It is possible to see the controversial photos posted by a police officer on Facebook that showed the bodies of Nicole Smallman’s murdered sisters, Bibaa and Henry.   

48-year old PC Deniz Jaffer maintains a public account called Hornchurch Turk, which contains photos of him wearing a fancy dress in blackface at a party.

A sinister-looking snap of a woman looking drunk on a London tube also exists.

Another post shows him with a bondage-style man in a gimp helmet and another picture of three women chatting. He captioned the photo with a misogynistic comment.

PC Jaffer and PC Jamie Lewis, a 33-year-old Metropolitan Police officer, were warned yesterday they would face long jail sentences after they appeared at The Old Bailey and admitted to misconduct in a government office.

The pair used their phones to take photos of Nicole, 27 and Bibaa, 46 respectively. They were supposed to be protecting the crime scene after the sisters had been stabbed to death in a London park by Satanist killer Danyal Hussein.

PC Deniz Jaffer, 48, has a public account called 'Hornchurch Turk' which has pictures of him in 'blackface' fancy dress at a party

Other posts include an image of him posing next to a man in a bondage-style gimp mask, and a picture of three women chatting, which he has captioned with a misogynistic comment

48-year old PC Deniz Jaffer maintains a public account called Hornchurch Turk, which contains photos of him wearing a fancy dress in blackface (pictured left) at a party. A sinister-looking photo of a woman seen drunkenly riding a tube train also appears. Another post shows him next to a bondage-style man wearing a gimp mask (pictured right) and a photo of three women talking, which he captioned with a misogynistic comment.

There is also a sinister looking snap of a woman who appears to be passed out drunk on a London tube (pictured)

Another sinister looking snap shows a woman who looks drunkenly drunk on a London tube (pictured).

PC Deniz Jaffer, 48, photographed the bodies of murdered sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman

PC Deniz Jaffer (48), photographed the bodies of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, both murdered sisters.

After their actions were revealed, they shared the images with other Met officers via WhatsApp. This caused great offence to the sisters’ families and shamed the Met.

Three Met police officers’shared dead body photos’ of another victim. Force watchdog launches a new probe after an officer’sent photo from sudden death scene’ to two colleagues. 

Three more Met Police officers serving are being investigated in relation to another photo of a deceased body at a site being guarded.

One of the men is suspected of sharing a photo at the sudden passing of a man that they attended, while the others either received or were aware.

It comes after two PCs were warned that they could be sent to jail for sharing photos of two bodies with their WhatsApp coworkers.

The Independent Office of Police Conduct conducted an investigation into the new officers. They have now reported their findings to Met Police.

Although the death occurred in January 2020, the suspect wrongdoing was only discovered in the last few months.

The Met has yet to disclose what, if any, action it took against them.

Investigators investigating the actions PCs Deniz Jaffer (47) and Jamie Lewis (32), found their case.

Yesterday they admitted misconduct after photographs were taken of murdered sisters Bibaa and Nicole Henry (46 and 27 respectively) and shared with 42 other colleagues.

Details of the latest investigation put more pressure on Met Commissioner Dame Cressida, who was told by victims’ mothers to ‘get rid of the rot’.

Separately, three additional officers are also facing misconduct charges over the image Ms Henry and Smallman.

PC Jaffer from Hornchurch in Havering, east London posted a picture in which he appeared to be wearing ‘blackface” make-up to impersonate Sammy Davis Jr. at a fancy dress event in January 2013.

The caption to the photo is: ‘Sammy Davis Jr. The caterpillar dance floor accident still causes pain in the chest.

PC Jaffer also uploaded a photo in the same month showing a woman sleeping on a train with her feet curled up on it and her head covered under a blanket.

He captioned his photo, “Lets all get cozy on the way home from work, shall we?”

It is unknown if he knows the woman, but his friends commented on it saying “WTF?” It’s bizarre! You sure she’s not there from last night?’, ‘Ru you sure she’s alive under there?’ and ‘Ha ha ha oh dear maybe a heavy night’.

PC Jaffer added comment and said, “Ha! She was probably there all night. But, look at the bright side. She didn’t have time to get ready today, did she?

He said, “When I picked her up, I could see she was still breathing.” Puke on her jacket as well. Nice touch…’ 

PC Jaffer uploaded another photo in March 2015, showing him smiling while posing next a man wearing a gimp-like mask. 

Another image, dated September 2017, shows him with two young boys wearing school uniforms who look like they are his former school students.

