Need a fast test? Play the Poms! Australia’s front page newspapers make fun of England’s Ashes loss.

  • After the Ashes defeat, Australia’s press mocked England savagely
  • Joe Root’s Team was defeated by Joe Root in the Tests after just twelve days of cricket
  • The Daily Telegraph likened England to a quick Covid-19 test in the face of a shortage
  • Scott Boland’s six wickets were celebrated by the front pages of other newspapers. 

After their humiliating performance in the Ashes, England were mocked mercilessly by the Australian media. The contest was over in 12 days.

To sum it all, 2021 was a combination of Australia’s fast-fire retention and national shortage of Covid-19 test results.

“Need a fast test?” On Wednesday, the Play the Poms celebrated their third victory in Test cricket at Melbourne. Australia scored 14 runs for less than 3 days.

The mockery of England's feeble performance in the Ashes has started in Australia with the Daily Telegraph in Sydney comparing their rapid surrender in the series to a Covid-19 test

Australia has begun mocking England’s poor performance in Ashes with The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, comparing the rapid surrender of the Ashes to a Covid-19-test

Covid tests are in short supply in Australia with queues outside chemists to get hold of them

There are queues at chemists in Australia for covid tests.

Piers Morgan shared the hilarious front page along with a series of angry emoticons as the dust settled over a highly uncompetitive Ashes.

This comes at a time when Australians are struggling to obtain rapid antigen testing that can detect the Omicron virus strain, which is rapidly spreading across Australia.

They are not as free here in Australia, but they can be performed at your home in just 15 minutes. They retail at anywhere from $30 (£16) for a two pack or $50 (£27) for a five pack.

The Herald Sun hailed bowler Scott Boland after his six wickets sunk England in the third Test

Scott Boland, a spinner who sunk England in Test 3, was praised by The Herald Sun

The Mercury celebrates Australia's Ashes win

The third Test win also featured on The Advertiser

Boland was also prominently featured on The Advertiser’s front page (left), and the Mercury’s (right) pages as Australia celebrated a lightning win over England in Ashes.

The shortage could last for several weeks due to increased demand.

While the Ashes victory will lift spirits, coach Chris Silverwood and captain Joe Root are currently sharpening their knives in England. The Australian media were pleased to have a little fun.

The Herald Sun of Melbourne featured the headline: “Rapid Test Results: Aussies’ Ashes Triumph” on their front page.

Local boy Scott Boland received a standing ovation. Boland took six wickets in England’s second innings for seven runs to win Australia’s victory.

To commemorate this triumph, the paper gave out two posters. One of them read: “The Smashes”. 

The Australian marks the Ashes win

Cricket also featured on the Herald's front cover

Both the Sydney Morning Herald and Australian featured on front pages of cricket.

'You've Urned it' said the Courier-Mail in Brisbane as Australia went 3-0 up in the Ashes series

“You’ve Urned It” was the Courier-Mail Brisbane’s statement as Australia won the Ashes series 3-0.

The Mercury, Tasmania, hailed Great Scott as Ashes’ win. Scott’s picture appeared on The Advertiser front page and The Sydney Morning Herald front page.

Brisbane Courier-Mail had the headline “End This Sick Joke” but this was more about Queues for Covid Tests than England’s limp performance.