Dave, the DASH-hound who is naughty, runs rings around his owners in hilarious footage

  • After returning from a walk Dave the Dachshund ran laps around the family car.
  • As he chased them, he outran his 38-year-old owners Lakis Grafanakis and Andria.
  • The hilarious video went viral and has received 3.7 million views on TikTok

This is the hilarious moment a sausage dog ran rings around his owners.

Dave, the naughty Dachshund who refused to go inside after a long walk, was captured by Ring’s doorbell. He then ran amok and circled the family car.

Lakis Grafanakis (38), Dave’s owner said that he had just taken him on a walk and started to take him off the lead close to the house because he usually walks back with us. 

“That day, he had been running around in the park, and I think he still had adrenaline and just went for it.

“We were worried because it was right by the road. It was heartbreaking for us.

The hilarious video also caught Lakis telling Dave, ‘That’s naughty, do you f**king hear me,’ after the cheeky pup was apprehended.

Doe-eyed Dave: Taking a break from all the running, the Dachshund relaxes in his khaki green quilted jacket after owner Lakis Grafanakis, 38, was chasing after his sausage dog, Dave, was caught on the Ring doorbell at his London home

Doe-eyed Dave. After Lakis Grafanakis (38) was chasing Dave after his sausage dog, Dave was caught on the Ring doorbell at his London residence.

Lakis and his daughter Andria tried to catch their naughty pup as he ran circles around the family car after going on a walk

Lakis and Andria tried to catch their naughty puppy as he ran circles around their family car after a long walk.

Just missed him: The pair made several attempts to nab the sausage into their arms before eventually catching him on his fifth lap around the driveway

Just missed him: The couple made several unsuccessful attempts to grab the sausage into their arms, before finally catching him on his fifth lap around our driveway.

The London-based bus driver stated that the baby was flying out his mouth at that moment. You can look at them as your children. He’s 16 months old and has been with us for most of our lives.

“I look back and cringe a bit, but I was petrified.

“I thought he was going disappear or get hit with a car.

“Ever since then, he’s been too scared to let me off the leash.

Festive spirit: Dave the dog with a Santa hat held by Andria, Lakis (right), his wife Penny (left) and son Angelo (centre) at their home in London

Festive spirit: Dave (right), Penny (left), Angelo (centre), and Andria, Lakis (right) held a Santa hat for Dave the dog at their London home.

“He’s a very personable guy. He’s a chill guy at first and then he’s running around the house.

Lakis’s daughter Andria eventually caught Dave on his fifth lap of red car, which sat on their driveway.

He remained still as she lay down on the driveway, grasping at the cheeky puppy. Then he gave her kisses. 

Adorable: Fully grown Dachshunds typically stand between eight to nine inches tall

Adorable: Dachshunds can grow to be between eight and nine inches tall.

The adorable video went viral via TikTok, with 3.7 million views.

Users couldn’t stop talking about Dave. One said: “It’s called DASHund to be reason.” (SIC)

Another commentator stated: “I would have paid to be a neighbour watching that.” (SIC)

The Grafanakis family have had 16-month-old Dave the Dachshund for most of his life

Dave, a 16-month-old Dachshund, has been a member of the Grafanakis family for most of Dave’s life.

A third added: “I have two Dachshunds, they really do run so quickly for having such short legs.”

Lakis stated that he didn’t think much at the time about the incident, but an hour later I realized it was on the Ring camera.

It’s a beautiful video. It’s a sweet video.