After posting a 1963 photo in black and white on Facebook, the daughter, now 58, asked for help to identify the family.

  • Julie Lund, 58 posted a photo to a Facebook page in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
  • She didn’t believe it would lead her into finding the father she never knew, at 83. 
  • Brian Rothery hadn’t seen daughter since she was a newborn and was not able to see her. overjoyed

A Facebook nostalgia page posted a faded black-and white photo that led to a father-daughter reunion for the first time in 58years.

Brian Rothery, aged 83, had never seen his daughter Julie Lund (58) since she was a baby. He had given up all hope of ever seeing her again.

All that changed when Ms Lund posted a precious childhood photo on the Dewsbury Pictures Old and New forum in Dewsbury West Yorkshire in the hope that someone might recall her family.

Reunited: Ms Lund (centre) travelled from Lincolnshire to Mr Rothery's home in Dewsbury to meet him and his wife Patricia

Reunited. Ms Lund (centre), travelled from Lincolnshire in order to meet Mr Rothery and his wife Patricia at Mr Rothery’s Dewsbury home. 

She wrote, “Does anyone recognize the family in this photo?” 

“I’m the baby in a pushchair, and the photo would have taken around 1963.” Many thanks.

She was thrilled when the family in her photograph – who had taken care of her since she was a baby — came forward to get in touch with her.

However, the post had an unexpected result. It led to an emotional reunion of sorts with her father who she’d been living apart from all her life.

Ms Lund posted a treasured childhood picture which featured her as a baby in a pram on the Dewsbury Pictures Old and New group in the hope someone might remember the family she was with

Ms Lund shared a precious childhood photo of her as a baby in a stroller on the Dewsbury Pictures Old and New group. She hopes that someone will remember her family.

Ms. Lund did not know if Mr Rothery was still alive, nor his whereabouts.

Encouraged by the positive response to her photo, she asked for more help. Members of the Facebook group set out to find her father.

She found out that he had visited her weekly as a baby, and was devastated when her birth mother took her out of the area.

Ms Lund had traveled from Lincolnshire, to Dewsbury, to meet Mr Rothery’s wife Patricia. He said to BBC Yorkshire: “I thought I’d never again see her – it feels almost like a miracle.”

Ms Lund stated that without the people of Dewsbury, and that Facebook group, this would not have happened. I have been trying to find my father for many years and I was unable to do so without the details. So I want to thank you from the bottom of me.

Mr Rothery said the reunion has felt like a 'miracle' for him. He hasn't been able to see his daughter in 58 years after she was moved away to Lancashire as a baby

Rothery described the reunion as a miracle for him. After she was born in Lancashire, Rothery has not been able to visit his daughter for 58 years. 

She added, “It just meant the world to me. It’s amazing to me that I’ve lost my mum, step-dad, and gained my dad and a wonderful step-mum this year.

“As a child, this was not something I thought about, I didn’t question the fact that it happened, you just think, “That’s how I am different from my siblings and brothers.”

“I couldn’t believe that after all these decades I had actually located my father and that his body was still alive and well.

“I was just amazed, it was almost like a piece of a puzzle had fallen into place.

“I understood that he could go anywhere, he can have emigrated. He could be anywhere in the country, and to find out that he was just an hour away was mind-blowing.

“It makes it a little sad for all that we have lost, there were so many times when we could have been with you, but there is no point in looking forward, we can just look ahead now.

‘I can be flying over on the motorway whenever it suits me now and see him.

Mr Rothery said, “It’s almost like a miracle happened. I don’t believe that miracles can happen.”

‘I got a message asking if I knew a Julie Lund. A few seconds later, they asked if I knew anyone named Julie. I replied yes.

That was it.

“I used to go up on Sundays to play with Julie and talk to them. Then I received a call to inform me that she had been taken to Lancashire.

“Just remember what she looked like,” I thought because I didn’t expect to see her again. She means a lot, a lot, to me.