. The trickier part will be to stop No10 lowering our demands.

Lord Frost used tips from a book about Kremlin negotiation tactics during talks with Brussels. Miss Truss is advised to purchase a copy.