Progressive Democrats led by Ilhan Omar suggested the party needs to go even further to the left and didn’t do enough to combat the Republican’s ‘race-baiting bulls***’ as warring factions started playing the blame game for Terry McAuliffe’s crushing defeat in Virginia and a close race in New Jersey on Tuesday night.    

Senator Tim Kaine (D.Ohio), said that he hoped that his colleagues would treat this dismal showing as the ‘Ghost of Christmas Future. Moderates called for an end of in-fighting with Biden’s agenda still being stalled and his approval rating plummeting. 

Even the mainstream media were critical of the results. CNN reported that Biden had returned to America to a political nightmare’. The New York Times suggested that Trump’s declining approval rating influenced the dismal showing. The Washington Post confirmed that the coalition that helped the Democrats defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

The establishment Gov. was blamed by the left flank of the Democrats. Terry McAuliffe – in a race where Youngkin hammered the Democrats on Critical Race Theory, parental control of the school curriculum and made huge gains on Donald Trump with white women and the suburbs while holding his base.

Omar (D,Minn) said that she believes the party’s establishment is to blame for Virginia. This was on a night when voters rejected a proposal to replace cops with a public security department.

She retweeted the comment of Twitter user Secular Talk, saying “Can’t Wait for the left to blame for a not-at-all left democrat losing D+10 states.” She added a smacking emoji. 

A statement from the Battle Barn Collective – far left coalition of groups such as the Battle Born Collective and Justice Democrats – called the Virginia results an’shellacking’ which should be a wake up call for the party and called McAuliffe’s campaign’milquetoast.

‘Terry McAuliffe ran the milquetoast campaign he wanted to run — where every other word he uttered was ‘Donald Trump’ instead of focusing on the issues voters cared about the most,’ they said in a statement.  Virginia’s experience is a reminder of what happens when Democrats fail the GOP’s divide and conquer racism and fail to motivate people to vote. 

McAuliffe’s campaign did not have a comprehensive pro-worker economic message. It was against a literal private capital magnate. It didn’t offer any positive message about Virginians’ future four-year outlook. It had no rebuttal to Republican race-baiting bull****. Simply put, it was a campaign meant to fail.

On the other hand, Joe Manchin, a centrist Democrat from West Virginia, urged Democrats not to use Virginia’s events as a warning to lawmakers and to instead focus on their constituents.  

He said that the results, not only in the governor’s election but all the way down to the ticket, were a ‘unbelievable’ result and was proof of people’s concern about inflation. 

The infighting revealed sharp divisions over President Biden’s $1.75 trillion Build back Better plan. This plan remains stalled despite the warnings of seasoned Democrats about harsh repercussions if it fails to unify and produce results. 

Youngkin’s win over McAuliffe, who conceded Wednesday morning after the smack-down in a state Biden won by 10 points just a year ago, coincided with months of internal bickering over Build Back Better – which had yet to get a House vote as of Wednesday and didn’t have a sign-off from two crucial Democratic senators.

Outside groups and experienced Democrats warn the party to stop the endless display of sausage making or face an ominous off year election with a weakly armed candidate. 

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who was formerly the chair of Barack Obama’s Democratic National Committee, lamented the inability of legislation to be passed and stated that it made a significant difference in his state.  

McAuliffe stated that McAuliffe would have had a lot of wind in his sails if Democrats had been willing and able to negotiate the deal. I’m just trying to convey to my colleagues that Democrats who have the majority should stand for doer, and not delay, dithering or do nothing, division. 

‘I hope that the Dems will view this as the Ghost of Christmas Future experience. This isn’t what the future must be but if it doesn’t change your ways, then this isn’t how the future will be.’ he said. 

US Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar speaks to the press on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, October 28, 2021, after a meeting of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. She sent out a retweet anticipating progressives would be blamed for the loss in Virginia

After a meeting of Congressional Progressive Caucus members, Ilhan Omar, a US Democratic Representative speaks to the press in Washington, DC on October 28, 2021. She sent out a retweet anticipating that progressives were to blame for the Virginia loss.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) retweeted a comment by a Twitter user who predicted the left would get blamed for former Gov. Terry McAuliffe's defeat

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.Minn.) retweeted comments made by a user on Twitter who predicted that the left would be held responsible for former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s defeat

Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win over Democrat Terry McAuliffe has Democratic lawmakers calling for the party to end its display of sausage-making and hurry to act on Joe Biden’s agenda, or face dissatisfied voters in 2022

“We told you so”: The far-left Battle Born Collective’s statement about the defeat in Virginia 

Tonight, Terry McAuliffe was defeated in his bid to become Governor of Virginia. In response, Battle Born Collective and Justice Democrats, Sunrise Movement and United We Dream Action issued the following statement: 

We said so.

What happened in Virginia is a sign of what happens when Democrats fail the GOP’s divide and conquer racism and fail to motivate people to vote. McAuliffe’s campaign didn’t have a comprehensive pro worker economic message against a literal magnate of private equity. It didn’t offer any positive message on the next four years for Virginians. It had no rebuttal to Republican race-baiting bull***. Simply put, it was a campaign meant to fail.

