After Adele uses sign language interpreters for her recent comeback gigs, deaf people sing her praises

  • As they were translating, two signers made an appearance on large screens this weekend.
  • Adele is close friends with sources who said that it was crucial her Deaf fans loved her show.
  • According to them, the singer was a “progressive” woman that strives to be inclusive  

Adele described recently how her ‘brutal response’ to cancellation of Las Vegas concert left her feeling like an ’embarrassing person. But, Adele now gets praise for having sign language specialists at her gigs.

Last weekend, two signers were seen on large screens as they translated the 17-song setlist of star Jennifer Hudson during concerts in Hyde Park London as part the British Summertime festival. 

Adele is 34 according to people close to her.

According to an insider, Adele is progressive and inclusive. She is happy that there are ways deaf people enjoy her music, and that gig atmosphere makes them happy.

Sources at the show echoed these sentiments and said: “There are great acts on, it doesn’t seem right that people who are hard-of hearing or can’t hear can’t enjoy them. 

“It worked so well that it appears like it will continue to work.”

Sources close to Adele, 34, said it was important to the singer that her deaf fans were able to enjoy her performances

Adele is 34 according to people close to her.

American grunge rockers Pearl Jam were signed by a British Summertime festival signer Friday, when they played as part of British Summertime. Duran Duran will likely use the same one tonight.

Music fans who are partially or completely deaf may not hear music clearly but can still sense the vibrating instruments and feel the live performance atmosphere.

It was prompted by a growing awareness of the needs of the deaf community. 

Rose Ayling Ellis, an actress who is unable to hear, won last year’s BBC Strictly Come Dancing competition. 

She used vibrations to choreograph her dance moves. 

The British Academy Television Award was presented to it for the TV’s Must-See Moment.

Now, Ms Ayling–Ellis backs a bill introduced by Labour MP Rosie Cooper in Parliament to declare British Sign Language official in England.

Two signers appeared on big screens last weekend (pictured) as they took turns to translate the star's 17-song setlist during her concerts at London 's Hyde Park as part of the British Summertime festival

Last weekend, the British Summertime Festival featured two big-screen signers who took it in turns translating the star’s setlist of 17 songs to large screens.

Love Island is currently being shown on ITV2. Natasha Ghouri was born without hearing and had a cochlear implant installed at five years old.

Minister for disabled people, Chloe Smith said that many deaf individuals can feel isolated and have difficulty accessing work or education due to barriers to communicating basic needs and aspirations. 

“Legally recognising BSL is a way to make society more accessible and inclusive, improve the lives of people who are deaf and help public services get things done.