Scared to death: 16 year old boy, died after he was taken by a Malaysian friend through a “haunted” house.

  • A Pahang attraction was being advertised as a haunted house to the boy. 
  • During the tour the boy was pale and collapsed, becoming unresponsive
  • The boy’s perforated heart was discovered by post-mortem.
  • The family of his friends and relatives may have been aware of his health condition. 

The death of a teenager who visited a haunted house in Malaysia along with a friend has been attributed to a heart attack.

The victim was 16 years old and has yet to be identified. He suffered cardiac arrest at the popular tourist attraction located in Bentong, Malaysia, on December 1st.

According to local media, the teenager was visiting family members of close friends when they visited the haunted house.

Kosmo reports that the boy fell asleep inside the house.

The 16-year-old boy's body lies under a sheet as medical staff perform an examination

As the medical team performs an examination, the body of the 16-year-old boy is placed under a sheet.

This still image taken from a Facebook video shows bystanders attempting to revive the teenager, who collapsed and became unresponsive during the tour of the haunted house

A still taken from a Facebook Video shows passersby trying to revive the teenager who became disoriented and collapsed during the tour.

He fell on the ground, became pale, and then became unconscious. 

One video shared by a tourist to the haunted houses shows others trying to revive him after he lost consciousness. 

The man was taken out of his home to an area open to fresh air, where emergency personnel were called.

However, nothing was done to prevent the death of the teenager. It later emerged that he suffered from a perforated heart. 

His family may not have known of the condition prior to his death.

The was carried out of the house to an open area in the fresh air where the emergency services were contacted (pictured). But nothing could be done to stop the teen from passing away and it was later revealed that he had a perforated heart.

Pictured, the teen was moved from the house to an area where fresh air could be found. There were emergency service personnel contacted. However, nothing was done to prevent the teenager from dying. It later emerged that he suffered from a perforated heart.

Zaiham Mohd Kahar from Bentong District said that the death was a sudden one. 

For a post-mortem examination in Malaysia, Malacca was requested to receive the body. It revealed that the victim had been identified. According to police, he had a perforated right heart.

Cleveland Clinic in Ohio said that sudden terrors can lead to cardiac arrest.

The condition, known as takotsubocardimyopathy (also called “broken Heart Syndrome”) is a weakening in the main pumping chamber. It’s typically due to emotional stress. 

According to the American Heart Association, women are more affected by this temporary condition than men. 

According to Dr Mark Estes, a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Cardiologist: “In patients with pre-existing risks factors or cardiovascular disease, we want to decrease the environment in which they might suddenly be stressed like this.”

His family stated that they would bury him in the Bukit baru Islamic Cemetery.

His body was sent to the Malaysian state of Malacca for a post-mortem examination, which revealed the victim had a perforated heart, according to police.

The body of the victim was taken to Malacca, Malaysia, for post-mortem. Police found that the victim’s heart had been perforated.