The last laugh! The hilarious attempt by daughters to scatter father’s ashes in the windy day goes horribly wrong

  • Belle Henry, 28 and Tyla Halls 22, carried their father’s urn from Bristol Channel to Bristol Channel 
  • Tyla released the ashes, and a sudden gust sent them back in her direction.
  • Their father, Mark Halls (47 years old), died suddenly on October 21st 2020.
  • Belle said that the amusing video sums up her father, who was ‘brilliant’ and’so funny’. 

This is how two of their daughters ended up covered with their father’s ashes after trying to scatter them along a windy coastline.

Tyla Halls, 22 and Belle Henry, 28 respectively, were clearly moved as they set off to release Mark’s ashes to the Bristol Channel. 

But they were left giggling as a huge gust de wind rushed past just as they threw ashes towards water – causing the remains of the ashes to fly back in Tyla’s face.

Tyla Halls, 22, empties the urn  into the water below

A gust of wind catches the ash and sends it back in her face, covering her in a grey cloud

Tyla Halls, 22, had the honour of emptying her father’s urn into the Bristol Channel, behind Capstone Hill in North Devon. A sudden gust of wind sent her ashes in the opposite direction and covered her with ashes.

Enveloped by ash, Tyla Halls covers her mouth and grimaces - before bursting into laughter in response to the slapstick ash-scattering gone wrong

Tyla Halls is encased in ash and grimaces, before she bursts into laughter at the slapstick act of ash-scattering gone sour.

Amusing video of her laughing and shouting: “He went into my mouth!”

Mark Halls, 47, died suddenly on October 21 2020. His daughters released his ashes one year later in his honor, behind Capstone Hill in North Devon.

Belle, a NHS worker, said that Belle sums him up in the video.

Young Belle Henry smiles in a family picture with her father, Mark Halls, who died suddenly at the age of 47

Young Belle Henry smiles with Mark Halls, her father, in a family photograph. Mark died suddenly at the age 47.

Father Mark Halls dons a baseball cap in a photo with his adult daughter, Belle Henry

Father Mark Halls wears a baseball hat in a photo taken with Belle Henry, his adult daughter.

“He was brilliant, had a great sense of humor, and was so funny. He was a true daddy bear.

“It was an emotional and memorable day.

“When the accident with ashes occurred, it helped to lighten the mood and both of us walked away laughing.

“My sister Tyla is concerned that someone will see her as the girl who inhaled her father’s blood.” It’s quite funny to me.

Belle, Tyla, as well as brother Cohen Halls, grew up in Ilfracombe.