A snow-skating daredevil rode a SUV attached to a snowmobile, travelling at 56 mph on an icy road in Russia

  • Man clings onto snow scooter tied to an SUV on motorway in Voronezh, Russia
  • Daredevil holds handles He squats and leans back as the vehicle pulls his car along the icy lane. 
  • The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has opened an investigation in Voronezh

The shocking moment when a daredevil rode a snowbike tied to an SUV down an icy Russian motorway is this.

The footage was taken in Voronezh Oblast, and shows the man sitting down on the scooter while the SUV speeds up to 56 mph. 

The man holds onto the scooter's handles and squats as the SUV pulls him along the icy motorway  in the city of Voronezh, Russia

The man holds onto the scooter’s handles and squats as the SUV pulls him along the icy motorway  in the city of Voronezh, Russia

This clip was recorded by a passing motorist. The scooter rider is dressed in a red hoodie and holds onto one hand, while the SUV moves it towards the end lane.

As he balances, he appears to use the other hand.  

Sparks begin to fly from behind the scooter as its blades scrape along the exposed road surface as the Annunciation Cathedral, one of the tallest Eastern Orthodox churches in the world, is seen in the background.     

The investigating authorities have launched an investigation. Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Ministry released a statement saying: “According to the video published, the police will determine all circumstances surrounding the incident and take appropriate action against offenders.”

The SUV driver continues along the outer lane of the motorway as the man in the red jumper rides on the snow scooter

As the SUV driver rides along the outer lane, the man wearing the red jumper continues to ride on his snow-scooter

The daredevil holds onto the scooter which is tied to the back of a white SUV as sparks begin to fly

When sparks start to fly, the daredevil grabs the scooter and ties it to the back of an SUV.