Warner Music bought David Bowie’s entire back catalogue in an enormous deal that was worth over ‘$250 million’

  • This deal covers 26 songs taken from the British singer’s studio albums, and posthumous ones.
  • According to US entertainment outlet Variety, the deal between WCM  and the Bowie estate was worth more than 250 million US dollars
  • This is after both parties had announced a global partnership which will allow the extensive recorded catalog of the deceased artist to be brought under the umbrella of the company.

Warner Chappell Music has purchased the rights to David Bowie’s back catalog in an agreement worth hundreds of million of dollars.

The agreement contains songs from 26 studio albums, including two with Tin Machine.

It covers six decades, and contains beloved songs like Heroes and Changes, Space Oddity and Fame.

Acquisition: Warner Chappell Music (WCM) has acquired the publishing rights to David Bowie's back catalogue in a deal reported to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars

Acquisition: Warner Chappell Music, (WCM), has bought the rights for David Bowie’s back catalog publishing rights in a deal worth hundreds and millions of dollars

Variety reports that WCM was the Warner Music Group’s publishing arm and Bowie owned the rights to the contract. The deal is worth over 250 million dollars.

The announcement comes just a year after both parties had announced a worldwide partnership that would bring together the vast record collection of the artist from 1968 through 2016 under one umbrella.

Universal Music Group purchased Bob Dylan’s complete back catalog in December 2020. Other artists, such as Mick Fleetwood and Neil Young, have since sold their interests in the music.

Agreement: The agreement covers songs from 26 studio albums released during the British artist's lifetime, as well as the posthumously released album Toy and his two albums with the band Tin Machine (pictured in 1987)

Agreement: It covers 26 songs on the British singer’s studio albums, plus the posthumously-released album Toy (pictured in 1987), and two of his albums with Tin Machine.

Classics: It spans six decades and includes beloved songs such as Heroes, Changes, Space Oddity, Fame, Let's Dance and Rebel Rebel (pictured in 1975)

Classics: This collection spans six generations and contains beloved songs like Heroes, Changes and Space Oddity. It also includes Fame, Let’s Dance, Rebel Rebel, and Fame (pictured in 1975).

Guy Moot is WCM’s co-chairman. He said, “All of us from Warner Chappell feel tremendously proud that David Bowie has selected us to care for one of the greatest, most influential, and enduring catalogs in music history.”

“These songs are more than just exceptional. They represent milestones which have forever changed the trajectory of contemporary music.”

“Bowie is a visionary with a creative genius. His songs challenged the conventions of music and changed the conversation. They have been incorporated into the cultural heritage of worldwide culture.

Fortune: According to US entertainment outlet Variety, the deal between WCM, the publishing arm of Warner Music Group, and the Bowie estate was worth more than 250 million US dollars (pictured in 1983)

Fortune: According the US entertainment magazine Variety, WCM was worth over 250 million dollars. (Photo taken in 1983).

He was a pioneer in the field of music and has inspired millions.

“We look forward to tending to his unsurpassed body of songs, with passion and care, as we work to continue the legacy of this extraordinary human being.”

Allen Grubman (Entertainment lawyer) said that the Bowie estate is truly happy to have David Bowie’s music in the hands of Warner Chappell Music Publishing.

Extraordinary: Guy Moot said: 'These are not only extraordinary songs, but milestones that have changed the course of modern music forever'

Extraordinary: Guy Moot declared that “These songs are not just exceptional, they’re milestones which have forever changed the music industry.”

We know they’ll cherish and treat it with great dignity.

Bowie, one the greatest and most revered artists of the 20th Century, was diagnosed with liver cancer two days after his birthday on January 10, 2016.

Celebrates have begun for his 75th anniversary.

Influential: Bowie, one of the most influential and revered musicians of the 20th century, died with liver cancer on January 10 2016, two days after his 69th birthday (pictured in 1992)

Influential: Bowie, one the most important and beloved musicians of the 20th Century, succumbed to liver cancer just two days following his 69th Birthday (pictured in 1992).