This is a great cliffhanger. Three daredevil siblings, aged 13 and 18, spent the night climbing a steep rock face under high winds in order to raise money to buy Christmas gifts for children’s hospices.

  • Two Pembrokeshire brothers spent 24 hours suspended from the top of a Cliff
  • Daniel MacDiarmid, 13 and his brother Calvin, 18, raised  £4,000 for charity
  • He has been performing daredevil stunts in support of good causes since the age of six.  

Since the age of six, he’s been performing daredevil stunts to raise money for charities.

Daniel MacDiarmid, 13, has taken courage to new heights.

He and his brother Calvin, 18, spent 24 hours on a platform suspended at the top of a 115ft cliff in Pembrokeshire – including a night being battered by high winds.

As a result they have so far raised nearly £4,000 for Christmas presents for children at the Chestnut Tree House hospice near Arundel, West Sussex.

Wrapped up: Daniel MacDiarmid, right, and brother Calvin during their 24-hour challenge

All wrapped up: Daniel MacDiarmid and Calvin MacDiarmid during their 24-hour challenge

Shrimpy Daniel said that it was extremely cold and temperatures were near freezing. My brother and I were covered up, but we were buffeted daily by wind gusts at 50mph. 

“It was quite scary. It was very dark, noisy, and it didn’t allow us to sleep one night.

Daniel’s father also said that they had been so afraid they nearly called an end to their night. However, they managed to overcome it.

“Daniel” called me via the phone and we spoke. Then he thought of the gifts he could buy the children if completing the challenge. They knuckled down.

“When the sun came out, everything was much brighter.” They persevered and completed the challenge. They are both so proud.

Bruised: Daniel, left, and Calvin after their 2015 BMX gap-jump stunt, which resulted in injuries

Bruised. Calvin (left) and Daniel (right), after their 2015 BMX gap jump stunt that resulted in serious injuries

Daniel, a pupil at Lewes Old Grammar School in East Sussex, has now raised more than £10,000 for charity. His efforts began after he had to have his toe operated.

He stated, “I had seen a lot really sick children so I started to think about what I could do.”

When he watched Jack Whitehall do it on TV, he got the idea of cliff camping.

High anxiety: Their ‘tent’ – a platform, circled, suspended from the clifftop

High anxiety: Their ‘tent’ – a platform, circled, suspended from the clifftop

He has previously suggested fundraising options such as abseiling or zipwire rides, a 50-mile ride on a bicycle, and BMX stunts.

In 2015 he and Calvin jumped a gap on their bikes – a stunt which saw Calvin break his front teeth and injure his arm. Martin Styring from Chestnut tree House commented: “Daniel’s kind and continuous support for the children that we care for are inspiring.

MacDiarmid is a builder. He said that he keeps coming up with innovative ways to get money.