A nephew of Darrell Brooks was charged with driving into Christmas parade. He wrote a letter to the judge asking him to let him go.

Anaji Brooks asked for a victim impact report after his uncle Darrell attacked him during a fight about a old cellphone in July 2020. Brooks said that the incident had had an emotional and physical effect on him.

Anaji stated that he came to the conclusion that this was not a man I could call my family. “Family shouldn’t cause harm to family like he did.

He added, “It’s made my trust level in people lower than it was before.”

Darrell Brooks, who was living in Milwaukee’s Arlington Heights with Anaji, had to vacate the home with its four-bedrooms because there was no order of contact.

Brooks’ grandmother Dawn Woods also lives in this house and also issued a similar order.

Anaji Brooks said that he was unable to discuss the uncle’s case with DailyMail.com

Darrell Brooks

Anaji Brooks

DailyMail.com reports that Anaji Brooks, the nephew of Darrell Brooks, was killed in an altercation over an old cellphone. 

Anaji made a plea to a judge for a no contact order, seen in a heartfelt handwritten note. 'It made me come to the conclusion that this man wasn't family or kin to me,' Anaji added. 'Family shouldn't hurt family the way he did'

Anaji pleaded with a judge to have no contact orders, which he received in the form of a handwritten letter. Anaji said, “It led me to the conclusion this man was not family or kin.” “Family should not cause harm to family like he did,” Anaji said.

Anaji said the incident had affected him 'more so emotionally than physically'

Anaji claimed that the incident has affected him emotionally more than physically.

The no contact order meant that Darrell Brooks had to leave the four-bedroom home (pictured)  in Milwaukee’s Arlington Heights area as Anaji lived there too

Not only does his nephew fear Darrell Brooks, but so do many others. Marsha Winters who knows him well for over 10 years, stated that her mother and her sister both disliked him.

“I blamed him on my friend. My mother was adamant that she did not like him when she first saw him. However, my older sister also said she disliked something about him.

“But they never explained to me what it wasn’t they liked.”

Winters (29 years old) said that she met Brooks on social media site Mocospace. However, they never dated. He was not her real name, she only learned it after the Waukesha weekend deaths.

Marsha Winters, who has known him for more than a decade, said both her mother and sister made it clear to her they didn't like Brooks

Marsha Winters has known Brooks for over a decade. She said Brooks’ mother and sister both made it very clear that they did not like Brooks 

“I knew him always as Fly,” she stated, in reference to his rapper stage name mathboifly.

Brooks called Brooks from prison, where he was being held for four months. Brooks wanted to see her when they were freed.

‘He came over and we chitchatted, but he didn’t stay here — my mother wouldn’t let him,’ said Winters, who is studying human resources in college.

Some boots and personal items were left behind by him, but they were all destroyed after the basement in her Milwaukee house was submerged under the weight of a storm.

Winters claimed Brooks encouraged her to achieve success in all aspects of life. “He was always cool. He would tell me to finish school. And he always said he was proud.

She now says that she won’t visit him in jail if he is convicted. “I cannot have that in my lifetime.”

If she was asked whether he deliberately drove the paradegoers to death, she answered: “You can’t tell what people can do until you try it.”

Darrell Brooks is facing five murder charges after his Ford Explorer SUV was allegedly driven into Waukesha’s annual Christmas Parade. Numerous others sustained injuries.

DailyMail.com now knows that he is a serial criminal who has used his vehicle as a weapon. We revealed Monday that he had tried to beat the mother of one child in Milwaukee in a Milwaukee gasoline station.

A policeman who had stopped the man for not having a seatbelt on his lap allegedly made him a victim 10 years before.

Court records show that Brooks was stopped by Garry Inman, a Milwaukee Police Officer in March 2011. Brooks first gave Landon Deal a false name.

“After checking the address, the officer asked defendant again to identify himself. The court files state that the defendant turned the ignition on quickly and then put the car in drive.

PO Inman got into his car, afraid that the defendant might run him over.

“He started wrestling with Brooks to take control of the car. He had to move the steering wheel left in order to avoid colliding with another car. The key was eventually removed and the vehicle stopped.

The officer fled at that moment to Brooks. Finally, he was located in a playhouse for small children.

“He refused to obey orders and was pepper sprayed. After he was ordered out, he refused to obey and charged the officers. He eventually had to be tied twice more before he agreed with the officer’s requests.

According to court records, in March 2011, Milwaukee Police officer Garry Inman stopped Brooks on 44th Street in Milwaukee. Brooks initially gave a false name, Landon Deal

According to court records Brooks was stopped on 44th Street by Garry Inman (Milwaukee Police) in March 2011. Brooks first gave Landon Deal his false name.

Brooks' grandmother Dawn Woods also took out a similar no contact order against him

Brooks’ grandmother Dawn Woods took out another no contact order.

On November 2 — less than three weeks before the Waukesha incident - Brooks got into an altercation with the mother of his child. - Brooks was outside her room at a motel, yelling and cursing at her, her complaint to police stated

On November 2 — less than three weeks before the Waukesha incident – Brooks got into an altercation with the mother of his child. Brooks was seen outside the room of the mother at a motel cursing and yelling at her.

In the case with the mother of his child, identified in court papers only by her initials, EAP, who was staying in the American Inn motel in Milwaukee on November 2 — less than three weeks before the Waukesha incident – Brooks was outside EAP’s room at the motel, yelling and cursing at her, her complaint to police stated.

