A moment of death-defying joy when two adrenaline junkies climb up 274ft London’s skyscraper to see West Ham stadium

  • Two adrenaline-hungry junkies climb the 274ft Stratford One in east London 
  • The racers reach the top of the skyscraper with no safety equipment  
  • After admiring the unique architecture, they set their sights on the skyscraper.

The moment was so intense that a couple of adrenaline junkies built a 274ft tall skyscraper above West Ham Stadium. 

Chilling drone footage shows the pair racing each another up Stratford One building’s slanted roof in east London without the use of ropes or safety equipment on November 15.

The pair, who wished to remain anonymous, run along the inclining roof before reaching the top of the skyscraper and looking down to the road below.

After admiring the unique architecture of the Stratford One building last month, the duo set out to plan the risky project in just two days.

The pair run along the thin inclining roof on the Stratford One building in east London

The couple run alongside the thin roof at Stratford One in east London. 

The two adrenaline junkies reach the top of the 274ft skyscraper and look down at the road below

Two adrenaline addicts reach the summit of the skyscraper at 274ft and gaze down on the street below

The couple runs along the narrow section of an inclines roof, before leaping over a steel bar and turning round to get to the last stretch.

As the pair run to the top of the building – which was previously shortlisted as one of the UK’s ugliest buildings in 2014 – dramatic views of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park can be seen in the background. 

They then set their feet on the edges of the building, looking out at the skyline.

According to one climber, “The slope on the side where we were climbing was slippery. But once we reached the end it was smooth and not too dangerous.”

Two urban explorers, who had scouted out the area last month for a new challenge, spotted the Stratford One building and were impressed by its architecture. 

The pair wear hoodies as they race up to the top of the skyscraper on 15 November

As they speed up to the summit of the Skyscraper, 15 November 2017, the pair race in their hoodies

As the pair begin to reach the top of the building dramatic views of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park can be seen in the background

When the pair reaches the top, dramatic views can be seen of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the background.

The two urban explorers had scouted the area for a new challenge last month and laid their eyes on the Stratford One building

These two urban explorers had surveyed the neighborhood last month in search of a new challenge and came across the Stratford One Building.

“It took us awhile to get into the building but we were able to start the climb as soon as it was open,” said the anonymous climber.

“I was not scared at all.”

“It was great to have a roof new and had new views. As a view, we had West Ham Stadium.

The stunt was followed by viewers taking to social media to voice their opinions. One viewer said that the scenes reminded him of a great movie trailer.

One person wrote, “This is beautiful to see.” This reminds me of a wonderful movie trailer.

One other commented: “Truly breathtaking!” I wish that I was there.

A second person said, “So difficult.” 

The video, which was shared to Instagram, has left social media users at the edge of their seats

This video was posted to Instagram and has shocked social media users.