PC Jaffer, who quit the Met in August, doesn’t seem to know the boys, despite taking a selfie. 

His post reads: “Look at that uniform. I stopped them for a random conversation while walking to work this AM. 

“They both asked me why they had to take me out of Raphael’s School when I was a kid. I said that it was a conversation for when they’re a bit older. 

Leanne Jaffer, his spouse, commented on the post. One woman said, “OmgDeniz poor kids”, while another woman said, “You can’t just stop children in the street luv!” They will think you are a perv! Stranger danger.’ 

Another photo by PC Jaffer, September 2017, shows three women sitting at a table. It has the misogynistic caption “Talking About Sex, Makeup, Sex, Shopping, Sex, Clothing, Sex, Housework and Sexuality.” 

He and PC Lewis took the photos of the murdered sisters last June at Fryent Country Park near Wembley, north west London. 

PC Jaffer, who is believed to have been a mentor for new Metropolitan Police officers, was seen going into the bushes where the bodies had been dumped.

PC Jaffer (pictured) who is believed to have acted as a mentor for new Metropolitan Police recruits, went into bushes where the bodies of the women had been dumped

He used his mobile phone to take pictures of the bodies before sending four images to Lewis (pictured), who edited one and superimposed his face on to it with the two murdered women visible in the background

PC Jaffer is believed to be a mentor for the new Metropolitan Police recruits. He went into the bush where the bodies of the women were dumped. He took pictures with his mobile phone of the bodies, then sent four images to Lewis. Lewis edited one of the images and superimposed his face onto it with the two victims in the background.

Man, 19, sentenced to life in prison for murders of Bibaa and Nicole Smallman 

Last month, Danyal Hussein was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry.

He appeared at Old Bailey on Thursday, 28 Oct. where he was sentenced for life imprisonment to serve a minimum 35 years.

Hussein, 19, from Guy Barnett Grove in Eltham, was found guilty on Monday, 5th July after a four-week trial.

The jury heard that Hussein had made an agreement to sacrifice women for a chance at winning the lottery. 

He made a handwritten document, signed in his blood, where he vowed to murder six women every 6 months and ask for financial rewards.

He killed Nicole and Bibaa in a pre-meditated attack on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Officers believe that he watched the women for a while before stabbing them to their deaths in Fryent Country Park at Wembley.

Their bodies were found on Sunday, 7th June. A murder investigation was initiated.

Hussein was later identified and taken into custody on Wednesday, July 1. He was arrested the next day.

He took photos of the bodies using his mobile phone before sending four images to Lewis. Lewis edited one of the images and added his face to it, with the two women who were murdered in the background. 

In a statement, the Crown Prosecution Service stated that PC Lewis sent the “resulting image” to PC Jaffer. He then forwarded it unprompted to a female officer who was also at the scene. 

The statement stated that PC Jaffer had shown one of the victims to a male officer while they were leaving the park. 

“PC Lewis also shared photos taken at the crime site, which did not show victims, with a WhatsApp Group of 40-plus officers called the A Team. 

“PC Jaffer” sent photos of the victims to three of his friends via WhatsApp. 

According to the indictment, the officers were charged with offences that occurred between June 7, when the bodies were discovered, and June 23, last year. 

According to the Independent Office for Police Conduct, PC Lewis of Colchester, Essex had used degrading and sexist language in his description of the victim. 

A spokesperson confirmed that the comments were directed at murder victims and that it was appropriate to call the remarks insulting.

Bibaa (a senior social worker) and Smallman (a photographer) were celebrating the elder sibling’s birthday at the park. After the celebration ended, they were attacked by Smallman.

They were reported missing the following day, and a search of family and friends led the partner of one sister to find their bodies.

The sisters’ families claim that the Met failed them by not searching for them after they were declared lost.

Mina Smallman, their mother, has repeatedly criticized the actions of London’s police force, calling it ‘beyond belief’ and calling on its leaders to get the rot out once an for all’

Bibaa (pictured left), a senior social worker, and Nicole (pictured right), a photographer, had been celebrating the elder sister’s birthday in the park, and were attacked when they stayed behind after the celebration ended

Bibaa (pictured below), a senior social worker and Nicole (pictured right), a photograph, were celebrating the elder sister’s birthday in the park. They were attacked after they stayed behind.

Their mother Mina Smallman (pictured), has repeatedly criticised the actions of the London police force, saying it was ‘beyond hope’ and calling for its leaders to ‘get the rot out once and for all’

Mina Smallman, the mother of the children (pictured), has repeatedly attacked the actions and tactics of the London Police force, calling them ‘beyond hopes’ and calling for its leaders’ to ‘get rid of the rot once and for all.

