The six-year-old girl with her siblings pools their pockets to buy an $671,000 house in Melbourne.

  • Two siblings and a six-year old pool their resources to buy a new home.
  • Every child contributed $2,000 worth of hard-earned money to Clyde’s home.
  • In ten years, the value of property in Melbourne’s Southeast will double
  • Brood purchased their home after receiving advice from his father, a property investor.
  • They intend to remain at home for 10 more years, before splitting the profit.

The proud parents of a new house in Australia are a smart 6-year-old girl and two of her brothers. 

Ruby, Gus, Lucy and Lucy McLellan acquired the property and its surrounding land in Clyde. This rural suburb is 48km from Melbourne’s central business district.  

Following advice from their father, the property investor, $2,000 was contributed by all siblings. 

A plucky six-year-old (left) and her two siblings (right) have officially become the proud owners of a brand new home in the latest indication of Australia's insane property market

 A plucky six-year-old (left) and her two siblings (right) have officially become the proud owners of a brand new home in the latest indication of Australia’s insane property market

Ruby, Gus and Lucy McLellan purchased the home and surrounding land in Clyde, a rural suburb (pictured) about 48km southeast from Melbourne's city centre

Ruby, Gus, and Lucy McLellan bought the house and land surrounding it in Clyde. It is located 48km southwest of Melbourne’s centre.

Cam McLellan (36), said that he encouraged his kids to invest in Australia’s property market, but first put them to work saving for the deposit.  

They spent $671,000 on the home. Their father predicted that it would double in value and be worth $1,342,000 within ten years.

Pictured: Cam McLellan's best-selling guide to investing in property

Cam McLellan’s most popular guide to property investing

McLellan, who is also the co-founder and director of OpenCorp property company, recently wrote a step by-step investment guide.  

They were able to help with household chores as well as packing the father’s guide to investing. 

My Four Year Old Property Investor was published in November, but it has since been republished and dedicated to the children of the author. 

McLellan said that the book was written to be used by my children when they are old enough. He also explained how he outlined each step necessary to create a portfolio of property properties. 

He stated that the Clyde-block price had risen to $70,000. 

The McLellan brood plan  to keep the property for another decade before selling up in 2032 and splitting the profits. 

This purchase is the latest sign of Australia’s outof control property market. It was valued recently at $9trillion.  

Cam McLellan (pictured with his partner) is the director and co-founder of property company OpenCorp and recently authored a step-by-step investment manual

Cam McLellan is the co-founder and director of OpenCorp, an Australian property company. Recently, Cam McLellan authored a stepby-step guide for investors.

An earlier report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that the nation’s residential housing stock rose by five percent or $487 billion to $9.3 Trillion in September.

Michelle Marquardt from ABS, Head of Prices Statistics said: “The Australian dwelling stock’s value has increased by almost $1 trillion in six months.”

CoreLogic data revealed that property prices rose by 22.2% in Australia between November 1989 and November 1993, which was the largest annual increase since the early 1990s.  

Property Council of Australia stated that while high interest rates may have driven up home prices, there are other factors, such as taxes, undersupply, or inefficient planning systems. These all contribute to an already overheated market. 

Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank expect Australia’s property markets to slow and plummet in 2022. They also anticipate a drop in the number of properties in the country by 2023. Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank will raise their fixed mortgage rates from the historically low levels of 2 percent. 

In a single year, home listings rise

SYDNEY: Up 64 per cent

MELBOURNE: Up 40 per cent

BRISBANE: Up 20 per cent

PERTH: Up 41 per cent

ADELAIDE: Up 35 per cent

REGIONAL NSW Up 19 per cent


Source: Data from Domain Residential Listings for Week End November 27, compared to a year ago