Danish vaccine sceptics are actively trying to capture Covid. They share lollipops with co-infected individuals in an effort to obtain a corona passport.

People are increasingly turning to social media to find advice about how to get the virus.

You can get a Covid Pass valid for 6 months in Denmark if you show evidence that the virus has been removed.

Danes cannot enter clubs, bars, restaurants, indoor events or cinemas without a permit. 

Dorte spoke under a pseudonym to Danish TV 2 Lorry, claiming that she deliberately ignored official advice on her health and was going out of the way to get infected.

Vaccine sceptics in Denmark are deliberately trying to catch Covid by sharing lollipops and kisses with infected people in a bid to get a quick vaccine passport. Pictured: anti-vaxx protests in Copenhagen last month

Danish vaccine sceptics are trying to spread Covid to others by exchanging lollipops with people who have been infected in an effort to obtain a fast vaccination passport. Photo: Anti-vaxx demonstrations held in Copenhagen last month

A Covid pass (pictured) which is valid for six months in Denmark can be obtained after showing evidence of having been infected and recovered from the virus

After proving that you have been infected, and having recovered the virus from it, you can obtain a Covid card (pictured), which will be valid in Denmark for six months.

She replied, “It is because I am so tired of doing this.” The idea is to pass a quick corona and avoid having to be tested every day. You will then be immune.

“My son, his friend and I were both sick and isolated. They all live together. They live together.

Lone, North Jutland has done the same, and revealed: “One can share lollipops or candies. You can’t have enough kisses, hugs, and hands. This is something that has as many mucous cells as possible.

Some people who actively seek out the virus are convinced that exposure is more beneficial than vaccines.

Kirsten from Midtsjælland said: ‘I believe that it strengthens the immune system to get the diseases that abound in the world, and then I do it to get around the pressure that lies from the state in relation to getting a corona pass and tests every other day.’

The friend she was sharing a lollipop had tested positive, but the girl has yet to contract the virus.

Denmark's National Board of Health is strongly urging people not to actively seek out Covid and is encouraging them instead to get vaccinated

Denmark’s National Board of Health urges citizens not to seek Covid out and instead encourages people to get immunized.

The Danish National Board of Health strongly urges people to not actively search for Covid, and encourages them to get vaccinated.

Doctor Andreas Rudkjøbing, who works with infectious diseases at the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, said the blame lies with conspiracy theories and misinformation on social media. 

Even young, healthy individuals can become seriously ill. Hospitalizations are more likely for the unvaccinated.

The anti-vaxx Danes, who insist on continuing their search for Covid, are not listening to the advice. 

Kirsten believes that her immune system works well enough, and that she has a balanced lifestyle. 

This is amid an Omicron surge in Denmark that has led to 183 Omicron cases. 

Official advice is falling on deaf ears among the stubborn group of anti-vaxx Danes who say they will continue their hunt for Covid

The anti-vaxx Danes are refusing to listen to official advice and insist that they will keep their search for Covid.

According to the data of the SSI public hospital institute, this number represents a threefold increase in confirmed cases within 48 hours from just 18 and 42 cases, respectively.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, (ECDC), had in the past only 182 cases from all over Europe. This includes Norway and Iceland.

Denmark is one the most developed countries in Europe for sequencing coronavirus variants.

It is not uncommon for it to detect more infections than those around him, but this does not mean that there are higher infection rates.

SSI chief stated Omicron case increase was ‘concerning’ but added that ‘there are now chain of infection where variants can be found in persons who haven’t travelled overseas or come in contact with travellers. 

Denmark has seen a rise in total cases, with record infections in the country announced last week with 5,120. 

Due to the vaccines, hospitalizations and deaths are still far below their peak levels of one year ago.