The cleric at the centre of a bitter feud at an Oxford University college has sparked condemnation from students and the Church of England after comparing his own case to that of Holocaust victims.

After being accused of sexual harassment, the Very Rev. Professor Martyn percy was resigned as Dean of Christ Church.

The claims – denied by Prof Percy – came after a three-year battle with the college dons over his modernisation plans.

He has now provoked the fury of college’s 900 student body with an internet blog called “The Red Triangle”, illustrated with a photo of concentration camp victim’s uniforms, a Jewish Star of David patch, and the symbol for political prisoners.

Professor Percy also made parallels to his case with that of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a WW2 German pastor who was an anti-Nazi activist and was executed in a concentration camp.

The Very Rev Professor Martyn Percy (pictured) is currently suspended as Dean of Christ Church after an allegation of sexual harassment was made against him

After being accused of sexual harassment, the Very Rev. Professor Martyn percy was resigned as Dean of Christ Church.

Prof Percy said, “My experience over the last three year has allowed me to get a little taste of what being made to wear the red triangular that Nazis forced political prisoners to wear in public and then later in concentration camps.”

Christ Church Junior Common Room represented undergraduates, as well as post-grads. It strongly condemned his rhetoric, calling it ‘abhorrent,’ and accusing him of trivializing the sufferings of Nazi persecution. This included the Jewish community, Polish community, persons with disabilities, people from colour and LGBTQ+ community to which Dean refers in the essay.

They made clear that the statement was not referring to Prof Percy’s blog and only condemned it.

Oxford Diocese issued a statement condemning Prof Percy’s racist comments about sexual harassment complaints and referring to the Holocaust in the article.

Last year, Prof Percy stepped down from his post while the sexual harassment claims that he stroked the hair of a woman in the cathedral vestry were investigated by the Church of England in a Church Disciplinary Measure (CDM) inquiry. Pictured, Oxford

Professor Percy resigned last year after sexual harassment allegations that he had touched the hair of a cathedral vestry woman were brought to the attention of the Church of England as part of a Church Disciplinary Measures (CDM). Oxford

Prof Percy, who has since removed the 2,800-word blog post, claimed in the article, despite numerous references to the Holocaust: ‘I am not comparing myself to a victim of Auschwitz here – please don’t get me wrong. I’m a victim of non-violent, sustained and vicious hatred. There are elements within the community who turn on me, as well as those who support my cause.

Emma, a Trinity College chaplain and father-of-two aged 59, claims that he has been attacked and subjected publically to my reputation over the past three years. This led to severe trauma and life-altering injury. 

“I’m expected to act and live as though I was a convicted sexual offender and I will be subject to severe restrictions that would raise eyebrows if I were a paedophile in bail.

“Few of me colleagues protested. All those who protested were swiftly removed, bullied and victimised, then threatened.

“A friend summarised the hopelessness in my situation. They won’t let me be Dean as Bonhoeffer couldn’t be Lutheran Pastor nor theologian he was called.

Steven Croft also was criticized for not being supportive and remaining neutral during the investigation.

In a Church Disciplinary Measure (CDM), inquiry into claims Prof Percy made of sexual harassment against a cathedral woman, Percy resigned.

This claim was denied by the Professor, along with a report that he approached her at a Sunday sermon and said to her: ‘I couldn’t take my eyes of you this morning.

Prof Percy claimed in the article, despite numerous references to the Holocaust: 'I am not comparing myself to a victim of Auschwitz here'

Prof Percy said in the article, despite multiple references to Holocaust: “I am not comparing my self to Auschwitz victims here.

In June 2021, the President, Dame Sarah Asplin, DBE, decided not to refer the matter before a CDM tribunal. She noted that an internal Christ Church tribunal would be a more appropriate way of dealing with the allegations. The matter is being considered for the tribunal.

Three years ago, Prof Percy was suspended amid claims of ‘behaviour of an immoral, scandalous or disgraceful nature’ in a dispute relating to his £90,000 salary. 

Friends say the 59-year old is innocent of trying to improve safety and modernize 500-year-old college. However, he refused to resign. A retired High Court judge dismissed 27 of his charges after an internal hearing. 

Despite being exonerated, Christ Church refused to reimburse his £400,000 legal fees.

The Mail on Sunday published last year’s emails showing how Oxford dons opposed Prof Percy described him in email exchanges. 

A don said, in one: “I’m always willing to think the worst about him.” Do you know of any poisoners that are good? A colleague was inspired to imagine a scene with Inspector Morse if his little, wrinkled body is discovered.

The Red Triangle article was mentioned by a spokesperson for the Diocese of Oxford:

Martyn Percy’s website has an article that is offensive and a misuse of the Holocaust. No matter what his accusations about the investigation into sexual harassment complaints made against him by Martyn Percy, the Dean must not make any comparisons to genocide.

“We acknowledge that the situation is complex and difficult for both the Dean and the complaintant. However, the complainant claims that significant support is not being provided to all those affected.

“Meanwhile the legal proceedings must be allowed their course. Dean Percy is still suspended from college and cathedral duties. We’re glad to report that the article link has been deleted from the author’s site.

Prof Percy has been contacted to comment.