When March’s legal power expires, there is no more need to isolate those who have tested positive for Covid.

  • People who are positive for HIV will no longer be isolated from the outside world.
  • The legal rights of Covid are then void and will be revoked by the government 
  • A scheme that pays out £500 to those on low incomes who are self-isolating is expected to be axed 

The strict rules that require those with positive Covid tests to isolate themselves are being scrapped.

Last September, MPs extended laws that force those who catch the virus – as well as unvaccinated people who may have been exposed to it – to self-isolate for ten days.

However, Government officials believe mandatory self-isolation would be abolished by March as the law powers end.

“Working assumption” [is]According to a last-month document, legal obligations will end after March.

A scheme that pays out £500 to those on low incomes who are self-isolating is expected to be axed at the same time to save cash. The Test and Trace Support Payment has paid out £167.9 million to 335,000 low-income workers during the pandemic.

Officials are also drawing up plans to slash the costs of the NHS's contact-tracing system, which attempts to find those who might have been exposed to coronavirus

Officials also plan to cut the NHS’s contact tracking system costs, which attempts find people susceptible to the coronavirus.

Officials also plan to cut the costs for the NHS’s contact tracking system. It attempts to locate people susceptible to the coronavirus.

The Treasury handed the NHS a further £94 million to bankroll its tracing service until the end of this month, but officials are now poring over ‘potential cost savings, including reducing staff numbers’.

Daily UK cases in the third wave peaked in July at 54,674 but then remained high for three months, hitting 52,009 on October 21. Since then the numbers fell steadily, before moving slightly upwards in recent days

The third wave of Daily UK Cases peaked at 54,674 in July. However, the numbers remained elevated for three months and reached 52,009 by October 21. The numbers have been steadily declining since then, but they are now slightly higher.

The central planning assumption is known as 'leaving soon' and would have involved a peak in July of 65,000 cases a day, with 'modest levels' by October. In fact, all of the scenarios were wrong

It is also called ‘leaving shortly’. This would mean that there was a maximum of 65,000 daily cases in July, and then a decline to’modest levels’ by October. In reality, none of these scenarios worked.

Mr Johnson last week warned that 'storm clouds' are gathering over Europe and said cases could rise in the UK

Johnson, who warned last week that “storm clouds” are gathering in Europe, said the UK could see more cases.

Government officials also privately believe that a World Health Organisation target of having 70 per cent of the world vaccinated is 'unlikely to happen'. Nearly 80 countries, half of them in Africa, are set to miss a separate target of vaccinating 40 per cent of their population by the end of this year

Officials also believe it is unlikely that the World Health Organisation’s target of vaccinating 70% of the population by 2020 will be met. Nearly 80 countries are expected to fail to meet a second target, which is 40% for their 40 percent vaccination rate by 2015.

Individuals who choose to self-isolate will be called by NHS Test and Trace staff who ensure they follow the rules. But, Ministers are being advised by officials to end these calls.

One of The Mail on Sunday’s documents states that “We are conducting a review about the future approach to tracking to improve cost efficiency,”

Non-vaccinated travelers arriving in the UK from outside countries must self-isolate and be called daily. These calls can also be discarded, as it is recommended.

Longer term, as Covid enters the UK, the UK Health Security Agency will end its nationwide ‘trace” system.

According to documents, this could mean that the responsibility is transferred to local authorities.