Since Randy Andy attempted to defend his relationship to the depraved Paedo Jeffrey Epstein, I’ve never felt as uncomfortable watching an unrepentant royal on television since that Newsnight interview.

Sarah Ferguson went on an Italian chat show overnight to exclaim she stands ‘100 per cent’ behind her ex-husband/BFF/boyfriend/live-in lover as they continue to ‘grow together’ because he’s the ‘best man in the world’.

“I believe that the affection I feel for him and his love for me are very different than what other people have,” she stated, looking down at uninformed mortals. She might have thought that a committed relationship is the most loving type of love. Your hubby won’t have to fly half-way around the globe in order to be at the home of America’s most notorious serial criminal after his release.

Fergie said it straight with a straight smile: “It’s our fairytale, and our lives. We live how we want to, and respect each other.”

Fergie, I am sorry. Your relationship with Prince Andrew was a fairytale just like Meghan Markle, who is selfless and puts others first.

They are both public disgraced figures, who have reconnected with each other by necessity.

I haven't felt so queasy watching a disgraced royal on the telly since Randy Andy tried to defend his relationship with the depraved paedo Jeffrey Epstein to Emily Maitlis in THAT public life-ending Newsnight interview. Pictured: The Yorks at Ascot in 2019

It’s been a while since Randy Andy, who attempted to defend his marriage with depraved paedo Jeffrey Epstein for Emily Maitlis during a Newsnight interview that ended in a public death sentence, made me feel so uncomfortable when I saw he was watching the disgraced royal. Pictured at Ascot 2019: The Yorks

The generosity of his mum has allowed the Duke and Duchess of York to provide you with a gracious-and-favour home and close proximity to all the trappings royal life offers for many years. However, he will not formalise any awkward or odd relationships.

He gets what he deserves in return. Unfailing loyalty. He now has only one person who will publicly support him over the abominable Epstein handling.

Now, look, I admit Fergie herself is a likeable enough character – more naïve than nasty; more silly than snide.

This is why the majority of royal courtiers do not take her efforts to rehab her ex-husband seriously, in spite of his seemingly comical plans for coming back.

But the seriousness of the sexual allegations facing Prince Andrew, including an ongoing civil case being brought by his accuser Virginia Roberts, which he has always strongly denied in full, makes Fergie’s constant public declarations of love without addressing the crux of the friendship with Epstein – someone who she borrowed money from – difficult to swallow.

What does he get in return? Unfailing loyalty. You are now the only person in his life willing to support him publicly over his abominable handling of the Epstein (pictured) saga

He gets what he deserves in return. Unfailing loyalty. Your loyalty is unwavering.

The former Duchess will continue to hide the fact that her husband is in a dangerous situation and what he must do to save his reputation.

What we got during her appearance on Italian show Porta a Porta – to promote her bodice-ripper novel Her Heart for a Compass – was non-stop platitudes.

Prince Charles has long been mortified at his shamed younger brother's odd on again/off again relationship with Fergie, someone who he believes has delivered the monarchy regular embarrassment since the 1980s. Pictured: Dan Wootton

Prince Charles was long embarrassed by his younger brother Fergie’s shady relationship. Fergie is someone he feels has brought the monarchy frequent embarrassment throughout the 1980s. Pictured: Dan Wootton

She remarked to Bruno Vespa, “He’s such a great, kind man. He’s a brilliant dad and now a wonderful grandfather.” I feel strongly that, in these times and ages, we have to stand firm for what’s right.

Asking her about her happiest moment in life, she gave an elaborate answer. She said: “3rd July 1986 when I got married to the greatest man in the universe. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because I was married to a prince, it was truly fairy tale. I first married a man. Then I married a navy officer. Finally, I was marring a prince. He was handsome, beautiful, and had the sword.

No one within the royal family – the Queen aside – thinks there’s anything fairytale-like about Fergie and Andrew’s relationship. Actually, it’s quite the contrary.

Prince Charles is long ashamed of his embarrassed younger brother Fergie’s on-and-off relationship. He believes Fergie has caused the monarchy a lot of embarrassment over the years.

However, his position has become more difficult since the Epstein scandal.

Prince William said that he views his uncle as both a threat and a risk to the family.

Sarah Ferguson, 62, who is commonly known as Fergie, pictured, shared an animated discussion with Italian presenter Bruno Vespa

Sarah Ferguson, aged 62, is also commonly called Fergie. In this photo, she has a lively discussion with Bruno Vespa (Italian presenter).

The Duke of Cambridge is angry at the entire arrangement and has privately requested that Andrew and Fergie leave Royal Lodge. A sprawling 30-room home located just three miles from Queen At Windsor Castle, it was the prized property which belonged to the Queen Mother between 1952 and her death in 2002.

It’s not hard to see why the situation rankles the second-in-line to the throne, given that Andrew is no longer a working Royal, having been forcibly retired, and Fergie has taken the p*ss, according to some courtiers, by even using the residence in a recent PR campaign for her book.

Fergie can only choose two options if she truly loves Prince Andrew.

He must immediately fly to New York and work with FBI agents, whatever the circumstances.

Take him with you to a little cottage so he doesn’t have to pay the Royal Family or taxpayers anything and can do silent charity work away from the public eye without embarrassing his mom.

This sloppy couple will once more prioritize their extravagant lifestyles.

You will live in shame forever and ever unhappily.