Famously, she is fighting for $20 million of the Miami Beach home she shared with Phil Collins. It was where she also installed her boy toy husband.

Orianne Collins (47) now has her own property dispute after she lost much of her fortune, and filed for divorce from Thomas Bates, a musician, after less than a year of marriage. DailyMail.com exclusive:

After Collins’s stunning $40 million oceanfront home was seized by a judge late last year, the Swiss-born jewel designer Bates is now trying to prevent Bates (31), from taking a piece of her $6 million Fort Lauderdale property.

DailyMail.com obtained exclusive divorce papers stating that Orianne is ‘drained’ of the vast majority of her fortune in the aftermath of marrying the former guitarist for tribute bands in an Elvis-themed ceremony at Las Vegas, August 2020.

Orianne Collins is seeking exclusive occupancy of her Fort Lauderdale mansion after filing for divorce from third husband Thomas Bates (pictured together in April) after a year of marriage

Orianne Collins

Orianne Collins wants exclusive use of the Fort Lauderdale home she owns after divorcing Thomas Bates, her third husband. (pictured in April together after one year of marriage). 

Earlier this year, Orianne and Bates - who had been living in Phil Collins's Miami mansion - packed their bags and moved into a six-bedroom waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale (pictured)

Orianne & Bates, who previously lived in Phil Collins’ Miami mansion, moved out of Phil Collins’ Miami house and into Fort Lauderdale. 

The filing says that she paid the entire amount for Fort Lauderdale’s six-bedroom property, which includes eight bathrooms and a beautiful pool. It adds that Bates did not contribute anything.

According to documents, Orianne received $46million in cash from Collins after their 2008 divorce. She now has to sell it because she cannot afford to continue running it. 

Bates will also split the proceeds of the house.

Other fascinating insights were revealed in the filing that shocked the showbiz community about the end result of the brief-lived marriage.

After tying the knot, the pair plastered their lives across Instagram and went on mega shopping expeditions in Miami’s super-exclusive Design District – later heading home laden with bags in a chauffeur-driven Bentley.

The papers reveal that Orianne, whose maiden name was Cevey, and her third husband Bates split often during their brief time together.

It’s not known where Bates is currently living. His family is in South Florida. 

However Orianne is also demanding immediate sole occupancy of the waterfront home in the divorce papers – saying she is ‘in fear’ of ‘altercations’ if her estranged husband ‘re-enters’.

The documents show that she also wants to return all designer gifts that she gave the singer and wannabe musician. 

Orianne, who uses last name Collins Bates on the divorce filing, tied the knot with former tribute band guitarist Bates in an Elvis-themed ceremony in Las Vegas in August 2020 - 12 years after divorcing Genesis singer Phil Collins

Orianne and ex Phil Collins

Orianne uses Collins Bates as her last name on divorce paperwork. They were married in an Elvis-themed ceremony at Las Vegas’ Elvis Center in August 2020, 12 years after Orianne filed for separation from Genesis guitarist Phil Collins. 

The $6million mansion boasts eight bathrooms and a stunning pool and views of the canal on Harbor Beach

Eight bathrooms are included in the $6m mansion, as well as a breathtaking pool with views of Harbor Beach and the canal.  

Orianne snapped up the new house for the couple and her two sons with Collins, Nicholas, 19, and 15-year-old Matthew, just before Christmas last year

Orianne purchased the home for Collins, Nicholas (19), and Matthew (15-15 years ago) just before Christmas. 

It came after Collins tried for months to have her kicked off his property after finding out that she had secretly married Bates, an aspiring musician 38 years his junior, and moved him in

Collins had tried to expel her for several months after discovering that she had secretly eloped with Bates 38 years earlier. He then moved Collins in.

According to the divorce papers, Orianne, is now planning on selling the property amid the divorce because she can't afford to maintain it

Orianne plans to end the marriage and sell the property because she cannot afford it.

After the shocking wedding, Bates was soon adorned in designer clothes and expensive watches. 

However, the file does not include any mention of this iconic British sports car.

Bates must also produce documents related to surveillance or private investigator reports regarding his ex-wife.

Collins will doubtless be struck by the irony in Orianne’s struggle for her new home. 

He is still being sued by the Genesis icon. She claims that they agreed to share half the Miami Beach mansion’s $40 million value.

Two sons were born to the ex-couple, and they divorced after nine years together.

However, Orianne and Charles Fouad Mejjati were able to reconcile and Orianne went to live together at their newly acquired mansion in Miami Beach’s North Bay Road. The house was previously owned and maintained by Jennifer Lopez.

However fed-up Orianne secretly wed Bates last year and installed him in the home while In The Air Tonight singer Collins was away in Europe – sparking a legal battle to throw the pair out. 

The lavish pad - boasting a pool, spa, home theater and a dock big enough for a 90ft yacht

This lavish home features a spa, a home theatre, and a dock large enough to accommodate a yacht of 90 feet.

The home was purchased through an LLC named O & T Holdings but state records reveal it was set up by Orianne and Bates

The home was purchased through an LLC named O & T Holdings but state records reveal it was set up by Orianne and Bates

The legal filing obtained by DailyMail.com claims Orianne put up all the money for the waterfront property, took on a mortgage, and paid all the bills

DailyMail.com obtained the legal document claiming that Orianne paid all bills, borrowed all the money and put down all the cash for the waterfront property.

