David Beckham signed a multimillion-pound deal with Unicef to become the Qatar World Cup’s face.

  • David Beckham, 46, serves as a goodwill ambassador for the charity Unicef 
  • His own charity, The David Beckham Unicef Fund was launched in 2015 by him.
  • However, sources claim that the 15-years of ‘great work’ he performed has been ‘ruined. 

Unicef’s senior officials are dismayed that David Beckham signed a multi-million-pound agreement to become the Qatar World Cup’s face.

Sources close to the matter claim that the ex-england captain’s ‘great and fundamental’ work done with the organization over the last 15 years is now ‘ruined’ by his lucrative deal with the Middle Eastern nation.

Beckham (46) is Unicef’s goodwill ambassador and launched 7: the David Beckham Unicef Fund in 2015. This fund was his very own branch of Unicef.

Senior officials at Unicef have been left dismayed at David Beckham’s decision to sign a multi-million-pound deal to be the face of the Qatar World Cup

Unicef’s senior officials were dismayed by David Beckham signing a multimillion-pound contract to represent Qatar at the World Cup.

The organisation refuses comment about his decision to accept the Qatari money, a country with a bad human rights record. However, certain senior leaders are not happy.

A source said to The Mail that David had made an enormous contribution over many years to Unicef. David is a bright light in the lives of many children around the world, and for the next 12 months people won’t be talking much about him except his millions taken from Qatar.

“It’s the antithesis to Unicef. It’s all so sad.

Although it seems unlikely that he would be dismissed by the agency for any reason, insiders speculate that he may not participate in any of the projects the agency has planned.

Unicef Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham in Makhewu, Swaziland, in 2016 to see how 7:The David Beckham Unicef Fund is helping to support and protect HIV-positive children

Unicef Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham was in Makhewu in Swaziland in 2016, to learn how 7:The David Beckham Unicef Fund helps to support and preserve HIV-positive children 

According to The Mail on Sunday, Beckham signed an agreement with Qatar in February. This deal will make Beckham the public face for the competition which begins next November.

Qatar had been interested in sponsoring his US team Inter Miami. They began competition in March 2017. Senior officials of the club decided to stop the sponsorship deal at the very last moment.

Beckham then signed the personal agreement.