‘Terry McAuliffe ran the milquetoast campaign he wanted to run—where every other word he uttered was ‘Donald Trump’ instead of focusing on the issues voters cared about the most. DC’s establishment consolidated support for their one-time rainmaker, and by doing so left out two historic events.

Running for the same office. There should not be any excuses or questions about why certain demographics didn’t turn out. Terry McAuliffe offered a uninspired return to yesterday while voters were focused on the future.

“This was a controlled trial for what NOT to do 2022. This is what it looks when Democrats are caught flat-footed by Republicans who create a fake “education crisis” to dictate the terms of the discussion. This does not have to happen. It is possible to still adopt an inclusive economic message that doesn’t make racist dog whistles. It is possible to continue fighting for the same voters that fueled Democratic victories in 2020.

“This should be a wakeup call for Democrats: Give people an opportunity to vote

Or, you can watch yourself become the exact thing they overwhelmingly vote for



Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., stated that “The Build Back better bill as it was presented in the Senate or House is going to address the needs of working families and reduce their costs. It will also combat inflation in a positive manner.”MSNBC spoke with, a Biden ally.

“I would urge them to vote for it because then we’d be able to run on something real.”

James C. Clyburn, House Majority Whip to Punchbowl, an ally of Biden, said to Punchbowl: “Well, it just reinforces that we need to do these things,” when asked about Tuesday’s results. 

California Democratic Rep. Scott Peters, who knocked off a GOP incumbent in 2012 in a San Diego seat that trended Democratic, told Politico after watching Youngkin’s big win: ‘We have to show we can govern.’

He said, “The picture has been one of Democrats fighting amongst themselves.” “That’s probably not the best way to present yourself.” He stated that he hopes there is more working towards agreement, as we did today, than openly sparring.

The House GOP campaign arm announced the expansion of its target list for Democrats they will invest to defeat next year. 

Tuesday night saw members of the party’s progressive wing, who had been fighting two Senate centrists over President Joe Biden’s Built Back Better plan, try to blame McAuliffe’s defeat on establishment Democrats. McAuliffe is a long-standing fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton.  

Julian Castro, former Housing Secretary and defeated 2020 presidential candidate, said to MSNBC that there has been a lot spent blaming progressives. This suggests that a centrist candidate is perhaps our best option. I think we should rethink that. 

There were different prescriptions for the center right. 

“It’s amazing to see what happened in Virginia, and not just from Governor’s Race but all the way down that list a good deal of change has occurred,” said Senator Joe Manchin on Wednesday.

According to the Hill, he stated, “I think it should become a call to all people to be more attentive back home.” “I’ve been saying it for many, many years, people have concerns, people care.”

Third Way’s executive director Matt Bennett pointed out the inability of the Democratic Party to address the big ticket items in a statement.

‘On stasis, the inability of Democrats – so far, at least – to deliver on the promises Joe Biden made last year is an unforced error,’ he wrote. The months of infighting, sausage-making must end. These two historic bills must be passed and explained to the public what they will do to create jobs and cut taxes and help working families afford the necessities. Our latest public opinion research reveals that the public is in agreement with our findings. [see below]The voters don’t know what’s in the bills. What they think they know, they often don’t like.

Ron Klain (Biden’s Twitter-engaged chief o staff) liked his analysis.   

It was a call to action that was also endorsed by party centrist Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey – although centrist demands over repealing a cap on a state and local tax deduction that helps homeowners in high-wealth states like his were among myriad sticking points that have kept legislation bottled up.  

He pointed to the New Jersey Governor’s Race, where incumbent Phil Murphy had a small lead in a state Biden won 16 percentage points.

‘In conclusion, first of all, Governor. Murphy will be re-elected. My takeaway from this election is that people want action and results. He spoke to MSNBC. It all starts now, it’s that simple.  

Youngkin kisses his wife Suzanne as they finish speaking onstage stage at an election-night rally at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles

Youngkin kisses Suzanne after he finishes speaking at an election-night rally at Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles.

Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin greets supporters at an election night party in Chantilly early on Wednesday

Glenn Youngkin, Virginia Governor elect, greets supporters at an election-night party in Chantilly on Wednesday

President Joe Biden walks on the South Lawn as he arrives at the White House early Wednesday

President Joe Biden arrives at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., early Wednesday after the Democratic defeat in Virginia

President Joe Biden arrived at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, Md. on Wednesday morning, right. He walked up South Lawn following the devastating defeat of the Democrats in Virginia. 

'We need to get these things done,' Democratic Whip Rep. James C. Clyburn said

“We have to get these things done,” said James Clyburn, Democratic Whip Rep.

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons (Del.) spoke of the need for the party to 'have something real to run on' next year

'People want action,' said Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.)

