CamSoda has launched a virtual-reality platform, which allows users to physical interact via connected and coordinating toys.

The adult entertainment webcam company will make virtual reality sex possible using ‘teledildonics’ – connected and coordinating sex toys that relay touch between users.

The devices were designed by Kiiroo, who created a ‘female’ and ‘male’ simulator.

Pornhub now offers virtual reality experiences, thanks to the launch of a new VR channel.  

CamSoda recently unveiled a mask that delivers smells to the virtual reality experience, providing users with immersive aromas while watching adult entertainment

CamSoda just unveiled a mask with smells that adds virtual reality to its experience. It provides users immersive scents and allows them to enjoy adult entertainment.

In January 2018, CamSoda partnered with RealDoll to take things a step further – with ‘virtual intercourse with real people,’ which uses VR, ‘teledildonics,’ and high-tech RealDolls to simulate sex with a live cam model.

A ‘Dickometrics’ feature was also launched by the firm. It claims that users will be able to log in and access their accounts simply by snapping a photo of their penis.

A biometric security feature that uses the penis is similar to an retina scan or fingerprint scanner.

VR Bangers says its  POV Head Rig will be able to create a more immersive experience

VR Bangers claims its POV Head Rig can create an immersive experience

To grant access to accounts, it analyzes photos of penises and determines which factors are most important, such as size, color, vein protrusions, etc.

VR Bangers has unveiled the terrifying POV Head Rig that it claims will create an immersive experience.

Actors can kiss, stroke, or whisper to the device just like they would with an actual human.

The camera has two stereoscopic cameras, one in each eye, as well as cameras on top, sides, and back to capture all angles. The camera can capture 4K resolution in 60 frames per seconds.

To make whispers more real, the rig has two binaural sound mics.

Camsoda also recently demonstrated a new, bizarre sensory mask that will revolutionize virtual reality in the bedroom.

The virtual reality headset is called ‘OhRoma,’ because users are required to wear a mask similar to a gas mask.

You can select from many different smells that will be pumped through the mask by users, such as ‘body odours,’ ‘fragrances,’ ‘panties,’ ‘aphrodisiacs,’ and ’environments.