Brooks followed her as she walked to the gas station and asked her to enter his car. He hit her with his closed fist after she declined to get in the car.

The police report stated, “EAP reported Brooks ran EAP, inadvertently and without consent,”

Brooks was released on $1,000 bail on the charge of Brooks on November 11. The Milwaukee County District attorney now claims that this figure was inappropriately low given Brooks’ criminal record. Brooks was released on bail to allegedly commit additional crimes. The office is now conducting an internal investigation. 

DailyMail.com exclusive: Darrell Brooks was the suspect in killing five people by driving his SUV into a Christmas parade.

According to court records, he tried to hit the mother of one his children’s children. He also attempted to knock down a police officer who pulled him over for not having a seatbelt.

After a second incident, his aunt and uncle issued restraining order against him.

This year, he was also sentenced to three months imprisonment for not paying child support.

Monday saw the identification of Waukesha’s victims. On Monday, three victims were identified: Virginia Sorenson (79), Leanna Owens (71), and Tamara Durand (52). They all belonged to a troupe called Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, who performed at the parade. Jane Kulich (52 year old Citizen Bank employee) and Wilhelm Hospel (82 years old), were also killed. Wilhelm Hospel was the husband of one the grannies.

The incident comes just two days after Kyle Rittenhouse, the accused Kenosha shooter, was acquitted of murder charges in the deaths of two men during the unrest that erupted last year in the wake of a police shooting of a black man. Kenosha is located about 55 miles south of Waukesha. There is no indication yet that the two are connected

This incident occurs just days after Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of murder charges for the deaths of two Kenosha men in unrest last year following a shooting death by police officer of a black male. Kenosha can be found 55 miles to the south of Waukesha. The two cities are approximately 55 miles south of Waukesha. 

A terrifying video of a red SUV speeding into people marches in Waukesha’s annual holiday parade, 20 miles west from downtown Milwaukee has been posted on social media.

At a Monday press conference, Dan Thompson, the city’s Police Chief said that it was not a terrorist incident. Steve Howard, Fire Chief of the City’s Police Department said that the scene felt ‘like being in a war zone’.

“It was just carnage, to use a less evocative word. Children and adults were both injured.

“Some of the first responders went with their families. They helped people to get better. It was like a war zone to people with military background.

The Washington Post was told by police that Brooks fled the scene after a knife attack and crashed into people at Waukesha Parade at 4.39 pm.

A father who was the daughter of a troupe of dancers was standing by as a witness said that he had made eye contact and was calm and composed.

Police are unsure of the motive behind Sunday’s attack. They cannot say if it was an act of terror, or if Brooks ran in to crowds while trying to flee from a knife crime.

Brooks’ social media profile revealed that Brooks was an amateur rapper. Brooks went under MathBoi Fly, and claimed to have “turned to the street at a very early age” while growing up on the West Side of Washington Park.

He called himself “the best underground artist of his city”. These social media profiles were removed.

Although he stated that he was not surprised by Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict on Saturday, authorities still haven’t indicated whether or not the town’s exoneration of the teen in question has any connection to Sunday’s incident.

Chief Thompson claimed that an officer tried to stop the vehicle by firing at it. However, witnesses said it was speeding along the parade route with no brakes and didn’t slow down when it struck a dance troupe of schoolgirls and Dancing Grannies members, together with family members sitting on the sides of the road.

Dozens of pieces of footage — intended to capture joyous scenes from the annual event — ended up capturing the carnage instead, revealing the car traveled at least three blocks down the parade route before breaking through barriers and speeding away.

The vehicle was seen backing onto the driveway, with the hood severely bent. A photo taken at the house located a quarter of a mile away from the wreckage later showed it. The origin of the vehicle is not known.

Tamara Durand, 52

Leana 'Lee' Owen, 71

Tamara Durand, 52 (left), and Leana Lee Owen, 71 (right), were the two Milwaukee Dancing Grannies that died in Sunday’s tragedy.

Virginia Sorenson, 79, was a nurse and member of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, a group of elderly woman marching in the parade

Wilhelm Hospel, 82, the husband of one of the grannies, died from internal bleeding, according to his older brother

Virginia Sorenson (left), aged 79 was a nurse, and was part of Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. This group consisted of older women marching in parades. Wilhelm Hospel (right), the husband to one of the Grannies, died due to internal bleeding.

Jane Kulich was a Citizen Bank employee who was walking with a parade float before she was fatally struck

Jane Kulich, a Citizen Bank employee, was walking along with a parade-float float when she was struck and killed.

Corey Montiho, a Waukesha school district board member, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his daughter’s dance team — made up of girls aged between nine and 15 — was hit by the SUV.

“There was hot chocolate all over the place, and there were shoes everywhere and pom-poms everywhere.

“I had to move from one body crumpled to another to locate my daughter. My two daughters and my wife were nearly hit.

I saw bodies fly. “I ran down the parade route in search of my girls.

“Addison was my daughter. She heard someone shout ‘car’, and she ran. Her right-hand girls were also hit.

“I was there. It was children and families. Evil is real. Fight it all the time.

According to Brooks, he was calm and composed as he drove through the crowd.

Other witnesses described how shock was followed by a brief moment of silence, which gave way to terror-stricken people running to help the injured.

Two days earlier, Rittenhouse, an accused Kenosha gunman, was found not guilty of the murders of two Kenosha citizens in connection to unrest which erupted in response to a shooting by a police officer of a Black man.

Kenosha lies 55 miles to the south of Waukesha.