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons (Del. Democratic Sen. Chris Coons (Del.) spoke out about the need for the party’s next year to have’something real to run on.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker is pushing to close deals this week. But in a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter to lawmakers, she indicated he wants to revive one of the key priorities of progressive lawmakers – even though it slammed into problems in the Senate. 

She wrote, “Because I’ve been informed by Senator of Opposition to a number of the priorities contained within our bill and because the House must have legislation agreed by the Senate in final version of the Build back Better Act that will be sent to the President’s Desk, we must try to find common ground in this legislation,”

She also wrote that she had asked Richard Neal, Ways and Means Chairman, ‘for Paid Family and Medical Leaves to be Included’ in the House Rules Committee’s legislation. 

McAuliffe also called on Congress to pass key legislation in the last weeks of his race. It is unclear, however, if a deal would make a difference in an area where Youngkin pulled ahead by stressing hot school and social issues. McAuliffe tried tying him to Donald Trump. 

It was unclear Wednesday morning how Senator Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.), was going to interpret the results. He was still not satisfied with key elements of the budget package as of Tuesday. He was concerned about new tax proposals to increase revenue and immigration provisions. 

If McAuliffe interprets McAuliffe’s loss as a call not to give up, it could hamper party leaders’ goal of quickly passing legislation through the House. 

“Currently going through seven stages of grief!” Liberal hosts get roast online for their election night “meltdown” following Republican Youngkin’s win 

Social media has criticised liberal news hosts for their meltdown’ when results showed that Republican Glenn Youngkin was going home victorious in Virginia.

Youngkin, 54, pulled off a remarkable upset to beat Terry McAuliffe. He led by 2.1 points with 99.9% of the votes counted. He is the state’s new red Governor since 2009.  

CNN and MSNBC host Jake Tapper couldn’t contain their shock at McAuliffe being defeated. Tapper looked at a map of election results and said flatly: “Oh my God!”

Joy Reid, a MSNBC commentator, joined Rachel Maddow and launched an amazing tirade against ‘dangerous Republicans’. She warned that voting for Youngkin – ‘a soft racist’ – would open the door to more hardcore racism.

Van Jones stated that Youngkin was like the Delta variant to Trump. He said that it’s the “same disease but spreads much faster and can get to a lot more places.”

Conservative commentators on Twitter were shocked and disappointed by the outcome, and Buck Sexton, a radio host, compared it to the “seven stages” of grief.

Sexton tweeted that MSNBC is currently going through seven stages of grief in real time. It’s fantastic, highly recommended.  

Commentator Joy Reid (pictured) was joining Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and launched an astonishing tirade against 'dangerous' Republicans, warning that voting for Youngkin - 'a soft white nationalist' - was a gateway to more 'hardcore nationalism.'

Joy Reid, a MSNBC commentator, joined Rachel Maddow (pictured) and launched an amazing tirade against dangerous’ Republicans. She warned that voting for Youngkin, a’soft white nationalist’, would open the door to more ‘hardcore countryalism.

Over on CNN, Van Jones said that Youngkin was to Trump what the Delta variant was to Covid-19, saying it's the 'same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places'

Van Jones, CNN’s Van Jones, said that Youngkin was to Trump the Delta variant was for Covid-19. He said it’s the same disease but spreads faster and can reach a lot more people.

Ann Coulter tweeted: “If you want a treat, turn to MSNBC,” as results began favoring Republicans across key races. 

Kyle Smith, National Review critic said that every conservative he knows is watching MSNBC.  

Meghan McCain said, “MSNBC is on an emotional journey to Narnia tonight.” 

Others shared their favorite GIFs of Donald Trump with commentators. The former President pointed at a reporter and said, ‘Wrong.’ Or footage of him laughing out loud.

One user, USA Live Free or Die tweeted a series emojis that made him laugh with the caption: “Melting down.” 

Jones, a former Obama administration official said to CNN colleagues: “The stakes are high. We will find out after the Virginia election results are in. Have we seen the rise of the Delta version of Trumpism? 

Youngkin, in other words, is the same disease but can spread faster and reach more places. 

Later, he used Twitter to clarify his incendiary remarks.

“My point is that I believe demagoguing is a way to play on racial fear.” [critical race theory]He added that Trumpism had further dangerous aspects. However, he was able to write a friendlier version. ‘Didn’t mean to imply human beings are disease. 

MSNBC’s Reid also attacked Youngkin’s stance against critical-race theory being taught at schools, claiming it revealed a thinly disguised racism.

Republican Glenn Youngkin pulled off a stunning upset in Virginia to beat out Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the Associated Press projected around 1am on Wednesday morning. 'Alrighty Virginia we won this thing,' Youngkin shouted in his victory speech

The Associated Press projected that Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, won a stunning victory in Virginia over Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday morning at 1 o’clock. Youngkin shouted, “Alrighty Virginia, we won this thing,” in his victory speech

Youngkin thanks his family after giving his victory speech at the Westfields Marriott Hotel

Youngkin thanks his family for his victory speech at Westfields Marriott Hotel