She is demanding immediate sole occupancy of the waterfront home in the divorce papers – saying she is 'in fear' of 'altercations' if her estranged husband 're-enters'

She is demanding immediate sole occupancy of the waterfront home in the divorce papers – saying she is ‘in fear’ of ‘altercations’ if her estranged husband ‘re-enters’

Her guards were armed and she allegedly made the electronic locks work differently. This led to her being accused of making it a fortress. 

After a lengthy court battle, Collins sold his mansion. Orianne had made shocking allegations regarding Collins’ drinking habits and hygiene that he denies.

Orianne posted her divorce announcement on Instagram this month. She blamed Covid.

She stated that she was filing for divorce against Thomas Bates, her husband. My belief is that the COVID Quarantine’s emotional stress caused me to behave in a way and do things I did not like.

“I have been through difficult situations before, and I know that I can overcome them. I’ll use all my strength, team and courage and do what is right.

In her court papers, she emphasizes a’very short marriage. 

According to them, the couple were wed in Las Vegas on August 2, 2020. The parties have split up frequently since that time. This very short marriage has unfortunately ended in irretrievable.

The papers say Orianne – who uses the last name Collins Bates on the divorce filing – created a company called O & T Holding LLC ‘in which both parties have an interest’. One asset is owned by this entity, Fort Lauderdale. 

After tying the knot last year, the pair plastered their high-flying lives all over social media and went on mega shopping expeditions

The couple tied the knot in January last year and shared their glamorous lives on social media. They also went on huge shopping trips 

Bates, 31, who quickly became festooned in expensive clothes and exclusive watches after the marriage, was driving around in a rare $300,000 Aston Martin following the couple's shock wedding

After the shock marriage of Bates and his wife, Bates was 31 years old, becoming adorned with expensive clothing and watches.

The 47-year-old jewelry designer announced her divorce from Bates, 31, on Instagram earlier this month, blaming Covid for the split

Insta earlier this month, 47-year-old jewellery designer Ann Bates announced that she was divorcing Bates (31), and blamed Covid.

Her attorney wrote in the demand for the property: “During the course the parties’ marriage many assets and liabilities were accumulated and incurred respectively.

The Wife asks that, based on all circumstances, including the substantial financial contributions made by the Wife during the marriage and her exceptional contributions in their brief marriage, assets be granted to the Wife.

According to the papers, Orianne “acquired” the house for $6million and secured a mortgage. 

“All of the funds for the purchase, except the mortgage, came from the premarital/or not-marital accounts of the wife. They add that the Husband did not make any financial contributions.

All maintenance and mortgage costs were paid by her. The filing process continues

Contrarily, the Husband didn’t contribute funds to the purchase or acquisition of the property. He also has substantial financial assets and benefits that he wanted to keep.

The papers state that she is seeking ‘exclusive occupancy of’ the house.

‘Nonetheless, the Wife is in fear that the Husband will re-enter the former marital residence and that either altercations or disputes will arise….

“The marital home that was once the husband’s will need to go on the marketplace. The Wife is unable to continue maintaining the property, even though she did so in a brief marriage. 

Orianne is still suing ex-husband and Genesis frontman Phil Collins (pictured in 2016) claiming he agreed that she was entitled to half the value of his $40million Miami Beach mansion when they moved in together in 2016

Orianne and Phil, who have two sons, divorced in 2008 after nine years of marriage

Orianne continues to sue Phil Collins (pictured together, 2016), her ex-husband. He claims that he agrees she has half of his Miami Beach property worth $40 million.

The jewelry designer had until January 21 under a court-agreed deadline to vacate Phil's bayfront residence (pictured) which has been the subject of a bitter months-long eviction battle

According to a court-issued deadline, the jewelry designer was required by Phil (pictured) to vacate his bayfront home. This has been the focus of an intense months-long eviction struggle.

Phil Collins tried to have his former spouse kicked out in October 2020 after finding out she had secretly remarried to Thomas Bates, 32, and moved him into the mansion

Phil Collins wanted to kick his spouse out after learning that she had secretly remarried 32-year-old Thomas Bates. He moved her into the mansion.

“The Husband who hasn’t contributed any should not be permitted to stay at the former marital house.”

The filing also states that her financial situation is as follows: “Essentially, the Husband has made no financial contributions in their short marriage. However, the wife has lost the vast majority her premarital or nonmarital assets.”

The papers, which Bates is trying to persuade a judge to give back the gifts to him, state that the Court must consider all monies given to the Husband during this brief marriage to determine if the Court can award the assets to the wife, such as jewelry or other personal possessions.

Orianne demanded an extensive list of documents for Bates to produce from the past two years – which include any private investigator reports.

Attorney stated that all reports received by a detective or investigator, or from anyone else based on surveillance of your spouse, or any other person relevant to these proceedings should be given over.

Orianne demanded that Bates also produce documents for all bank accounts and credit cards, and any stock, businesses and property interest, and for the sale of or transfer personal property exceeding $500.

Additionally, she wants documents showing trips and vacations – including airlines tickets and hotel expenses. Her attorney costs and fees are also being sought.

Bates received a summons to answer the motion in writing by December 3.