Dawn French requests forgiveness from reverends because of her portrayal in Dibley of the Vicar

She may have helped the nation accept the idea of women in the clergy – but Dawn French has revealed that she’s constantly apologising to real reverends over her portrayal of the Vicar of Dibley.

The comedian star, 64, says that women of the cloth are often nicknamed Geraldine after their character on sitcom.

But she adds: ‘They say ‘Don’t say sorry, because it normalised it all’ – that’s the power of comedy.’

The 64-year-old comedy star says women of the cloth often tell her they are nicknamed 'Geraldine' after her sitcom character

She says that 64-year old comedy actress is often told by women of the cloth she’s called ‘Geraldine. This was after her sitcom character.

Rylan-Clark-Neal interviewed Ms French on Ry-Union’s Ry-Union podcast. She said that she had researched her character through conversations with Joy Carroll, one the first female vicars.

‘I needed to ask her questions… how you wear the dog collar with the dress?

“What are you earning?”

‘Are you allowed to s**g your boyfriend?

“She has just opened her heart.”

“I thought, “This is my type of babe.” Because she is now living in America, she has married an American pastor.

Geraldine Granger was back at the BBC last year for a series short films that marked various moments of the pandemic.

Yesterday, she was back on the screens in a replay. Last year, however, we heard about her desire for a promotion.

Ms French recalls, “I’ve always stated to Richard Curtis she’d be a great Bishop,”