Cressida Dick was accused by her of having a’shoddy manner of behaving’. She rejected an official apology from Met, claiming it was ‘too little too late’

Judge Mark Lucraft, QC warned Jaffer & Lewis that it was “extremely likely” they would be in jail.

The judge stated that these matters were extremely serious and that it was very likely that you would receive custodial sentences for your conduct.

Cressida Dick apologized to the sisters’ families for the distress caused the by the officers.

She stated, “I deeply regret that at the time they were grieving for the loss of their loved one who was taken in such terrible circumstances, they faced additional distress due to the actions of two officers.”

“What former PC Jaffer did that day was completely unprofessional, disrespectful, and deeply insensitive.

The officers were released on bail and sentencing took place at a later date. Danyal Hussein, a south London resident, was convicted of the murders of both his sisters at 18 years old and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The IOPC stated that three officers who were able to see the images but did nothing to report them could be held responsible for misconduct. 

Mother of murdered sisters blasts Cressida Dick for her’shoddy’ handling and says the Met should ‘get rid of the rot’ after officers admitted to sharing’sickening photos’ of her daughters with 42 colleagues via WhatsApp 

The mother of two murdered sisters whose dead bodies were photographed by serving Met police officers and shared on WhatsApp said the force needed to ‘get the rot out’.

PC Deniz Jaffer and Pc Jamie Lewis were supposed to protect the scene after sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, were found stabbed to death in Fryent Country Park in Wembley, north-west London.

They instead broke the cordon to take unauthorized photos of the bodies. The photos were then sent to a dentist and doctor, as well a WhatsApp group.

Jaffer took 4 photos and Lewis took 2 – Lewis took one and sent it to a female colleague, with Lewis’s face superimposed.

Later, the IOPC police watchdog revealed Lewis used ‘degrading words’ to describe victims within the WhatsApp group of 42 coworkers.

As Dame Cressida Dick apologised for the second time, Ms Henry and Ms Smallman’s bereft mother Mina slammed the Met Commissioner for the botched investigation into her daughter’s deaths. 

She said, “Her shoddy behavior and her response since this all has come out” and added: “She hasn’t contacted us to say that I am really sorry.” She has not spoken out on this story.

Ms. Smallman said that the Met was beyond hope, adding that: ‘You travel to London to begin to prepare for the funeral of your deceased children. You are told by police that they took selfies and sent them out via WhatsApp to a dentist, doctor, and a doctor. 

The Met stated that it was taking ‘immediate measures’ to place former PC Jaffer (who has resigned from force) and PC Lewis before accelerated misconduct hearings.

Met Commissioner Dick stated today that the actions of two officers caused additional distress for the victims, who were grieving the loss and suffering of their loved ones who died in such horrific circumstances.

“What former PC Jaffers and PC Lewis did that day was utterly disrespectful, unprofessional, and deeply insensitive. This is the view of my colleagues at the Met, who strongly condemn this behavior. 

“They have pleaded guilty today for a serious criminal offense and sentencing will follow in due time.

‘I apologized to Nicole and Bibaa’s families in June last year. I apologise today, on behalf the Met.

“Now that we have reached this stage in the judicial process, we are able take the officers through an accelerated conduct process.”

Jaffer, 47, was taken into custody in Hornchurch, east London. Lewis, 33, was taken into custody in Colchester, Essex as part of a criminal investigation conducted by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Each of them were charged with entering a crime site he was assigned to protect, sending information via WhatsApp about the scene to members and taking photos of the crime scene. 

Mina Smallman, the mother of the sisters, was present at the hearing and described the officers as ‘despicable.

Paul Goddard, CPS spokesperson, stated outside court: “Pc Jamie Lewis’ and Pc Deniz Jaffer’s senseless conduct was way below what is to be expected of police officers.

These officers were given the task of protecting a crime scene.

“But they instead violated it for themselves, without regard to the dignity and the harm they might cause to a murder investigation.

“Their insensitive and thoughtless actions have no doubt caused immeasurable distress and pain to Nicole Smallman’s and Bibaa Henry’s heartbroken families and friends, who are already reeling from the loss and grief of their loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Following their arrests on June 22, 2013, the Met’s North East command group attached to them both were suspended from duty.

Jaffer, of Hornchurch in east London, and Lewis from Colchester, Essex are currently on unconditional bail